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  1. Do you need to take care, will the charge you or your vehicle in a setting like that?
  2. I was going to ask the same thing because it doesn't look like any of the Accords here in the USA
  3. I have never tried it but I know there are people that taper table legs and such using their jointer. I would guess the the infinitely adjustability would be handy for this task.
  4. And I bet it isn't doing a lick of good.
  5. You might want to try contacting for some help.
  6. How about a raised panel bit in your router? 15 Degree Raised Panel Bit Then you would just need to sharpen the corners with a chisel.
  7. Chet

    Shinto Rasp

    Can you resharpen hand stitched rasps like Auriou? I would think that would be pretty labor intense.
  8. I am going to follow this.
  9. I did Mt Whitney (highest in lower 48) and Half Dome in Yosemite a couple of times. I just did Mt Lassen for the second time last week, its only 10,467 but at 68 yrs of age I am starting to think those days are behind me.
  10. It has been pointed out to me by my grand daughter's mom, who is my oldest daughter, that my grand daughter isn't ten years old she just turned nine. My mistake
  11. Especially if you own a home. I bought my first truck a couple of months after our first house and like Ross I haven't been with out one since. I don't know how home owners do it with out a truck.
  12. If these are paying customer projects and you have your pricing so tight that you haven't allowed for material transportation, which should be part of your overhead figures in your estimate for the client, then you are most likely short changing yourself all the way around in your quotes.
  13. I don't think you are trying hard enough.
  14. Welcome to the forums Andrew.
  15. The way I avoid the shim crap is I set the stack as close to the thickness needed as possible without being to wide and then make light passes of the shelf or panel through the drum sander for the fit. Of course this only works if you have a drum sander.
  16. All four have been in the shop and worked on small projects. She is the only one that has shown interest in continuing the hobby. They all have things they pursue and are good at as far as hobbies go. And I am glad to say none of the hobbies include being glued to video games.
  17. It was signed by both of us before she sprayed the finish. I only signed after asking her if she wanted me to. I signed Paga, which is what the grandkids call me. You can see the signatures in the first picture of her spraying. We would have to talk about the safety of using that too, like don't us it on your older brother.
  18. I am not saying this because she is my grand daughter but she is a very focused person. She has more focus on going after something she wants to do then a lot of adults I know.
  19. I was too, I went ahead and re-ordered another one. I just posted here to see if there was something way superior out there.
  20. I will pass it along Ross. It will probable get a good giggle out of her.
  21. I meant to post this, I kept track of her time on this - including time at the lumber yard and clean up at the end of each day she was right at 45 hours.
  22. Okay, the last day started off by attaching the figure 8's to the base. Then center punching for the screw hole in the top. Then drilling and pre-threading the holes in the top. A final vacuuming of the parts before finishing. This next step is were she really left me impressed. I thought this is were she would have some struggles but after practicing the spray process on some spare plywood. I was real amazed at the job she did on the actual top. She was just a little nervous and asked me to spray the base. Spraying the bottom of the top.