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  1. 2nd floor, feel free to copy, I have no problem with that. RichardA The clamps are no longer there. My wife gave me a bunch of parallel clamps for Christmas so I have since built a mobile clamp cart for all of my clamps.
  2. Yea, Thanks, that is exactly what I am going to do. Watco hadn't crossed my mind, I used it on two jewelry boxes I made for my grand daughters a few years back out of Bocote and I really liked how they came out. Thank you Steve!
  3. That is my combination out feed and assembly table. I had posted that here back in september. Here is the link - \
  4. My daughter asked me if I could make a display rack for my two grand kid's martial arts belts. I searched the internet to see what they looked like and was kind of un-inspired. If you do a google search you will see what I mean, most are just slates with black elastic bands to hold the belts in place. I thought about it for months and then came up with this idea. These are not finished yet because I was trying to decide whether to just put a clear finish on them or do a stain first. They are made out of Cherry, mostly scraps that I had left over from a bed I made a couple of years ago for
  5. My wife tells me all the time "if you don't point it out nobody will notice" but as you said, you are bothered by it. But that does really look great. A gift from the Heart!
  6. I bet you can't what to get some sawdust on that stuff
  7. Way to go Micro jig. And it seems that they did it for the right reason, so kids can learn and work in a safe way. Not for publicity. I have two of the grippers and really like them, I will be spending more on their stuff.
  8. Yea stuff like that can be fun to bring back to life. Some times when you really have your foot stuck into the project, in the blink of an eye it turns in to a money pit. There is a website called dedicated to this kind of thing. You look at some of the photos there and the stuff looks new because the people have done such a nice job. Kind of like restoring a car.
  9. I am just kind of interested in what glue people use and why. I just do general wood working for myself and some gifts and usually use Titebond or Elmers and I know that Titebond has a II and III which are supposed to be water resistant and water proof. I guess I am just curious if people have found properties that make them use a particular glue over another and not necessarily what the manufacturer has stated but personal experience. I am always looking to learn and improve my game.
  10. Also in San Jose. We haven't parked a car in our garage in decades do to my shop tools. I recently have been trying to raise my game skill wise. Also this year I have done a far amount of replacing and upgrades. sold my Delta contractor saw and purchased a SawStop cabinet saw, added a dust collection system and just replaced my planer with a Dewalt 735 x planer and of course always adding clamps.
  11. Matt, I am in the awards business in northern California. Our national trade organization website is If you go to the site, in the upper left hand corner click on "find a retailer" you can then enter your zip or area code and a list of companies will come up with contact info. Most will have a laser engraver and may be able to help you.
  12. That is really cool. I am curious, is it capable of holding water or is it to be used with just dried or artificial flowers.
  13. Man, I just finished doing a fair amount of work with this planer today and this is a really nice machine. I would have to say that anyone in the market for a planer in this category, look no further. This thing does a great job even at the lower quality setting and snipe was virtually non existent. The snipe I was getting was a difference of about the thickness a line on your tape measure. The only thing is this isn't really a bench top model, you are going to want to build a mobile base. I pick this up one time and the next time I picked it up was to put it on is new base. I forgot to
  14. Chet

    Dewalt Planer

    C Shaffer - Yea I wasn't in any panic yet. You know some times you do stupid stuff like fixing something that was supposed to be that way. AND THEN you have to fix that. I was going to run a piece but I thought I would ask first. Both you guys said basically the same so we will give it a test the way it is and go from there. Thank you two.
  15. Chet

    Dewalt Planer

    I was unpacking and assembling my DW 735 x planer. I noticed something that I am not sure is correct or needs to be adjusted. With the extension tables in place, if I take a strait edge and lay it across the extensions and bed of the planer in the same direction as you would run stock through, there is a gap between the strait edge and the bed of the planer. In other words looking at the planer from the side, the table and extensions are not flat, it is bowed up from end to end. The extensions are flush with the bed but the out side edges are raised. The extensions look like they can be a
  16. + 1 on the woodcraft service. They do the same here by me. If I have it to them by Monday, I get it back the following Monday.
  17. Richard, Maybe you need to try the Chiropractor route... get up and running quicker. I went years back because of a pinched nerve thing that wouldn't go a way (work related) never had a problem since & I still go once a month maintenance. Always walk out feeling taller then when I went in. You need to do something so you can start making saw dust again.
  18. My new surface planer arrived last night. Got to get it unpacked and build a mobile base for it first thing today. It's burly and I don't want to be lifting it up all the time to use it. I am thinking of making the base so the planer table will be at the same height as my table saw and out feed table so I can use it between the two and get more in feed and out feed support. It's the 735x with the extension tables and extra blades. My son in-law is the head tool repair mechanic at a large construction supply company here in the area and he was able to get it for me at their cost of $510
  19. Yea, I am on the Freud bandwagon now. All my blades are Freud, Rip, Cross Cut, Laminate and Dado. I am kind of new to Freud but am really happy so far. I am also considering the stiffener.
  20. My grandson has been interested in woodworking for about 6 years. We first started out doing some of the "Build and Grow" projects at Lowe's. Then we started doing some small projects with hand tools including building a tool box for his tools. Yesterday he came to me wanting to build a simple container to hold his drumsticks by his drums. He knew exactly what he wanting size wise. Today we did the build and because it was a fairly simple project and he is now 13, I thought it would be a good way to introduce him to some power tools. The first thing we did was the layout he learned how t
  21. Marc, Ditto to everything that has been said. The people here are so helpful, fun, funny and sometimes entertaining. I drink my first cup of coffee with the morning paper and my second cup is consumed perusing this forum. Then its out to the shop to make high quality sawdust. Job well done!!!
  22. I do a lot in red oak and a little snipe is a by-product that provides a small amount of little chunks of scrape that I use to start the fire in my off set smoker. So all is not bad. Although I am hoping this will diminish in the future when I get my DW 735 in a day or two.
  23. I am just curious of what some of you do as far as grit progression when sanding a piece after it has bee run through a surface planer. Also I have used both the Aluminum Oxide and the Garnet sand papers, do any of you have a preference. Pros, Cons?
  24. Just to throw another idea out there, I was introduced to a running shoe that has changed mine and my knees life. They are made by Brooks and are called Beasts. They are a shoe specifically designed for people that weigh more then 175 and I fall way into that category. I have been able to do some jogging, something I was unable to do for years. After having success at that I decided to get a second pair for everyday wear. Besides doing a lot of wood working, I also own a small trophy shop so I spend a pretty large amount of time each day standing and these shoe do their job. This is the o