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  1. How long of a dowel can you reasonably make that way Mick?
  2. That is definitely an impressive work load. Thats one of the two main differences between a hobbyist and a pro. A pro works a lot more AND they try to put money in the bank account. Us hobbyist just drain the bank account.
  3. I don't know what the project is but I think the school is Mark Adams School of Woodworking.
  4. I am enjoying this as usual with your stuff. The center punch is a great idea.
  5. I think you would be fine with WD40 or mineral spirits. I use mineral spirits and a green scotchbrite pad which is a little courser then four ott steel wool but it still won't harm the good steel under your rust. Then wipe it down real good let it dry some and then paste wax. You might have just been past the wear date of your last waxing.
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    Anthony Ellis

    Welcome to the forums
  7. Got my first this morning. I even got a souvenir of the event.
  8. Almost all of the metal food storage boxes you use in the national park campgrounds to keep you food out of the paw of bears are made by federal penitentiary inmates. Some of the best welding you will ever see.
  9. Are you sure? I was thinking just the opposite. Wouldn't being light headed from alcohol offset the vertigo from the height?
  10. I just used this - Dog Hole Bushing About $10 from Lee Valley. This and a top quality 3/4 drill bit you would be out maybe $50. I didn't drill my hole until the bench was complete.
  11. The condition of the blade after any activation is something that seems like too many people take for granted. It may appear to be okay to the naked eye, but there can be microscopic damage to the brazing on the carbide teeth. Something that can cause a failure down the road. Personally I use separate rip and cross cut blades but I keep a combo blade on hand and will put that on after an activation until I can have the other blade properly inspected by a pro before continuing to us it. I would rather do this than have a tooth break off and hit me like a ballistic piece of shrapnel.
  12. It would be helpful when you can to post some pictures. How long between coats drying time. What was the temperature in your work area.
  13. I have to admit that I was not a fan of the hinges but after seeing the piece in the room and the room's over all style, I think it works out really well. I guess it means you can't move or if you do, the sideboard will have to stay. The sideboard came out beautiful, well done.
  14. Welcome Alisa, Glad t have you join us and looking forward to seeing some of your work. Remember, to only bad question is the one never asked.
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    Only 19 more to go and you'll have yourself a meal.
  16. And wether you think making it to 36 is important.
  17. I think you need to start a dedicated journal on this gee-dub.
  18. I have had a Bosch barrel grip for years and really liked it. I was more interested in how you liked the balance of the Milwaukee barrel grip with the battery hanging off the back.
  19. I'll be interested in hearing how you like it. They didn't have that version when I got mine.
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    Amazon Account

    This is the way our Ace hardware is and most of the employee's know me by name which leads me to believe I may be spending to much time there...and money. But its a good old fashion hardware store and I enjoy going there.
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    Amazon Account

    You have to be careful thinking it is free. You need to do your homework price wise. I have started noticing a number of thing that are free shipping but the price is higher then other places. I have gone back to a lot of brick and mortar purchasing especially small businesses like my local hardware, especially now they really could use our dollars. Back to Coop's point - I was out in the shop today. While I was working I started noticing that I really use pretty much everything out there. Not everyday but it all gets used. The item that is lowest on the list of being used is my
  22. When looking at the SawStop you don't necessarily need to be thinking 240v. I have the PCS 175 which is 1.75 hp and runs on 120v. I had this saw since 2014 with no regrets. The only thing that has even come close to bogging it down is 8/4 Hard Maple, but all I need to do is slow my feed rate a touch. Good quality & sharp blade should leave you happy.