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    Nice to see you back and ready to get after it.
  2. You might do better trying Facebook's market place as apposed to craigslist.
  3. I am not an expert but if I remember correctly you should mill and sticker it to dry. If you store it as logs, as the log drys it releases tension in the wood creating linear cracks through the log making any lumber milled from it in the future pretty useless.
  4. I don't know what it is worth but if I lived closer I would consider it, looks like it is in decent shape. I have a brother that lives in Kearney MO. I should have him pick it up for me and store it til I come out for a visit.
  5. In the class Matt made the bottom from ply with a thin 1/16 cherry veneer on the bottom side. On the interior side he likes to use fabric, I don't really care for this, I wanted to use cherry in the bottom of the box. I didn't have any thin ply to veneer and I wasn't going to buy a 5 x 5 sheet just to finish my homework assignment. So I made my bottom from solid wood using the rip and flip method to eliminate any cupping. I have to admit your comment here made me go look at the box, I thought I messed up. I made the two outside strips just a little wider so inside the box every s
  6. Ross, I used my plunge router with two edge guides, one on each side of the lid and a two inch core box bit. I plunged to a depth of 3/8 inch deep which gave me a 1 1/2 diameter recess.
  7. They are that way in both boxes.
  8. I made this Sepele box because I wanted to try some different ideas. The top is shaped with a spoke shave, the indent in the lid was done with a core box bit and the the joint for the dividers in the box was done with a vee groove bit. I had seem Matt Kenney do this and thought it looked a little more elegant then a regular dado and the angles match the angles of the mitered corners. The lid handles are Wenge. The finish is one coat of blonde de-waxed shellac and a top coat of EnduroVar. Vee Groove detail. This seco
  9. Pretty nice so far Paul. Are you fuming this or ebonizing or is it going to be rattle can pink.
  10. Here are a copy of pictures. I can't take credit for this idea, I saw it on the Woodsmith show.
  11. I am with you Rick. I have a Domino but most stuff is still older techniques. There is just something about the process of fitting a good joint and I am generally in no hurry. Also the Domino is like another bank account - I can always sell it to get lumber money if needed.
  12. Yea, sand paper isn't the place to cut cost on any project. Change you paper the minute it quits working for you.
  13. The doors are cool, a really different idea. Well done Dave.
  14. Chet

    BS blade width

    I was going to say the same thing only Mark did a better job explaining. I really don't think, with you saw tuned up, you would notice any difference with the smaller blade.
  15. Welcome to the forums John. I think you will find this to be a good place to hang out. Lots of 120v options out there that are way better then a job site saw, most of them safer too.
  16. I have grand kids (4) but even without them around I have days of doing things in the shop or around the house that make me wonder how I even had time for a 40 hour job.
  17. Don't forget, you have to get what you build out of the basement.
  18. I tell people that my grand kids are my gift from God for not killing my own kids.
  19. Nope, at least not so far.
  20. I have done whole turkeys but never thought of just drums.
  21. I know Kev has, drop him a PM.