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  1. I have had mine for a short time but I can tell you you will enjoy it. Mine was delivered by UPS freight and the A--hole driver wouldn't move it any further the the gutter on my street even after dispatch told me he would but it by the garage door. Fortunately my daughter and family live next door and my son in law helped me put it on a flat dolly and roll it up the driveway.
  2. OK, in a nut shell. I did this design basically out of my head. The way I designed it was I bought the casters that I wanted to use and then subtracted the height of the casters from the height of the table that I wanted to achieve. Other then the legs which are fir 2 X 6 glued and then I ran them through the joiner to size, it is pretty much 1/2 inch baltic birch. I want to say I used 4 pieces of 5' X 5' ply. The top is 32 X 48 but ended up being 33 X 49 inches because I trimmed it out with some scrape pieces and then rounded the edges, that way even if I was working with something that was
  3. Poach away. I will PM some details.
  4. Definitely, definitely takes patients. I enjoy looking at stuff like that although I wouldn't be doing it myself. I guess that is what makes us individuals.
  5. If I was in the market and lived in the area, I would defiantly go check it out . It looks pretty clean in the photos.
  6. I am with Brendon, I have never really cared for the finishing process. I am looking into a one on one class to improve my knowledge and technique in the hopes of making it more a enjoyable process.
  7. And here I thought I was the killer of posts, but if you want the job it is yours
  8. Gary, I bought my 1412 on the same sale as yours, 10% off. I think the blade deal started right after the 10% thing ended. I saw it on Woodcraft's flyer.
  9. Keith - I also wanted to build a multi-purpose table and because wanted to use it for assembly I didn't really want the slots in it. My table is 1/32 lower then the table and when I am doing anything with the miter I just move the table away some. I didn't do a torsion box but there is cross member support in side but I built it so I had tool space under the top instead of tools on top when I am working. Here is a link to mine.
  10. Yea, like Dave said it is certainly easier to do before. But if you were to purchase it after it would be a matter of getting some help to tip the saw back on its side to install it.
  11. Maybe you can go into your history on you computer and find the page with those prices, copy and paste the link in an email to them. I use safari and it saves a week at a time, so like right now I can look at everything back to last Wed.
  12. I like the joints used on the base. I don't think I have ever seen them used that way before... I like it!
  13. The internet makes it to easy to spout off with out having to be man enough to let people know who you are.
  14. Online you are going to have shipping and because it is probably going to be shipped freight it could be a lot $$$. I think you are going to find the price is the same everywhere so shipping is the thing.
  15. Brendon, I didn't want to give up floor space either. I built this set up. The cubby areas hold pieces up to 3.75 thick and 24 inches long, and the shelves up above hold longer stuff. I do have to use a small 4 foot ladder to access the shelves but I really didn't have a lower space to put this. The ladder is a real minor inconvenience. I got the idea from a Wood magazine a few issues back. It was part of a workstation I just built the lumber storage part. It is just 2 X 4 and quarter inch ply.
  16. Have you actually checked with your Woodcraft, do they actually sell them in store? My Woodcraft does not sell them in store. They will order it for you and have it shipped direct to your place.
  17. Cool video. If I had a piece of wood like that, I don't know if I would ever use it, I would always be waiting for the absolute perfect time to use it, so there it would sit.
  18. No, Actually that is a well used and still serving me well, 1992 Grizzly. All their stuff was green back then.
  19. I just read through this thread and found it real interesting from all sides of the conversation. I own a SawStop and am really happy with it but out of the box you still need to respect the spinning blade I don't want to get lazy because of the technology. I did trigger the brake on mine once. It was metal not me. I didn't have the fence on my Incra miter tightened properly and it touched the blade. you can barely see the contact point because it goes so fast but the noise it makes gets your attention real good. I have two comments to kind of follow on what Mike said. In my case i
  20. Hey hoser, One thing I noticed in the Laguna website video about the assembly of 1412, the guy doing the video mounts the light turned 90 degrees from the way they show in the actual manual so the elbow on the light allows you to move the light left and right instead of up and down. I wonder if this rotation would get rid of the shadow.
  21. Thats real nice, Mike. I have always thought about doing something out of doug fir, just never followed thorough for what ever reason.
  22. Yea Tim it wasn't necessarily a posed picture, it was setting there because I wanted to give it a try and haven't run any duct work for its final resting spot so I had it close to the quick connect. You missed the jointer and planer in the back ground I and went ahead ordered the light kit yesterday while it was still on sale. If nothing else it has cool factor to its appearance
  23. Thanks. Yes, it is red oak, the small accents are walnut.