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  1. Yea, pictures like that can short out a keyboard.
  2. Mick, I am so sorry to hear about this. I am always at a loss for words at times like this. I know that you had some great time together and those memories will pull you through the tough times.
  3. I have the150/5 Which was recommended to me by Shane who is a member here and knows many things when it comes to Festool. The 150/3 is the one you want if you do a lot of fine grit sanding and going for the glass smooth finish because it has a smaller stroke. But the 150/5 is probably more in tune with your cabinet shop. My 150/5 is the brushless version.
  4. I have a number of these and have always been happy, especially for the price.
  5. Great job again Dave. Boxes are going to be my go to project I guess. My wife says the house is getting kind of full of my furniture projects so I guess I need to down size my thinking.
  6. I have this sled also. The main reason I bought it was I was feeling lazy at the time and didn't want to build it. What had me go with the Incra 5000 was it provided me high accuracy both as a cross cut sled and miter sled. But mostly I was being lazy.
  7. I like your inner most curve, it seems to follow the whole curve nicely. #3 not at all.
  8. Our shelves aren't full but when we go shopping (Friday mornings) there is alway something there. It may not be you preferred brand but something. We have only had to purchased one time during this whole thing but getting close to needing some again and I really don't understand what people are doing with it all.
  9. I am looking forward to this.
  10. I really like the rich look of Mesquite and it really fits the pieces you have done with it. I which I had access to it. Did cut all the leather or did some one do that for you? I just assumed I was always giving my wife bad advise and she was ignoring me because of that. Now I see it is a common situation and I will quit thinking I am the problem.
  11. I don't golf but I imagine it is like a lot of other things. The worst day of golf is still better then the best day of working.
  12. That did come out nice Ross. I always enjoyed Paul Harvey's "The rest of the Story" Did I just date myself again?
  13. Getting damn close Paul. What type of flooring are you using in the bath and behind the bar? In looking for your bar top did you happen to look at this company I have been thinking about using their concrete system in my kitchen counters.
  14. Chet


    Welcome to the forums Dave. Well usually.
  15. Again he said he was looking forward to using it. Well I just got one to and he is going t like it. It's the whip hose for the Fuji sprayers.
  16. I just built one for my table saw. I haven't had to many opportunities to use it yet but when I have I really like it.
  17. What do you do with them all? Sell them? make Jam?
  18. As always Mick some great work. Your re-saw fence looks like a take off of the auxiliary fence Bob Van Dyke designed for the table saw.
  19. And it saves you money on a gym membership.
  20. Clean the residue off with mineral spirits wipe it down with a clean towel or rag let it dry some and then apply the Johnson wax and buff that. Re-apply the wax as needed, I usually do it every couple of months or so.
  21. This could put a lot of air bubbles in the paint that you don't want.