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  1. That did come out nice Ross. I always enjoyed Paul Harvey's "The rest of the Story" Did I just date myself again?
  2. Getting damn close Paul. What type of flooring are you using in the bath and behind the bar? In looking for your bar top did you happen to look at this company I have been thinking about using their concrete system in my kitchen counters.
  3. Chet


    Welcome to the forums Dave. Well usually.
  4. Again he said he was looking forward to using it. Well I just got one to and he is going t like it. It's the whip hose for the Fuji sprayers.
  5. I just built one for my table saw. I haven't had to many opportunities to use it yet but when I have I really like it.
  6. What do you do with them all? Sell them? make Jam?
  7. As always Mick some great work. Your re-saw fence looks like a take off of the auxiliary fence Bob Van Dyke designed for the table saw.
  8. And it saves you money on a gym membership.
  9. Clean the residue off with mineral spirits wipe it down with a clean towel or rag let it dry some and then apply the Johnson wax and buff that. Re-apply the wax as needed, I usually do it every couple of months or so.
  10. This could put a lot of air bubbles in the paint that you don't want.
  11. I got the gravity feed cup for my Fuji system. When I first bought the system I got it with the suction feed cup but there has been a lot of times were having the bigger cup and being on the bottom seems to get in the way, so I thought I would try this set up for some of the projects. I also ordered the 6 Ft. whip hose.
  12. And thats like money in the bank.
  13. I am not a big cruise person and that was solidified when we took a trip up to Alaska on our own using B&B's for lodging. Each place we visited we noticed that the cruise travelers were only getting about six hours or so ashore. Barely enough time to get off the ship, see one or two sights, buy you tee shirt and get back on the ship. But if I were a cruise ship person I think I would want to be on the first cruise the ship takes when this is all over. It will probably be the cleanest the ship has been since it was new.
  14. It can get dicey at your corners. Depending on how much of a chamfer you want I would do one of two things. just do the chamfer with a sanding block or block plane. If you have to use the router I would do it in multiple light passes.
  15. Around here they refer to them as finish carpenters and more often then not they are to older and wiser guys with the patience of a saint. I had a neighbor that was a finish carpenter, it was a pleasure to watch him work not a wasted step or move in his work day. Oops, highjacked the thread.
  16. I would try Or you might see if you can get some help here
  17. Yea, I do. It has a really clean cut. If you were a person that did some edge jointing on your router table it would be a great bit for that. You are supposed t one able to go with or against the grain with it but I haven't tried that so can't say.
  18. I am asking because I am not totally familiar with the Felder jointer/planer but wouldn't that be a machine that could sit more or less against the wall. You appear to have it so you can walk around it.
  19. I have had one of these for a while now and really like it. Well worth the money.
  20. It is to bad you don't have wedge on you list. I think Maple with Thin wedge border on the inside and outside would look nice.
  21. Very cool. So who gets stuck outside the Mustang or the Felder?