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  1. Lifting gear and slabs to above-garage shop

    This was my first thought too. An adequately sized I beam and electric hoist.
  2. Worried

    How about the ball out of a detent
  3. I'm building a shop!

    Nice looking site
  4. Nice job, also flat panals, don't need dusting like raised panels do (my wife's bugaboo).
  5. Shop wear

    The only place I have found them is Hi-Vis in the UK they are on eBay.
  6. Shop wear

    It was brought up in another thread about aprons and work pants for the shop, not wanting to highjack that thread I started this one. I have these pants that I wear and they work better for me than an apron and will hold all my marking, measuring and dc remote.
  7. My Modern Desk Build

    That turned out pretty good. Shows what can be done with limited tools to work with
  8. Shipping to Australia

    Thanks, If you create an online account with USPS and pay the postage there, it's only $43 for the package I have.
  9. Episode 274

    That's a really good job
  10. Help! 7 coats of poly and still streaks!

    I haven't used a brush to apply finish in a long time. Water based I spray, but I generally use Arm R Seal and wipe it on. I don't know how an oil based poly would work over a water based product.
  11. Help! 7 coats of poly and still streaks!

    You need to sand it back to a matte look then lay down a new coat. I don't know about your product but I have never had good luck brushing water based finish.
  12. Head is Spinning.... A Newbie and I need some help!

    Like KRTwood I have a contractor saw that has served me well for twenty years, would I like a cabinet saw, yup but not enough to buy one. If a lot of cabinet work is in the near term I would take a different approach. I have a Makita track saw and just bought a Festool MFT3 the tracks for both are the same. Coupled with a midi vac. and the dust deputy that is made for it is to me the best method of breaking down plywood for cabinets. I am currently building an armoire and used the mft to trim the bottom of the doors.
  13. Shipping to Australia

    I have a potential project that is 30cm x 15cm x 12cm about 20lbs that would ship to Aus. from MI. The quote I got from a UPS store was $230.00 using USPS I will check the post office directly. What have you used for international shipping
  14. Some vocabulary

    I would try flush back. Flush being even on the back
  15. Resaw King in a Grizzly

    I bought the 132"x1" I really had no idea if it would work on the 17" Grizzly or not. The saw specks said it would but you know how that works. The cut quality is super I had to do very little sanding to remove the saw marks.