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  1. A good idea that actually is already in the making.
  2. Today she started off by adding a small chamfer to the bottom edge of the table top. First some practice with a piece of scrap. Then on to the actual top. Then it was a lot of sanding. She started out using my ETS 150/5 but was a lot more comfortable using the smaller 125. Practiced drilling the holes for the figure 8's. Then getting it done on the actual aprons. She tried doing a chamfer on the bottom of a scrap leg and she was doing fairly well but she said that she kept losing the grip of the plane and her hand was always s
  3. Well she cut a bunch of curves today. First up the legs. She did a curved reverse taper on the two outside faces of the legs. I cleaned up those cuts at the router table with a pattern bit so this makes two machines in the process that she didn't want to use, first the jointer and now the router table. I think she has made some good choices in not doing anything she is not comfortable with. Here she is cutting the curves on the leg. This is the second cut with the waste from the first cut taped back on. It looks like her back hand is in a bad place but I posed most of the pictures wi
  4. Its 1.75 hp. 115 volt. I never even thought of checking Grizzly
  5. I am interested in what brands of remote switches you all use for your dust collectors. I have had a Long Ranger for a number of years that just died and I need to replace. I was happy with it but wanted to hear from you guys.
  6. You might want to check this out also, Marc had some problems with the oak cracking when steam An I think he discusses the solution.
  7. My neighbor Just had his heater and A/C replace including the condenser and every quote he got was with in pennies $9100. Some of this price may be because of our California location.
  8. Starting to look like your version of the Studley Chest. Well done Daniel.
  9. I have always been impressed watching them set the grain in the rasps by hand.
  10. If I was Maggie I think I would hold out for the Ribs and a Margarita
  11. The signature is a cool addition. How did you do that?
  12. I think most of us were lucky in this way. If I had been the smartest of the two we would have been in a lot of financial trouble. Happy Independence Day, you all.
  13. She heard all about it through her faculty advisor who is the same person that told us. She graduated from college in 1999.
  14. Her Mom, my oldest used to hang out with me in the shop with me, although at that time the "shop" wasn't nearly what it is now. We built some nice projects together. I would say that she listened to what I was saying back then because when she was in college part of her major required her to take a shop class were they learned how to make theater sets. We heard through the grape vine from the college that on a couple of occasions our daughter informed the instructor that "there was a safer way to do that".
  15. Well right now the other three grand kids haven't really had the same interest as she has, so right now she stands first in line to take over the shop when I leave this earth for better things.
  16. We started of today by cutting the legs and aprons to final length. First she trued up one end of all the legs using the cross cut sled. Set up a stop block to cut them to final length. Here she was learning how to check the setup of the stop block for correct length before cutting the long aprons to final size. And making the cuts. Next we did all the joinery for the legs and aprons. For this we used Dominos. I forgot to take pictures of this because I was enjoying watching how well she has adapted to using this machine in such a short period
  17. Not a lot to show for the day but she learned how to do some different things. First she ripped the top pieces to width for glue up. Then did some layout for dominos to help with the glue up. Then she practiced using the domino machine on some scraps. Then on to the real thing. Applying glue... ...and into the clamps. After this she practiced cutting curves on the band saw and cleaning them up, first with the spindle sander. and then using a spoke shave. After that and some lunch, we took the top out of th
  18. I am really happy with them. It makes breaking down so much easier, you don't have to figure out how to position work so you have it hanging over the edge for a cut.
  19. See, if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have gone back to see what you were talking about. That is a really gorgeous looking box Dave.
  20. I started a new project/adventure yesterday. Of the four, my 10 year old grand daughter is the grand kid that has always shown the desire to learn woodworking, she is also the youngest. The intelligent questions that come out of her mouth can stun a college professor. So I decided to ask her what she would like to build, you know bird house, napkin holder, those kind of things. Nope, that wasn't going to work, she said with no hesitation I want to build a coffee table for my mom and dad. So that is the project. We spent some time looking at pictures of coffee tables on the internet
  21. I was going to say the same thing about the drawer. At first I thought the friend had changed her mind about the drawer.
  22. Welcome to the forums. You'll like this bunch.
  23. She is probably reading the chapter of Tom Sawyer where they are White Washing the fence.
  24. Yea, pictures like that can short out a keyboard.
  25. Mick, I am so sorry to hear about this. I am always at a loss for words at times like this. I know that you had some great time together and those memories will pull you through the tough times.