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  1. Give it a test man, you can use it just like a circ saw. You don't need the tracks for every use.
  2. I have had things like this where part of it went against the grain but you are correct it cleans up pretty good with the ROS. I always start one grit lower then what I have on the drum sander, which is 120, so I start with 80 grit on the ROS.
  3. This sounds like there may be some experience behind this post.
  4. Very nice work, that came out looking pretty good. Looks like all your tribulations with the top was worth it.
  5. Amen brother. The tables are both pretty cool projects. I wish I had more ability to see a project in a piece of wood. I usually end up the other way around, having a project and trying to find the right piece to match it.
  6. Do you do private lessons Mick?
  7. Pretty cool setup. Nice work.
  8. I like the out come. The top looks like it will be fun to get finish on it. It's kind of hard t tell but I am guessing the "feet" end of the legs are under the edge or drip line of the table top.
  9. Ditto. If nothing else it's just another way of being a good neighbor.
  10. Chet


    Drew is pretty much on the mark. You don't get quality and accuracy on the cheap.
  11. I'll second the motion.
  12. Spray Finish Made Simple by Jeff Jewitt Is a good book and DVD on spray finishing. I suggest watching the DVD first and then read the book.
  13. I use one of my dado blades for flat bottom stuff. I never really thought about a dedicated blade because I had the dado. I will be interested to see how your new blade works. It looks identical to mine except mine is the red finish. When I cut a grove with mine it is mostly flat with a small bat ear on one side.
  14. Welcome to the forums. We except all questions. Back in middle school I had a shop teacher that said "the only dumb question was the one never asked".
  15. And then you get the stores that won't refund on a faulty item because you damaged the Packaging.
  16. Chet

    Retired Teacher

    Welcome Gwenn. If you are happy with the color the way it is I would just give ti a light sanding with 400 grit just to smooth the surface and get rid of any nibs or things of that nature then apply some wipe on poly, light sanding with 400 between coats. The wipe on polys are clear and won't add any yellowing to your finish.
  17. I am assuming you meant Tylenol
  18. Should be valuable it's NIB.
  19. I think it is pretty good, but more than that it is kind of a family thing. My mom's uncle grew popcorn, thousands of acres of the stuff and sold the crop to Jolly Time.
  20. Yes, I had to do my old 6 inch jointer years back. I didn't find it a hassle, it can be time consuming and I think that is were people get frustrated. You just need to plan on spending some time. I think if you are somewhat prepared its not that bad. I had some shims ready to go, more then I needed but this made it easier because I didn't have to stop to cut more.
  21. This sound like your outfield table is lower at the far end then it at the blade end. There should be a section in your manual as to how to adjust this.
  22. That's my technique too. Works pretty good. An grocery store that doesn't carry Jolly Time Popcorn.
  23. Ronn that looks like a cool setup and you grandson is grinning ear to ear.
  24. I have the Fuji Pro2. And have sprayed dewaxed shellac with mine also. Shellac you will ned a cap and needle around 1.0 or 0.8. I do wish I had bought just a little more then the Pro2 but it has served me well. Spraying paint take a good machine nothing less then a model like the Fuji Pro2. Also it is important to have the proper cap and needle. Something like Benjamin Moores Cabinet coat needs to be diluted about 10% with my Pro2.