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  1. Regular wear and tear is one thing but I would have to replace that.  Call it $100 for the price or the lesson.  If you had run the screw through the blade you would be replacing the blade (most likely) $80 or more and the blade brake $70, so right now you are ahead of the game.  At least that is the way you can explain it to your wife.  :P  :P  :P

  2. I think part of the problem too is that most people in society no longer put a value on true workmanship or maybe they don't even know it when they see it.  It seems that people want stuff but won't want to pay for the effort it took to produce the quality.

  3. I have a small awards business that I run out of my home.  At times I do business with another company that sell sports uniforms and screen printing an the like but they do not do awards.  Occasionally they will get a customer that contacts them about awards, in those cases they get a quote from me and if they can still mark it up some with out sticking it to their customer then we go ahead and work together.  If it works out were there is no margin for them then they may just refer the customer to me.  What I have always told them is I am doing the work, all of the work and I can't lower my price to help them make a profit.  If it works it works if not...  Now this is a bit different but I am operating on a pretty small margin to begin with.


    Personally I think 60  - 40 is slanted in their favor to much, your materials your labor.  Maybe you should tell them sell it for what ever you want but I need X dollars out of the deal.

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  4. I am new to the bandsaw.  Looking at videos and articles on the technique of resawing, some show the piece that is being cut to size on the right of the blade and some show it to the left or against the fence.  Which is the better or safer way or is it a matter of personal preference?



  5. I like the idea,  I set my signature a while back, I did have to use my first name and last initial because there is another Chet that has been around here longer then me.  :D

  6. There is a place here in northern California (Santa Clara) that is similar.  It is called The Sawdust Shop, been in business for 15 years or so.  It is a full on shop with everything including a laser engraver and CNC machine.  You buy a membership to work there and they have storage areas for your projects that you are working on.  It is a great place for condo livers or apartment dwellers that can't have shops of their own.  You can also buy small hour blocks of time to use the machinery - such as if you had a project that could really use a drum sand but you were not the proud owner of said machine, you can buy an hour of time and use theirs.  Their store itself is pretty small but they can order most things for you if you don't have a source.

  7. T - as soon as the electrical work is done in my basement, I'll be order this exact saw. Can you describe how the saw is packed? I have steel doors that open to a set of steps going down into my basement. I can probably manage the whole box with a couple friends and ramps and/or a hand truck, but I figure it might be safer to take the large parts down individually.

    I would probably go with the whole box and friends there are real nice hand holds on each end of the box.  Or just you and an appliance doll would work down step, kind of like moving a real small refrigerator.  I think moving the main bandsaw out of the box down steps might be a bit awkward.