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  1. Thanks Highlander. I was hoping it would work, just wasn’t sure of inside or outside.
  2. I asked a question back in September of 2015 (Woodtalkshow Episode 274), as I was building a blanket chest as a gift for my son’s upcoming wedding in October of that year. Marc, Matt, and Shannon offered many suggestions on how to proceed. After many setbacks, mainly with the lid, I finally finished the chest. The podcast discussed complementary woods to use, among many other joinery and material choices. This is what I finally ended up with. Quartersawn Sapele frame with African Mahogany panels. I made the lid from solid quartersawn Sapele, without breadboard ends or cleats. The bottom is aromatic red cedar. I used Rockler Torsion hinges, and finished with 3 coats of Waterlox. Hope this shows everyone that no matter how many mistakes and setbacks that you encounter, you can still end up with a half decent final product. Even if it takes 2 1/2 years to complete. Jim Gallo
  3. Ha, yea, but it is VERY GOOD wine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Cliff, Don't throw those clamps away. Lifetime guarantee!!! No receipt needed. They will replace them with no questions asked. I just returned 3 last week. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Eric, I left the trim just a little thicker than the panel, so I can flush trim. I am now seriously thinking about using my DowelMax to attach the trim. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the reply highlander. Hero, I do have an 8" slow speed wet grinder, along with diamond and waterstones. However, I'm aware that sharpening turning tools is a whole different animal and takes a different technique tha sharpening plane blades and chisels. I will need to do a lot of reading and watching to learn the correct way to do it so I can acquire the necessary skills. I have read that a roughing gouge might also be needed along with the 3/8" spindle gouge. Is that true. And do you recommend buying a top quality spindle gouge, or just a normal one. What would be a good brand name to look for? Length? HSS? Sorry for the stupid questions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I just purchased a 12" lathe from Harbor Freight. I don't normally buy junk, but this lathe had some good reviews, and I don't plan on doing alot of turning. Maybe some chisel handles, knobs or pulls, small bowls, or if needed furniture parts. I did buy a Ridgid lathe off Craigslist, but after doing some research, it did not have the ability to accept many accessories, so I sold it along with the included turning tools. I did play with it a little, and found that turning might be fun, but dangerous! So now I need your recommendations for a brand of tools that I can search for used, without spending alot of money. Not junk, but not top of the line. Also, I did not buy the flimsy stand that was offered for this lathe. Would I be better off trying to build a stand for this lathe, and if so, would anyone have a design or plan for a solid stand for a lathe? Thanks in advance for any guidance that you might offer. Jim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A few WTO podcast episodes back, I remember Marc commenting that FWW magazine did a review of poly and Minwax beat out all others. I'm really not surprised, as I have been using Minwax poly for years, and have no complaints. I have just purchased some GF ArmR Seal, just because I've read so many good things about it. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet. But, while listening to a FWW STL podcast today, I see that Minwax is the sponsor of their podcast. Could that be the reason Minwax beat out ArmRSeal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This thread is very interesting. I see alot of crazy overpriced items on CL. The ones I'm interested in, I either make an offer, or just pass it by, if the price is way out of line. If it is way out of line, I don't want to waste my time trying to haggle. I also have sold many items on CL. I put a fair semi-inflated price because as everyone knows, most people like to haggle. In the end, I get a fair price for my item, and the buyer gets a fair price on his purchase. On the ads that are just way overpriced, or more than new, I mostly ignore, but I do see people calling them out, right on CL, so any potential buyers will see the scam. I am not sure how I feel about calling people out about it. I myself posted an ad on this forum for an item I bought by mistake, and wanted to recoup my money. The only response I got was a forum member hitting me with the reason why my asking price was too much. He did not make an offer for the item, and I'm pretty sure he had ZERO interest in even wanting it. But he did have the time and ambition to do an intensive search of the item new, and felt I should know that I was trying to scam people on this forum. I lowered my price on CL, but thought it was odd for this guy to call me out, without even making an offer. My peeve on CL is people mis- describing their items. I just shake my head. Wheel Barrel Latter Saw saw And so many more. BTW, there is a thread on the Canadian Woodworking forum talking about the same thing with prices. I think the name if the thread is Crazy Kiijji prices. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I purchased a year subscription in February. I am a somewhat new woodworker and much of their content is above my skill/ability. But what I can grasp has helped me immensely. One thing I will say is when I emailed a question about a project I was working on, I was surprised to receive an immediate response. Chuck Bender answered all of my questions, as we emailed back and forth numerous times. It's like having your own professional woodworker at your beckoned call. He helped me so much. One thing I was disappointed in was that Bob Lang left, but I paid my subscription because all three were involved. I know things happen and people move on, but as I said, I was disappointed. Apparently their views for the future of the venture differed in a short amount of time. But I am very happy with my subscription, but haven't decided yet whether I will subscribe again. We shall see. Jim
  11. Routerbitworld CS I recently purchased a 6" Freud Dial-A-Width Dado Set SD-606 from routerbitworld.com, through Amazon. I was anxious to get the set because my CMT set was creating major blowout on my purpleheart box joints. I have time restrictions on this project and was glad the item was delivered 3 days before the quoted delivery date. I was very upset when I opened the package to find a Freud SD-206 dado set which I think is one of the lower priced, lower quality sets. I figured I would try the set anyway just to see if it would suffice for my project. While it did perform well, it made me realize that I wanted my original choice of a Dial-A-Width Set, eliminating the need of messing with shims. I also realized that it would be nice to have the 8" set instead of 6". I sent an email to routerbitworld explaining their mistake and my situation. Their immediate response was apologizing for the mistake, telling me I could try the SD-206, and if I liked it, that I could keep it and they would refund all my money for the more expensive SD-606, and only charge me $40 for the SD-206, which is half of it's $80 original price. Or I could return it and they would knock $100 off of the SD-606. When I told them I was interested in the 8"SD-608, they told me that wouldn't be a problem, and they would still only charge me the price of the 6" model minus $100 for my trouble. They refunded my money and shipped the 8" SD-608 immediately. I can't wait to receive my new dado set, and I have vowed to now purchase all my blades, bits, etc. from routerbitworld. I just cannot say enough about how much good customer service sways my purchasing decisions. I just thought I would pass on a good experience, among a world of poor customer service from many other companies. Jim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. The guy sold it out from under me. I hate the way some craigslisters do business! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi, I currently own a Delta 28-203 14" bandsaw that I have been having issues with lately. The problems started after I bought a Carter Ratchet-Rod tensioner. The rod (acme threads) slipped off if the saw frame and slid between the frame and the upper wheel housing. The rod was bent and I had a heck of a time getting it out. I ended up having to cut it, but I still have enough length to use it. Then, as I was adjusting a 1/2" blade to the center of the tire, the thumb screw became very tight. I assumed it was because of the 1/2" blade, which I had never used before. A pair of vise grips on the steel thumb screw to adjust just a little more, and you guessed it, the thumb screw snapped off, leaving me no way to adjust the blade. When I bought this saw off of an old timer, he had that saw in pristine condition and tuned like a fine violin. I feel so bad that I have mangled this saw into the condition it now sits. I was just about to call Iturra and order his style of heavy duty tension system, but before I had a chance to call him, I saw this saw on craigslist. Is anyone familiar with this saw, and does this seem like a fair price for it? https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/tls/5223739166.html I will still repair and upgrade my Delta before I either sell it, or just keep it, though I have no room for two bandsaws. Thanks for any guidance that you might offer. Jim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yea highlander. You have a good point. I should be thankful I have a good job, which I am, but "force" is a dirty word. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk