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  1. Even a Demi Lune design could work.
  2. Welcome to the forum Richard. I am the odd duck in that dovetails aren't something I us in my work. They have just never appealed to me. Having said that I do like when that have a bit of randomness to there layout. Nice work on your part.
  3. When I did all those doors for the kitchen recently, I had so many notes and witness marks on each door to keep this from happening. There was still a lot of pucker involved.
  4. You need a tractor to get a hand plane off the truck?
  5. Just tell her you are providing white noise for her relaxation.
  6. I have seen several designs for this. The clamp is a nice addition.
  7. When the subs are using their money they can do as the please, but as long as it is you money they are there to please you.
  8. Can't blame that one on me.
  9. I think a lot of your problems are addressed by others above. One thing I would add, I think you are running the conveyor to slow. This will tend to give you more scallop problems in my experience. Slow conveyor speed gives the drum a chance to dig in in one area. Speed it up some and let the IntelliSense work for you until you get a better feel for the conveyor speed that works for you My dial is 1 - 10 and Run pretty much around 7 or 8.
  10. Removing as much of the waste as you can on your table or bandsaw would be a plus.
  11. Chet


    Yea, okay I guess.
  12. I used to have a Delta Unifence that was somewhat similar in design to yours Daniel. One of the things the low fence is good for is ripping thin stock like 1/4 ply and thing of that nature.
  13. Bob Van Dyke has some video's on Fine Woodworking's site showing different ways to use the L fence. I pretty much copied his designs for mine. Van Dyke has refined his design quite a bit from what is in the article Bmac posted
  14. Phillip Morley was using the template against the L fence. And he had removed most of the waste at the band saw. He went farther then most instructors that I have seen to stress that if you weren't comfortable doing this then by all means use your miter gauge to assist. Then he shows how to set up the miter gauge to use it with the L fence and template. I didn't see anything wrong because he gave both techniques equal time. I wouldn't do it with out the miter gauge if it was my first time cutting something using a template and L fence. It is like a lot of things, you have to go thr
  15. When it made its first appearance in you thread for the coffee table, I was thinking there was more to it. But seeing this now, it is pretty simplistic in design and still a pretty nice looking table. Good work yet again Bmac.
  16. When you start a major remodel or demo work in your house there is a good chance the need will kick in. After having it for that you may find other uses for it. They actually have a blade for tree trimming that I use a lot in mine, also good for removing a pesky root.
  17. I think you group is to be commended Mick. Great work.
  18. I feel the same way. Being part of this forum has moved my woodworking comfort zone to a whole other zip code.
  19. This is true but with having a band saw my jig saw gets used primarily to break down lumber and for that the Milwaukee M18 Fuel is a beast wit power to spare I use a blade from Bosch that is 4 inches long but its maximum cutting stroke is a little more then 2 inches below the sole of the saw. With that blade I have had zero problems powering through 8/4 material. Bosch sells blades of the same type that are longer if you need to go through thicker material.
  20. Happy Birthday Coop. Your going to love that saw. Super powerful for breaking down stock. Even through 8/4 maple it doesn't take more then a handful of seconds to go through 8 to 10 inches in width. It is well worth your son's money.