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  1. Endless oak

    Nice work Ross
  2. Can this finish be fixed?

    Laura For future reference If I get a sag or drip in my finish I use a chisel to pare off most of the sag. If you try to sand it out without removing the sag first you will sand through the finish beside the sag.
  3. I would go2x. Kids jumping around will put to much stress on fasteners that are into plywood.
  4. Building a small shop this summer

    I was going to give a smart ass answer like the water is in pex not running loose but I won't. Yes I will. I have know idea if you could run wire from other transformers or whatnot I can only tell you what he approved
  5. Building a small shop this summer

    Not according to the electrical inspector here.
  6. Building a small shop this summer

    I ran the wire loose in a 6" PVC pipe so I had room for a water line and anything else I want to add later I did have a permit, I asked the electrical inspector about running wire and water in the same chase. His answer was it is not excluded in the electrical code so it was ok to do it.
  7. Building a small shop this summer

    If you are running the electric from a panel in your house I would bury a six inch pvc pipe as a chase.
  8. Jet Clamp Handle Repair/replacement

    If you have a lathe I'd turn my own and use a roll pin to replace the rivet.
  9. Jewelry box build

    Nice looking material
  10. Shop Storage Shed

    I would definitely go with outswing doors. We use every bit of floor space in the winter when we store the outdoor chairs and tables.
  11. Lifting gear and slabs to above-garage shop

    This was my first thought too. An adequately sized I beam and electric hoist.
  12. Worried

    How about the ball out of a detent
  13. I'm building a shop!

    Nice looking site
  14. Nice job, also flat panals, don't need dusting like raised panels do (my wife's bugaboo).
  15. Shop wear

    The only place I have found them is Hi-Vis in the UK they are on eBay.