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  1. Are you firing the grill with hard earned wood scraps?
  2. Looks like a pretty nice setup, congratulations on the find.
  3. I have a SawStop, but it doesn't make me happy that they have decided to litigate instead of maybe working directly with Bosch to see if they couldn't come up with something that is in the best interest of everybody including and most importantly customers. On the fact that the Bosch is able to start operating right away, maybe being forced to walk away from the saw after a near accident because you don't have a replacement cartridge would be a good thing.
  4. It's in the lower left corner of the floor mate picture
  5. I think you will end up liking the 1412. I don't have anything to really compare it to except shop class in high school way the hell back in the late 60's and the dust collection was not good at all on bandsaws. But the results I am getting with the Laguna ain't half bad.
  6. Yea but do you want to?
  7. Well Brendon it sounds like you are officially out of excuses for not starting on your Roubo
  8. Yea I did Tom, thanks for the help.
  9. Yea, I tried to down loading this and then saving it and it kept saying I didn't have enough memory which is far from true. Its defiantly a nice tool but I wish I could save it. Don't know what is wrong... maybe operator error but I don't think so.
  10. I got mine at Rockler. They are the Bessey K-Body Revo Jr.'s, I think the 24 inch were about $32. I have been real happy with them.
  11. I screwed up, I meant to post this under Power Tools
  12. Welcome to the forums, looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some of your projects,
  13. This arrived last week. Got it assembled and connected to the dust collector. Ran some scraps through it and so far I am real happy but I have never had a drum sander before so it is all new to me. This was one of the easier purchases - it was really hard to find anything negative in the reviews and on this forum. Now I am waiting for my Incra LS Super System and Router table to show up. I had to put a delayed ship on it because it was going to be shipped and arrive while we were out of town.
  14. Welcome Strasberry. The forums are full of information. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
  15. You will enjoy the conversations here, Welcome
  16. Shaney, I have the 1412 and really like it. It has more then enough power for everything I have done with it so far especially when it comes to curve work. I am happy with the dust collection given this isn't a strong point of any bandsaw. I got it with their mobile base and that works real nice although my saw has come to a some what permanent blade in the shop because of the dust collection ducts. I followed you "saw from hell" thread with your other Laguna, maybe the way to look at it now is you have had your one, but a BIG one, glitch with Laguna.
  17. Really super video. Great pencil box
  18. Mike. is right but it doesn't matter which brand, they are all going to cook your tottsies if the deck is exposited to direct sun. I used the brand in the link below. Its a company called Tamko. Don't know if it is available to you. It seems to be holding is color well, it has been down for about eight years now. I researched about four companies at the time and came away really liking this one for reasons that have escaped my memory now. I also used this companies' rail system for my deck. I used the system called Tam-Rail. We wanted a colonial look in the railing and it is nice not h
  19. Great looking board! Doing something to preserve memories will always brings a smile. Years back I made a breadbox for my mother and father in law. The wood I used was from their old kitchen cabinets that they had just replace. They always thought that was the coolest breadbox even though artistically it wasn't much.
  20. Even on their website if you look at their demo/reconditioned stuff, it states "no warranty". I don't think I have ever seen reconditioned stuff offered from the company with out a warranty. I have purchased some items from Bose and Apple that come with the same warranty as their new. I also noticed that the 800 number in the CL ad is actually one of Laguna's.
  21. Chet


    Having worked in the grocery business and seeing the types of people that tend to hang out in back of the stores in the middle of the night, insecticide isn't the only thing that is sprayed on pallets. Like Steve said, wear gloves.