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  1. The VSCT fence that Eric mentions, I think Marc did a review of the somewhere along the line. I can't remember if it was just about that fence or in a video with other things pertaining to the table saw.
  2. When I had my Delta Contractor saw I had the 32 inch Unisaw fence on it.
  3. If no one here can help, and because of the age of your machine you might try this website ~
  4. I was checking out their website a couple of weeks back and the vendors at each show across the country is all over the board. Atlanta by far had the most listed vendors and Sacramento, CA (the one closest to me) the least by almost half. Rockler is supposed to be there but nothing about woodcraft. Also some other big names aren't listed at Sacramento, like Bessy, Timber Wolf, Clear Vue.
  5. That is a nice looking table. Good Job!
  6. I had an interesting experience today. I was starting to plan a piece of wood and I noticed that I was getting wood shavings out the infeed side of the machine and the first thing I realized was that I hadn't turned on the dust collection. The second thing I realized is that do to some blast gates being set improperly I hard shavings from the planer coming out of the DC hood of my miter saw some 30 feet of duct work away. So yea that little fan in the planer works pretty well.
  7. Chet

    General Finishes

    Ace, I didn't know what I was doing, you do know what you are doing and I used Rob at GF to break the tie!
  8. Chet

    General Finishes

    Rob said that a quality synthetic brush is work just fine... Thanks Ace
  9. Chet

    General Finishes

    Thanks guys, I was going to do a test piece but really prefer a quality bristle brush in this case synthetic. I do use the sponges for interior wall touch up and then just toss it but I've never used it on a wood finish product. I am also going to dope an email to General Finishes and get their reasoning.
  10. Chet

    General Finishes

    Ace - yea its on the can, it says using a foam brush or pad applicator.
  11. I am using General Finishes Enduro Var for the finish on a couple of small end tables. This is the first time I have used this companies' product, and I don't have the equipment yet to do a spray finish, so I will be brushing it on. In the past I have always used a high quality bristle brush to apply the finish but I noticed that they recommend the foam brush. Does anyone have experience with this or should I just use a good brush like I have in the past?
  12. TripleH, its going to get tougher still to monkey with Stihl tools. The place my son in law runs is a Stihl certified repair shop and he was telling me that still has gone to all fuel injected & electronic ignition engines.
  13. My first round of tools were just sort of taken care of. Now over the last few years everything has been pretty much up graded and is now been taken crd and cleaned on a pretty regular basis. I think a lot of that comes with the fact that I am now retired and have more time to be in the shop. Some time I find my self out there with no project going on so I will start cleaning and tuning just cause I am out there. More available time definitely affects how the tools are stored and cleaned and general appearance of the shop. Retirement! I encourage everyone to try it at least once.
  14. We have a real Nanny State Government here in California. We are such stupid fools that we have to be told everything through laws... Pay extra for certain size sodas because they think I can't stop my self, what my kids can have in there happy meal if they expect to get a toy with it because I am not smart enough to feed them right ands as stated everything and I mean everything connected to woodworking is cancer causing EVEN my 5 micron Dust collection system and air filter came with those warnings, What?
  15. I also have the 1000HD, I have had it for almost a year. I haven't worked it to is fullest intent but it has been great with everything I have done with it so far. Cross cuts are great and after just a smidge of tune up the miters were right on. Since getting this, the only thing I have used my miter saw for is to break down lumber.
  16. Really nice work. Looks great!
  17. I was looking at The Woodworking Show's website last night and for some reason the show in Sacramento (closest one to me) has the fewest number of vendors, just over 30. All of there other shows have 10 to 15 more vendors and their show in Atlanta has twice as many. I guess we don't have enough woodworkers in Northern California to get more vendors. There were a number of seminars that looked interesting. I might consider going to the Southern California or Portland because they are offering more.
  18. If you win that you could end up in a high tax bracket... although I guess what you would pay in taxes is cheaper then the tools them selves. Might as well give it a try.
  19. I have yet to attend a woodworking show but I am thinking that it is something that would be worth while and fun. In searching on the internet, I have found four different shows. Three of the shows have a single location and one has several shows around the country over the course of the year. International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta which seems to be every other year. Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers in Las Vegas in July. Woodworking in America in Kansas City Mo. in September The Woodworking Shows which has several shows across the country. This would b
  20. Yea, what Steve said. Thats really nice looking.
  21. That is definitely a nice looking toy chest.
  22. Chet

    Jet Jointer

    I don't have the Grizzly Jointer that Eric spoke of but I have had my Grizzly jointer since 1992, my model is not in production any more but I would have to say the quality is there. I have only had to replace the power switch in that time and that was just a few years back.
  23. +1 on what TripleH said, I was just going to post the same thing on replacing the cord