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  1. I am sure some of the people here that have them will chime in. I can tell you that to avoid disappointment you probably need to look at companies like Felder and their subsidiary Hammer. There are other companies like Jet and Rikon but I don't think you will find real strong reviews on their models.
  2. Will this project require the family size tub of wood filler???
  3. Maybe the original poster would appreciate you expanding on your thinking about using pdf and particle board for his project, he was looking for help and advise. Maybe some techniques or helpful hints on working with that type of product. So far all you have shared is that the first two people to respond were wrong with know explanation as to why.
  4. Is this a product that is sold by hardware stores mainly to be used a shelving?
  5. I don't think i would use MDF for any of it. I just don't think that MDF will provide long term strength. Plywood would be my choice. Baltic birch sanded to 150, then primed and painted should take the paint pretty well. I think I would use a real short nap roller for the painting process over brushing, I think you will get a better looking surface. Like Mark mentioned you can also us ply with a hardwood veneer. You would want the veneer of a closed gain variety, something like maple as apposed to open grain like oak if you are going to paint it. If you go with a veneer ply you can sti
  6. Well at least, it appears, that the table saw in question has a blade guard on.
  7. Welcome Jon. You will enjoy it here. Looking forward t seeing some of your work.
  8. Ross, The paint I used is a Benjamin Moore product. At first I was going to pore fill all the existing oak cabinets but after talking with the guys at the Benjamin Moore store they thought I might get away with out the pore fill. I did a sample test on one of the old doors following their suggested routine - I washed them with a solution of simple green and water, they recommend not using TSP, rinsed the surface twice just to make sure there wasn't any remaining soap. Then I scuff sanded the surface with 150 grit to dull the surface, primed it, lightly sanding that with 220 then two coats
  9. It is supposed to be real easy on the feet. I have one room on a slab, we have a step down family room that is on a slab.
  10. I just completed a kitchen renovation. It took 51 days and mostly with out surprises but there were a couple of things that added to the adventure. One was some water damage around the sink and dishwasher but I was expecting this as we had some dishwasher problems about three years ago and this required some subfloor replacement. The other was when the counter tops were installed I had to move the plumbing around under the sink to line up with the new drain locations and the way the new garbage disposal installed. This was no big deal, I just don't like plumbing. Just because I am at
  11. I am looking for some ratcheting tie down straps. They aren't for vehicle tie down but I want something with good strength and would prefer a wide strap, 1 1/2" or so. Any opinions on brands you have used?
  12. Part of this depends on how much the torsion box overhangs the base itself, but unless you plan on doing some pretty heavy duty work in the vise like beating on metal parts, you should be okay.
  13. I would reinforce the torsion box top so that the corner you are going to mount the vise on is solid - and I would get bolts for fastening the vise that are long enough to go all the way through the top with nuts and washers.
  14. My loudest tool is my DC which is on with every tool so ear muffs are always on in my shop.
  15. I also have this sander and back up everything Drew mentioned above. The other thing that is a real plus with the Festool sanders is they are easy on the hand during long sanding sessions. I ran mine almost constantly for 4 hours today and could have gone longer if needed. I couldn't have done that with my old Dewalts I had in the past.
  16. If I was feeling the OCD I would paint it white like the walls around it. But in reality I would probably spray a quick coat from a can of something in the shop that was almost empty anyway.
  17. Derek, I am just now looking through this project and as mentioned above by Frank, I really like the different heights of the stretchers and what it does visually to the whole stool design. Well done once again.
  18. Welcome to the forums George. Glad to have you join our group and looking forward to your contributions.
  19. Might have been something that was repaired. Comes of the line and there is something wrong, they fix it but it can no longer be sold as new. I have the same model and really like it. I probably use it as much as my block plane.
  20. Well this has been a heck of a journey to follow. I hope you get years of enjoyment out of your labors. I have a new appreciation of the term "Home Theater". I bet you are looking forward to some woodworking projects that aren't connected to the basement though.
  21. The above jigsaw would probably do it Coop.
  22. I was using it to vacuum up under the kitchen sink during this renovation and I could tell that it tasing filtering the air real well so looked at it and it was pretty dirty.
  23. You will be real happy with that jigsaw. Its a beast, goes through 8/4 stock like most jigsaws go through 4/4.