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  1. Chet

    Band Saw

    I don't know if one of the videos you watched was the one on the Laguna's website, but if it wasn't, you might want to consider it. Its a pretty good video on the assembly of the saw.
  2. Thats looking good, nice piece of land too.
  3. I am with everyone else Colin, I want to take that out to the sandbox
  4. Great design for something you need to have out of the way at times.
  5. Can't wait to see the finished product, Looks good so far
  6. You have come to the right place for help, and welcome
  7. Chet

    Trees Happen

    Wow! someone was looking out for you. Going to be expensive to get a tree big enough to get instant shade
  8. Chet

    Drum Sander

    I don't have a drum sander but I am considering it. I am curious though as to were it fits in the work flow. What does it do that a surface planer (which I have) wouldn't. I do know, I think, that you can surface end grain where you can't do that with a planer. Other then that...
  9. Chet

    Band Saw

    Yea, I had some stuff delivered for my business by another freight company and the guy couldn't have been nicer. Even our regular UPS guy couldn't understand the guy's problem. He even asked for the delivery slip so he could see who the driver was but that is the last I heard of it.
  10. Get the cars waxed every few months, keep em parked outside and keep the tools. We haven't parked a car in the garage since 1979
  11. Chet

    Band Saw

    I ordered my 1412 through Amazon and had no problem. It is shipped freight by UPS, they call and set an appointment for delivery but delivery is only to the curb. I had asked the dispatcher when we set the appointment and he said just to ask the driver and he would drop it by the garage. Well I ended up with a real A**hole driver who acted like everything in the world was an inconvenience to him so it never got farther then the curb. But it is not real bad, two guys can carry the box. For free shipping I would still do it that way again.
  12. Very nice, Tom. Dogs are family too.
  13. Chet

    My Other Shop

    You are definitely right about cranking them up, and the coffee is close by and the commute isn't bad.
  14. Chet

    Band Saw

    I haven't had any problem tensioning the 3/4" blade on my 1412. I am using the wood slicer. This is one of the reasons I went with the 1412, I had read in a magazine article that did a review of the Laguna that you wouldn't have any problem tensioning the maximum size blade that Laguna said the saw would handle.
  15. Chet

    My Other Shop

    I retired when I was 52 and did nothing important other then wood working for 3 years. Then in 2008 I had the opportunity to start a small awards and engraving business from home. It is in one room of our house and most of the time I still feel very retired. But at the end of the school year I get pretty busy working 40 to 50 hours for about 6 weeks then I am retired again. I do 50% of my yearly business in this time span but it gives me a fair amount of disposable income for the year so I can tough it out. Here is a couple of shots of my other shop. The pile of softball tr
  16. Chet

    Band Saw

    +1 with Eric. The 1412 was my first "real" bandsaw and I am super happy with everything I have done with it so far.
  17. Chet

    Am I wrong?

    I was reading through this and all along I was wondering when Eric and his avatar would show up
  18. I am guessing UPS did ship it. Hence the over engineered shipping container
  19. Chet

    New tool

    Congrats on the new tool purchase. Its next on my list but it is going to be a while $$$
  20. Does anyone own or have experience with the Driftmaster fence.
  21. Very cool. What kind of wood is that?
  22. Chet

    Hi from KC

    Welcome to the Forums, Lee.