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  1. sj2494

    New shop build

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a source for sized lumber needed to span certain areas I thought 2x10 could do 16ft unsupported
  2. sj2494

    New shop build

    Interesting bigger and no second floor
  3. sj2494

    New shop build

    I have most hobby style tools and I make small things like chests Trying to keep the build under 8000 just materials my labor is free
  4. sj2494

    New shop build

    I figured past 16 I would have to get into engineered woods and the second store is a requirement by the boss to release funds the space I have for max foot print is 40x40
  5. sj2494

    New shop build

    I’m having a difficult time deciding on the size shop to build because of the location it will need to be on concrete pries and have a wooden floor should I go 16x24 or something else i have had 12X16?in the past and it was tight only requires is that I don’t want supports in the middle and I will be adding a second story for storage
  6. I have the incra and table and router plate my only thing is the mdf table dose move when it gets realy cold out below 30
  7. Good point I my self swear by Honda power equipment and never even glanced at the warrenty
  8. I guess my biggest concern is if Laguna sells a good product that they beleive in why just 1 year on the warrenty
  9. The people at wood craft are split right down the middle with there suggestions And yes space is an issue
  10. I have a bit of a problem I'm sitting on 600.00 in woodcraft gift cards and want a new bandsaw im looking at the Laguna 14bx 2 1/2 hp or the rikon pro 3 hp 14 inch i like the idea of Laguna guides but bearings were the standard for years laguna has a 1 year warranty rikon is 5 i really want a pm1500 but can't spend that much for something I wouldn't use as often as I would like to maybe 3-4 times a month rikons are 15% off coming up at the end of the month but they can take 10% off Laguna what to do?
  11. has anyone seen one in person i just came across this on youtube yesterday. i want a festool but not the price tag that comes along with it. I have there big router in my router table and it works great. lots of features for the money. i did a quick search and didnt see this topic on the forum any thoughts
  12. why not just put down the florring a golds gym would usepeople drop 200# weight on it i dont see a board being a problem
  13. to be honest i mostly have the wood river stuff and it works great the robert sorbys that my uncle has work a little better but its mostly how you good you sharpen them that will determine how they work. get a nice low speed grinder to sharpen the wet stones are nice but a grinder is much more speedy just make sure you dont sharpen next to a pile of shavings. also start off with real tools not the carbide tipped ones you can you tube exsploding turning i have exsperience with these carbide cutters catching in the wood and its not fun i had my wirl with them and my rockler one hit the bin after
  14. sj2494

    zebra mdf

    just out of curiosity how much would a 4x8 sheet of zebra wood veneered piece of mdf 3/4 inch thick would be they must have used about 80 sheets at work and i couldn't believe the guy installing them when he said 400 a sheet what do you all think
  15. Oh ps youtube user name sagau442 leave a coment if you want to see it doing anything particular