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  1. TIODS that came out nice. Projects like that really do supply needed therapy, I have been down that road. My condolences.
  2. glad to see there is someone sappy like me... I pondered a long time about selling my lathe because a I just wasn't using it and I could use the floor space, but my wife had given it to me as a Christmas gift, hence the long ponder. When I finally asked her about it, she said "what do I care if you sell it, if your not using it.
  3. I have always like the way your finishes look. I need to get some lessons from you. My finish work is my down fall.
  4. Chet

    TV Trays

    I can't wait to see them with the finish on them.
  5. Chet


    Did it rattle your house pretty good? 4.0 here in California hardly makes the news
  6. I watched a video review a while back on youtube, Matt's basement workshop did a couple of reviews on the SawStop and on there he gave a couple of tips he had learned about in regards to the dust collection. You will enjoy that saw.
  7. I went with the 36 inch fence on my SawStop also. I have had it a year now and haven't had a time when I wish I had the 52, and that includes starting out using the saw to make a number of pieces of shop furniture out of birch ply.
  8. Days of old. I am like Steve. Back in 1967 in the ninth grade I got punched in the gut by a teacher for some "no good" I was up to. Now a days the kid would run home to their parents. If I had run home to my parents I would have gotten it all over again... I kept my mouth shut when I got home, I was wrong but I wasn't stupid.
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    Congrats Eric! That is approximately 3.424657 posts per day since you joined.
  10. I got one too awhile back and watched the whole thing. It was pretty decently informative, especially for a newb to the bandsaw like me. There wasn't a catch or buy in part way through to see the whole thing it was all free. They do have videos that are for a fee though.
  11. Tom, looks nice. There side yard looks like it might be a nice place for some raised vegetable beds. We are re-doing our whole back yard this year. we need to put in all drip irrigation because of the drought, which I was planning on anyway. Thats the only way that we can water anything that we put in moving forward.
  12. Welcome! As you have already found out, there is a wealth of information here.
  13. Teach em' young, it will stay with them their whole life. I have a grandson that I started projects with when he was about you nephew's age. They live right next door and if he hears the tools turned on, he is in my garage quicker then you can turn on a light.
  14. Welcome to the forums, Oscar.
  15. Yes, Nice work. Is that black chair in the background a genuine George Mulhauser Chair or a reproduction? I think he was from San Francisco also
  16. Congratulations Vinny !
  17. Not to swipe Mike's Thread here but congrats Shane... No sleeping for a while
  18. I am with FtrPilot, I am glad I don't have to do the rush hour thing any more. We had one here in San Jose, CA about 6 months back a jumper. Traffic was totally screwed my son in law who normally has a 30-40 minute commute got stuck between two exits when they closed the freeway because of the goof ball on the overpass. He didn't get home until 3 hours later.
  19. Chet

    Starting out.

    I would also suggest, for your health, a dust collection system as soon as you can.
  20. Chet

    Starting out.

    I also have a SawStop but what Richard said is sound advise.