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  1. The doors are cool, a really different idea. Well done Dave.
  2. Chet

    BS blade width

    I was going to say the same thing only Mark did a better job explaining. I really don't think, with you saw tuned up, you would notice any difference with the smaller blade.
  3. Welcome to the forums John. I think you will find this to be a good place to hang out. Lots of 120v options out there that are way better then a job site saw, most of them safer too.
  4. I have grand kids (4) but even without them around I have days of doing things in the shop or around the house that make me wonder how I even had time for a 40 hour job.
  5. Don't forget, you have to get what you build out of the basement.
  6. I tell people that my grand kids are my gift from God for not killing my own kids.
  7. Nope, at least not so far.
  8. I have done whole turkeys but never thought of just drums.
  9. I know Kev has, drop him a PM.
  10. My technique for storing shellac is to only mix enough shellac flakes for the project. This way there is nothing to store between projects.
  11. I think Ross got it Coop. If I ever need a new Dust collector Harvey would be high on my list. They have a really different design the version I was looking at would fit under a normal size counter, like one side of a miter station.
  12. Me Too. But the riving knife is there. I have a Gripper and us it for certain things, I actually have three different styles of push apparatus depending on the task.
  13. The way that came out in the end shows that the extra time on fit and finish are worth it. Great job.
  14. If you were to go with a chop saw and spend a little money on one they stay in good alignment unless the get banged or bumped pretty hard. I have the Bosch Glide 12 inch and leave it mostly at 90 degrees. I have had it set up for 4 or more years and haven't had to re-adjust anything. Also you get better cuts with it if you stay away form thin kerf blades.
  15. The one I am taking at Austin School of Furniture you watch live but they are also recording it so you can re-watch it for reference while you do your project.
  16. Wow, that's pretty short sighted of her. Did you remind her that you cleaned the pool for her earlier in the summer.
  17. I wish I would have seen that one. I have always been interested in his sanding techniques for that stuff because he always maintains a crisp looking edge even after sanding. Did he cover that? I am taking Matt Kinney's class on box building also from Austin School. It starts on the 23 of August. I know most of his techniques as far as construction through looking at a bunch of his photos but I want to see his whole process top to bottom.
  18. On another note I have gone to almost all square drive screws, much easier to use instead of phillips. I get them from CSH Hardware
  19. It took a pro ten hours, besides the headache what would you have put yourself through if you had tried it yourself. I just bought a new TV and have been fiddling with the color off and on for a few days. I stumbled across a Youtube video of a guy setting the color on the same make and but larger screen. I copied down his numbers and set mine the same way and I am happier then pigs in mud.
  20. So basically you spent parts of three days making one meal?
  21. I am getting a headache just reading along.