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  1. Had a stuck lower blade guide adjustment mechanism that I disassembled to clean and now haveve several pieces lrft over. Any one out there know how this goes back together. Owners man ual not any help. E mail at docwillisusa@gmail.com or at 386 255 3867. Thanks/ My model is 28-280.
  2. I have model 28-280 of this saw. Removed lower blade guide assembly to clean up since it was "gunked: up. I n doing so, I have 4 1/2 by 3/4 metal wedges with 2 coil springs that fell out of assembly. Does any one know how to reinsert these pieces.?Not sure of their functioin but probably ought to reinsert. Owners manual no help. Very little help on line. Hoping someone out there knows what I am talking about. Thanks.
  3. Didn't know it had a podcast. How do I get it on m y android phone?
  4. Will be travelling and am wondering if there are any good woodworking podcasts that yo Thanx.u all could recommend.
  5. Anything BUT woodworking is my understanding of "off topic." Ergo, this qualifies.
  6. Trying to stream air traffic control audios on my android. Anybody do this and, if so, how are u doing it. I am ama ateur radio operator but all radios are down right now. I can do it on them, but would like to do it on my phon Anyt help appreciated..
  7. What is your favorite way of emphasizing the grain pattern in Cherry? T%hnx.
  8. Does anyone out there have/use one? Do they work? What brand/'model do u use? Thanks.
  9. Am thinking about using a headlamp whiule woodowrking since my vision isn't what it used to be. Things like marking, li ning us pencil mark to cut,detail work etc. What do u use if anything? Than ks.
  10. I am reworking my 6 in dust collection system and am in need of 6 inch round spring loaded squeeze clamps and cannot find an y on internet. 4 in, yes, but not 6 in. Anyone have a source? Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have a source for 6 in dust collection hose fittings? All I can find is 4 inch stuff. I need a quick disconnect type fitting so I c an move a six inch hose from tool to tool, Thanks.
  12. Is there a good way to handle dust from a drill press? Anyone ever use a gadget called Drillnado? Any good? I dont know which is harder. Dust collection from band sawor a drill press. Than for an y input.
  13. LOriginal concept was to make cardboard cutouts with different tapers and pick the on e that seemed best. Didn't want to waste time if there was a "formula" for it. Thanks all. Thanks all. My origin
  14. I have a 2 1/2 inch table leg which I am going to taper. Isthere a "formula" as to how much taper to use or is it purely subjective? Table topo is 12 x 46 so can't taper to much. Thanx
  15. Thanx!!! Just what I needed. I owe you.