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  1. A couple of small end tables I made for our family room. The room is small so I had to keep these small. They were good practice for first try at mortise and tenon, a small attempt at some Greene and Greene design elements and first time using water borne stain and finish. Its a satin finish, I don't know what caused it to look so shinny in the photo of the top.
  2. I just received, yesterday, and set up today my new Laguna bandsaw. I have been reading the thread regarding Shaneymack's Laguna and all the crap he was dealing with, with his Laguna Bandsaw, it had me a little nervous. Shaneymanck I hope you get it worked out. Anyway I unpacked and assemble my saw and other then having to adjust the fence for drift, which is normal, everything went off with out a hitch. I did some curve cuts some rips and resaws all went well. This is my first bandsaw so I don't know what I was expecting but with what I did today I am extremely please. It has a solid f
  3. Thats a nice saw Russell. Way more power then the smaller skil saws. You'll like it and like Steve said with a good blade you can do some nice stuff. That should get you started real nicely.
  4. Looks like you will definitely be able to make little pieces of wood out of big pieces of wood with that big boy.
  5. Welcome. And I agree with wtnhighlander, those colors are unreal.
  6. I just read about a guy that uses plexi glass for templates
  7. Brendon, I like walnut too. I like seeing things made out of walnut. The texture and shades in the wood. But I am afraid that if I had to make everything out of walnut the interior of the house would start to feel dark. So based on that I would probably go with cherry.
  8. We'll be married 43 years this July. Back in 1980 we were shopping for furniture for the young'uns and after looking at a bunch of cheaply made furniture, I convinced my wife to let me buy a radial arm saw (thats what I grew up on) and build the kids furniture. We figured, the saw included, it would be less expensive and better quality. Many tools later she is still supportive of all things wood. AND the two original dressers are now being used by grandkids. Still have the radial arm saw too but it is kind of quiet these days, just can't get rid of it.
  9. I have a Delta mortise attachment for my drill press. I use it because that is what I have at this point in time. The main reason I purchased it wasn't to necessarily make mortises, I was putting square spokes in the head and foot board of a set of bunk beds. I didn't think I would ever use it beyond that point, that is why I didn't by a mortising machine at that time. It is by no means anything more then OK. It is a hassle to set up unless you are not going to use the drill press for anything else and you can leave it on. I will get a mortiser at some point.
  10. PB, you are correct. My original statement was not thought out properly. What I should have been saying is that I am able make nice cuts of 8/4 on my SawStop, something I was unable to do on my old saw with out burning the heck out of the wood and blade. My main thing is that I am happy with the saw as a hobbiest woodworker.
  11. Did the dad make the kid pay for the replacement cartridge and possibly the blade if there was damage to it??? You still have to respect the SawStop just like any other table saw. You would be a fool to think it is fail safe. I am just real happy with the quality of the machine and the way it performs. This has cut 8/4 oak and walnut with no problem, more then I could have hoped for out of a 110 V, 1-3/4 hp machine.
  12. I know you don't have it on the list but I am real happy with my SawStop. Its a PCS with 1 3/4 hp 110 volt - 36 inch fence and in the same price as the the PM1000. It is Black instead of Yellow though
  13. I have never put as many coats of finish on the underside of a project as I do to visible areas. Projects like like tables. But I have started to wonder if this is incorrect. What do you generally do.
  14. Some of that almost looks like pine or fur or some form of pine plywood. Back some years I was doing a piece of furniture out of pine because I was new to woodworking and didn't want to mess up some expensive wood. I read about this technique that was referred to as a shellack wash. It was a pretty diluted form of shellack that you sprayed on before staining and the stain penetration was more consistent. It worked pretty well but unfortunately I don't remember the details. You might try reposting this under "Finishing" instead of this restoration subcategory and see if you get a better re
  15. The VSCT fence that Eric mentions, I think Marc did a review of the somewhere along the line. I can't remember if it was just about that fence or in a video with other things pertaining to the table saw.
  16. When I had my Delta Contractor saw I had the 32 inch Unisaw fence on it.
  17. If no one here can help, and because of the age of your machine you might try this website ~
  18. I was checking out their website a couple of weeks back and the vendors at each show across the country is all over the board. Atlanta by far had the most listed vendors and Sacramento, CA (the one closest to me) the least by almost half. Rockler is supposed to be there but nothing about woodcraft. Also some other big names aren't listed at Sacramento, like Bessy, Timber Wolf, Clear Vue.
  19. That is a nice looking table. Good Job!
  20. I had an interesting experience today. I was starting to plan a piece of wood and I noticed that I was getting wood shavings out the infeed side of the machine and the first thing I realized was that I hadn't turned on the dust collection. The second thing I realized is that do to some blast gates being set improperly I hard shavings from the planer coming out of the DC hood of my miter saw some 30 feet of duct work away. So yea that little fan in the planer works pretty well.
  21. Chet

    General Finishes

    Ace, I didn't know what I was doing, you do know what you are doing and I used Rob at GF to break the tie!
  22. Chet

    General Finishes

    Rob said that a quality synthetic brush is work just fine... Thanks Ace
  23. Chet

    General Finishes

    Thanks guys, I was going to do a test piece but really prefer a quality bristle brush in this case synthetic. I do use the sponges for interior wall touch up and then just toss it but I've never used it on a wood finish product. I am also going to dope an email to General Finishes and get their reasoning.
  24. Chet

    General Finishes

    Ace - yea its on the can, it says using a foam brush or pad applicator.
  25. I am using General Finishes Enduro Var for the finish on a couple of small end tables. This is the first time I have used this companies' product, and I don't have the equipment yet to do a spray finish, so I will be brushing it on. In the past I have always used a high quality bristle brush to apply the finish but I noticed that they recommend the foam brush. Does anyone have experience with this or should I just use a good brush like I have in the past?