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  1. Mel, That first photo with the shavings should be your new desktop photo on your computer
  2. Collin, I have seen this on the popup forum and you are correct, you have to pay attention. They say the biggest problem with doing this is that you don't feel the resistance that you do when you hand crank so it is easy over crank the roof. Then you have real problems including maybe not getting the top back down. I have also seem these sockets pre made for the drill although your's looks a lot beefier. My first Coleman (1989) was a bit of a chore to crank up but my newer 2003 Coleman Mesa is a lot easier even thought it is a lot larger so I am still willing to hand crank. I am thinki
  3. It just goes to so you don't want to assume anything. I always looked at Franklin Pug's location and thought it was Ontario, California. Turns out I was WAY off. Happy Canada Day.
  4. Mean while some other guy is trying to put his saw together wondering where are the boxes with the extension and all the parts for the fence
  5. Very nice space. I have tape on the same part of the cord on my Skil saw also... Mine is red tape though...
  6. 32 years as a meat cutter and I never put a bandsaw blade on backwards. But when I got the bandsaw for the wood shop that was the first thing I did
  7. Chet

    Bad Day?

    I have to agree with Colin here. I can't even imagine what Mark went through with his house, I just had to do a claim with my car insurance over an accident in which I was the front car in a four car accident. I can tell you that at least my agent (soon to be ex agent) isn't anything like the way St... Fa.. portrays them in their add campaign. Every question that came up, she passed to others, never took my calls...
  8. One of the things I like about the mobile base on the SawStop is that only when you are actually moving the saw is the mobile base "active", the rest of the time the saw it's self is actually on the ground. My old saw had a mobile base and I had no problem with it, its just nice having the solid feel of the machine on the ground. There are probably other brand saws that do this also and I think there are aftermarket bases that do this also, at least to some degree. Just an added feature to consider.
  9. Chet

    Bad Day?

    Every time I see a home that has been burned I can't help but think about the family that has been instantly displaced and the lost of all possessions. I can't imagine the feeling. Mark that new home looks fantastic. I would imagine with what you have been through you and your wife don't have a house, you have a home.
  10. If you ever take the lathe off, you can turn it into a mini Roubo
  11. Chet


    That certainly cut into his commute.
  12. I think nurses should be one of the highest paid professions. Hey Shannon, how is it going to feel to be a kept man?
  13. Tom, I am still out growing clothes, but for some strange reason its only happening at the waistline.
  14. I wish I had a spot for a Roubo but I am mostly power tool guy so they take up most of the space. I did see the Ron Paulk video that bushwacked mentioned and and I liked the idea of the tool cubbies under the work surface. So I combined it into my out feed/assembly table. I have two cubbies on each side of the table and it provided some torsion box stability to the design.
  15. Woodbutcher, I would be willing to bet that they dipped the whole table in a solution in a tank to remove the old finish. I had some friend some years back that did this with some old dining chairs that they had acquired. They wanted to do the refinishing but didn't want to strip them so they took them top a pro shop . The solution that they use eats most types of glue. When they got the chairs back they were all loose and wobbly.
  16. I think highlander has hit it right. You will end up with a good usable table while maintaining that heirloom character that you want.
  17. $300 seems a bit high to me. You can get something similar new from Grizzly tools for $550 and you get a warrantee and customer service if needed.
  18. Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to seeing that table.
  19. Chet

    Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers day to all of you out there!
  20. Yea, I think there was a Yenko Camaro that sold at action 8 - 9 months ago for 1.2 or 1.3 million. I can't even imagine what kind of disposable income I would need that would make me want to leave that kind of money on the table for a single car.
  21. I just purchased the 17 inch Incra LS Super system, master lift, and Incra table.
  22. Me too. I always wondered if maybe the extra use of brads and screw was partially a product of the production and filming schedule. I would think that when you have to do a prototype and then a filmed project and you are doing it every week, you only have so much time to glue and clamp and let the glue dry before you have to move on.
  23. Upon further review and after some discussion with Eric and the fact that it doesn't cost that much more... I am going with the Incra table and LS Super system.
  24. I have been researching router tables and I think I am going to go with this one with the Porter Cable 7518. But I thought I would post here to see if anyone has personal experience with this table setup. I am also trying to find out if it is possible to put casters on the table or if there is a reasonI I shouldn't even think about puttting casters on. I was also going to contact Jessem direct to get their take on the casters.
  25. Very True Mike. I read a book a number of years back called Cadillac Desert and the basic premiss was in its natural habitat California wasn't meant to be settled, especially the southern portion. We have shoe horned water into the area.