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  1. That's an amazing project. How long have you been doing upholstery and are you self taught or did you take some classes.
  2. That's looking real nice. Great work.
  3. Thats interesting, I have one that is 17 months old and still works on the factory battery. (I did run out to the shop and check before posting this.)
  4. You'll still get opportunities to use it. I have been surprised at how much I us mine.
  5. Thats pretty cool. I have seen a lot up close will camping here in CA. They'll wonder by like your not even there sometimes.
  6. I think this skill is the biggest thing that differentiates fine woodworking from woodworking.
  7. Chet

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    That's great to hear Tom. Little by little we are hearing stories like this starting to take place.
  8. I set mine this way also. I am pretty new with mine but have found that letting up on the pressure you use toward the end of sharpening a tool it gives you a nicer polish. Tormek has a pretty useful forum for information when you are learning.
  9. I was thinking the same thing about the cabinets but Was going to say its to bad you couldn't get the painting done before having to install the cabinets for the granite guys. I think a lot of people are too quick at removing sapwood when in reality in can be a nice focal point in a project.
  10. Chet

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    We have been granted a lot of freedoms in this country but with that comes the responsibility of respecting and helping each other. I got vaccinated for my health and the to help the health of others. Out of respect to others, when I am out in public I continue to wear a mask because they have no way of knowing I have been vaccinated. Just a little piece of mind for those I pass on the streets and sidewalks. Neither my wife or I had any side affects. I was surprised with my wife because the regular flu shot each year usually leave her feeling a little funky for a day or so.
  11. It's pretty much just as it looks. All the drawer fronts are 3/4" thick. On the top drawer the main panel is 1/2" thick and the frame, mitered at the corners, is 1/4" thick and 3/4" wide. When I cut the pieces for the frame I left them about 1/32" over my 3/4" target width. This left me with just a fuzz of an over hang so I could flush the edge up with the main panel of the drawer front once the glue dried.
  12. This. I was trying a new technique I saw a guy using on kitchen cabinets. You cut the plug exactly the same size as you "mortise" then put a small chamfer on the bottom edges of the plug. Then pound it in with a mallet, no glue. It compresses the fibers and gives you a perfect fit. I did about three dry runs on scraps before I committed to the project.
  13. Nothing to technical just a different piece of lumber. The bottom four are all from one piece and Sapele is a lot like Cherry in that it darkens over time. After making the drawer fronts they sat on top of the pile while I worked on other things and got darker then the other four.
  14. I just finished these two nightstands this past weekend. They are made of Sapele and finished with one coat of blond shellac and then I sprayed 3 light coats of General Finishes High Performance. I will be making the bed to go with them but won't get that started until June sometime.
  15. I have 4000K LED's, 7 total and actually like it. I had the same that Richard mentioned above but got tired of the expense of replacement, I thought I like them but really like the warmer light of the 4000K
  16. We have been having a family dinner once a month for about ten years. Its not fancy but we all sit at one table, no paper plates or plastic utensils and NO electronic devises allowed beyond to front door.
  17. Chet

    New Shop Thread

    And a shadow of someone holding a phone.
  18. That is really nice Terry. I like the uniqueness of the cloud and telescope inlays, makes it a real personal instrument.
  19. I also like my Veritas Large Shoulder Plane for the same reasons Glenn mentions above
  20. Chet

    Boat cooler

    This is the forum I spoke of. You might take a look there. It would be a good place to make some inquiries as to suggestions on makes and models. I have found them to be good people there.
  21. I have a niece that studied to be an architect in college. She was required to do a semester internship on several job sites so that she could see for herself what the workers go through with the ideas that the architects and engineers come up with. She said it really put things in perspective. Maybe automotive engineers need to get greasy and bust a few knuckles during their education.
  22. Chet

    Boat cooler

    I don't have any experience with these but have you done any research on these at all? The reason I ask is that I am on a forum for owners of tent trailers and I come away with the opinion that the plug in coolers are a pretty good drain on a deep cycle battery. It seems most don't use them unless their trailer is plugged in to shore power.
  23. Paul, Sorry to hear about you second loss in such a short period. The second box looks just as outstanding as the first.
  24. I remember when I did this. The only way it worked was to stack each completed cabinet and cupboard in our living room. It took me about six months of days off to finish. Then I took a two week vacation to rip out the kitchen, do any repairs and then put it back together. Refrigerator was on the back patio and we used our Coleman camp stove to cook.