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  1. A number of years ago I had asked for and received a lathe for Christmas. It is the Jet JWL 1236. As time went by I never really pursued using it much. I have probably put no more then ten sticks of wood on the thing the whole time I have had it basically just trying it out. Even though at the time I thought it would be enjoyable, I just never developed any desire for turning the way I have for the other forms wood working. I have finally decided that it is time to sell it and move on and I can use the space for my other tools. My question here is how much do some of you think I can
  2. Not trying to highjack to conversation but just as a side note to this discussion, I have a hand saw that was hand made by my Great Grandfather in the early 1800's. I actually have a claw hammer, some kind of plane and the saw all hand made by him. The way the story goes he was a carpenter and then a cabinet maker. Back then the first thing you did as an apprentice was make your tool box and then your tools. You can see some forge and other milling marks on the steel although everything is straight and true. I have always thought it would be nice to get the saw in working order but that i
  3. Thanks guys. I found the one Marc, Terry and Cochese mentioned at the local craft store today for about $8.00
  4. I am in the process of making a couple of end tables for our family room and my wife came out to check on me/the tables. while standing there she brought up something that I hadn't really thought of at this point but it is definitely a valid concern. She mentioned that the four grand kids and at times their parents struggle with the concept of coasters. Keeping track of all the cans, bottles and cups during family get togethers can be like trying to herd cats. She was wondering and now has me wondering if there is a finish that will stand up well to the lack coasters and the moister of cup
  5. I am getting ready to glue up some larger pieces and I have read were a number of you use an ink roller to spread the glue. Where did you purchase your ink roller and what is the clean up process? Thanks.
  6. I have never thought of doing this before but I started to wonder... is it a good idea or bad idea to use your planer or joiner to clean up glue after it has dried?
  7. Looks nice Dave. I'm with pdjms, I think the only thing I have ever built with a predefined plan was my kitchen cabinets because they had to fit in a given area. Other wise I enjoy the kind of of the cuff stuff.
  8. Very nice looking piece, Eric.
  9. Yes, I did the names. I have a small awards and engraving business that I run out of my home. The names are done on 1/8 inch acrylic and you do a reverse or mirror engraving on the back side of the acrylic. So I guess now my engraver has become my most expensive shop tool.
  10. Oh and a "Thank You" to Steve Duncan in suggesting the Cherry Watco finish.
  11. I had originally posted pictures of these on January 25th but at that time they were unfinished. Now they are complete including each grand kid's name.
  12. For many years I have used mostly pipe clamps in my shop. Recently I started to think about getting some parallel clamps and this past Christmas "Mrs. Claus" got the collection started with 4 - 18 inch clamps and 4 - 24 inch clamps under the tree. I am fully aware of the adage "you can't have to many clamps". I did one simple project 2 weeks ago and used 7 of the 8 clamps. But I am interested in what sizes and numbers of each that some of the home hobbyist's have out there. Do you find any real need for shorter then 18 inch clamps? And I know that longer ones do come in handy but how man
  13. If you sign up on Rockler's pro website you can get Bessey parallel clamps for about $5 - $6 less then on their regular website.
  14. You need to be real proud of that piece, Scott.
  15. I learned this from an old timer about 40 years ago. I have used it about 3 times and had pretty good success with it. Place a damp towel over the scratches and then place a hot iron Like you would use to iron clothes on the towel for 10-15 seconds and steam the area(use the linen or close to the highest setting on the iron). Sometimes if the wood fibers are not damaged to much they will swell with the heat and moisture, then you can sand it flush and most of the time you can't tell it was there. again this all depends on how damaged the fibers are. Worst case is you are where you started
  16. I have also added a 90 to my 735. I picked it and a quick connect up at Woodcraft, it works real well
  17. Chet

    Tool Gloat!!

    My son in law does all of the tool repair for a big construction supply company. And he say Milwaukee is bar non the best unless you get into some serious industrial tools that can cost $1000's but that is for the big boy job site crowd. You done dood good Tim.
  18. Yea, I was kind of guessing it was a ream job. I have never had anything milled for myself, I have always done it in my shop so I was unfamiliar with what going rates might be. They do give you a coupon for 50% of on the KY at the drug store next door.
  19. Just a question of curiosity. I am located in the San Francisco bay area. The lumber yard that I buy from sells all S3S and S2S. Recently I purchased a bunch of 4/4 Red Oak for $3.90 a board foot and some 8/4 Cherry for $5.50 a board foot. The down side to this lumber yard is they don't sell anything small like something that turners would use to make pens or bowls or other small items. Most of their stock is 8 to 10 ft. Not to far from this lumber yard is another lumber yard that sells nothing but S4S that at most might need some light sanding. This is a great place for the people tha
  20. As HunterL said that is one hell of a first. Very unique display in his honor.
  21. These are really nice. What kind of stain and or finish did you use?
  22. Yea I would be interested in the copper work also.
  23. 2nd floor, feel free to copy, I have no problem with that. RichardA The clamps are no longer there. My wife gave me a bunch of parallel clamps for Christmas so I have since built a mobile clamp cart for all of my clamps.
  24. Yea, Thanks, that is exactly what I am going to do. Watco hadn't crossed my mind, I used it on two jewelry boxes I made for my grand daughters a few years back out of Bocote and I really liked how they came out. Thank you Steve!