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  1. The first thing that pops to mind is your glue. TB3 is a darker glue and cherry a some what lighter wood especially fresh from the milling process and the glue line is going to be more visible. I know 3 gives more open time and it may note be the problem but it might be a place to start your investigation.
  2. When I saw the picture above I was hoping the sapwood would play a roll in the project. Often people are too quick to eliminate sapwood.
  3. Very true. In fact you usually want to cut any joinery in your parts before you cut the parts to shape.
  4. Chet


    Barefoot Coop might need some boots too.
  5. I don't think that is his intention. I went back and looked through his content he is offering information that may be useful to others and he has responded to questions. I did remove this comment from that post.
  6. I did a bottom stretcher with slats to match the sides of the chair. Not doing that, I think would give the ottoman a light, weak appearance. And yea, the upholstery is going to sting your wallet a little but I think after all the work you put into it, it is worth having it done by as pro.
  7. Everybody already said everything that I had thought of. And its good to see you back around.
  8. Happens quite often. You weren't the first and won't be the last. I've done it myself.
  9. I have to be honest, I have that same block plane and never would have thought of using it for that task. Thanks
  10. Drew, We have had a vanity top in our master bath for 10 years, it's made by a company called Swanstone. We have been super pleased with it and it cleans real easy. We purchased it through Lowes but I don't think they carry it any more. But Swanstone still exists and I am sure they would be able to point you toward a retailer if they don't sell direct. Its a product that is similar to Corian and the whole thing is molded in one piece. Our shower enclosure and shower pan are the same thing and the same color which can be nice when planing what you want. What looks like dark streaki
  11. I used the same technique as Mick on the through tenons on the arm rests. I think it is a nicer way to get a fit that looks good. Also if you are close to 6ft tall making the chair a little taller is something to think about. You have some nice design elements - one thing I would think about is with you cloud lift feature it will probably be better to do actual mortise and tenons for the side slates as apposed to the filler block technique Marc used. I enjoy the mortise and tenon process so that was the way I was going al along. Sapele Morris Chair
  12. We tried two top review brands and were real disappointed with how fast they degraded for the price paid. We went with one in the same price range, I think just a touch over $150, as your new one and it has already given us half the service life as the ones we paid 5X the price.
  13. My resolutions have been the same fro about four years and sound a little mushy but here they are. Try to be a better person. Try to look for the good in people. Try to keep things and thoughts positive. Each year gets better.
  14. Wow Ross, that has to be a challenging way to be going through the day. I think that is why this is so dangerous for seniors and folks with other health issues. I am glad to hear thing were good for you Ken.
  15. Also somewhere in his posts is his email.
  16. I agree with getting rid of your mats. You are sort of thinking backwards by doubling them. In doing that you are making them too cushy and they aren't giving you any support. Mates are good but they need to be good quality too. The horse mates are good. I use the tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc. and really like them.
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    Very well put Dave.
  18. That came out really well Ross, especially considering it has a scrap pile project. Thats a nice looking color, was that GF milk paint?
  19. I remember Steve (wdwerker) talking numerous times about the process involved when painting a project versus just finishing. Every little flaw or crack or seam gets magnified by the paint process, it just really stands out as apposed to say using a finish like ARS. His words were ringing in my ears when I was doing my kitchen. You sand and prime and sand and prime, once that looks good you can feel safe putting you paint on.
  20. You will be happy with it. Never regretted buying mine.