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  1. You would end up spending money.
  2. You might want to hunt for Senco which doesn't require oil. They have a model that has the same format as the one you pictured. I have had mine for over 20 years with no problems.
  3. The best thing about using clothe diapers is that by the time the kid is done using them you have washed them about 3000 times so they make the best rags for waxing your car or applying finish.
  4. I don't consider myself totally uninitiated but I am always willing to learn and this is one I have never seen but will be using going forward. Thanks Ross And I don't mean to pick on your woodworking but that sled looks more like a B2 Bomber.
  5. Merry Christmas to all and holding up a toast hoping next year is better.
  6. Good for you giving him a hand. It always seems that the bad comes at a really inopportune time
  7. I should have added that I eliminated the tail... to much work.
  8. I like those a lot, real different design idea using the epoxy.
  9. This is what I have, it is numbered for the cut order and sized for a regular sheet of paper.
  10. This is the primer and paint I used from Benjamin Moore. It also comes in quarts. You can spray, brush or roll it. I was going to spray it but ended up rolling it for a few different reasons but I was extremely happy with how it rolled on. I used a real short nap mohair roller I picked up in the B.M. store. I brushed in the tight corners and rolled everything else. The primer is one of the nicest ones I have used. The broacher for the Cabinet Coat has a fair number of colors but they can mix it in almost all the colors they have in the color inventory.
  11. Looking good so far Ross. The handle on that hand saw looks worn in a really cool way. Marc did a kitchen cabinet refresh in his mom's place a few months back and he did what you are thinking. He used GF's milk paint and their High Performance satin for the top coat. I was going to do the same thing until I ran across the Benjamin Moore product I used.
  12. Bosch Glide 12 inch Blade Duel Bevel 3 3/4 inches
  13. Chet

    Outdoor Kitchens

    Hope it doesn't take as long as the basement.
  14. Mick those trays are beautiful and the sunset was beyond amazing.
  15. Well I must say that is some really nice work for being relatively new to the art. Very cool.
  16. That is going to be nice to have and look at for years to come.
  17. Congratulations to you both. May you be blessed with a long and happy marriage that has many joyful experiences for you to share together.
  18. I wouldn't want to assume this is true. With any kind of force like this you can get a microscopic cracks where the carbide tooth is attached.
  19. There are two type of eucalyptus, one is supposed to be better for furniture. Unfortunately that isn't the one that is here all over California. My dad had a small chest that he brought home from Australia from during WWII. That thing to this day still smell great every time you open it and is actually a pretty wood.
  20. I like these, as with all your projects they came out great. I see you embraced the sapwood, well done.
  21. How does the digital gauge work on a router table? Each time you chuck up a bit in the router it is going to be at a different height. So I would assume there is a zeroing out process? I use the Kreg set-up bars when needed.
  22. Yea, sometimes all it takes is a well worded letter on a law firms letter head which can be less costly then actual legal action.