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  1. +1 for torx - star drive - I'll never go near a square head again.
  2. I know what everyone is thinking here, that one of you guys who already has a shop full of tools is going to win this. Speaking as the guy with not much more than a table saw, a ROS, and a hundred year old union #3, all I have to say is, when that happens remember us little people
  3. this just occurred to me, are the cabinets you're looking at prefabricated or are they still being "custom" made to order? is it possible for you to buy the wood you want and give it to whoever is making these? I realize this is likely not the case and probably drifting into the 'custom and therefore too much $$' range, but ... just thought of it
  4. I have a feeling that you would be 'less than satisfied' with anything that you felt like you had to compromise (quality) for, and that is just because you are who you are. so if you truly do not want to build these, or to pay a craftsman to make high quality custom cabinets, then probably your biggest challenge is just getting over your own high standards and accepting something less than... Perhaps, and you didn't really expound on this too much, the compromise is the riftsawn white oak with no stain, but just a nice oil based finish (which will amber a little). now if that truly clash
  5. I am always impressed by quality dye-work, I just can't get that skill down so I tend to avoid it. I really like the breakfast nook piece, very elegant. nice work all around!
  6. thanks! I used a scraper and sanded to 220, and yeah it was a bit tricky but luckily there was no tearout. love my scraper the top is slightly beveled on all four sides though you can't really tell from the pic, and I used my smooth plane for that. the hardest part was resawing the lid by hand (i don't have a bandsaw) with an old ripsaw, had to spend a fair amount of time flattening it after that.
  7. thx guys I'm pretty happy with it. Definitely a learning experience. I am still working on my finishing skills, it was pretty challenging finishing around the joinery without it pooling up, had to sand it down a couple times, but I finally got it so I was happy with the result.
  8. This isn't my first project, but it is the first one where I used actual joinery. I decided to model this after the Gary Rogowski box on TWW's site with a few modifications, and even though there are things I can do better, I am pretty happy with the results. I like the proud finger joints and am pleased with the lid.
  9. there are also portable or removable vises that could work on a hinged bench like one of these
  10. lumberjocks has picks of one that looks pretty sturdy all things considered, even has a front vise
  11. idk why but I really like the shaker bench design, doesn't have to have cabinets underneath, or the cabinets can stop well below the bench to provide for ample clamping space. it just seems like a great blend of french design and practical needs. I read schwarz's book and I think I get the whole roubo fascination, but IMO the great thing about the roubo is its simplicity - as the vid says, a top, 4 legs, and a bottom shelf. the shaker bench is much the same only with a cabinet underneath. for those of us in limited spaces, seems pretty ideal. awesome vid tho
  12. ok thats a really good reason right there, thanks. i dont mind just practicing on scrap, just thought I'd kill a couple birds ...
  13. I am making some fairly simple shop drawers out of plywood, and I am also practicing hand cut joinery (dovetails, finger joints, etc). would it be silly to cut finger joints or dovetails in my plywood drawers, you know to practice? or would that just not work, due to the unreliable glue surface on the cut ply... I don't really want to use hardwood for these drawers, but I do want to get the practice in. or would it be better to just cut rabbets and be done with it.
  14. oh that ending SUCKED I need to go cut something made of wood about now