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  1. Are you sure the top is not plywood? There is a strip on the left that looks like edge banding, what does the edge look like in the center seam? A solid teak top that size would be pretty pricey
  2. Larry Moore

    Reconditioned Festool

    I can see two issues here that have nothing to do with Festools durability. One is buyers remorse after purchase and those that buy use and return.
  3. Larry Moore

    Question for wdwerker

    Thank you Steve
  4. Larry Moore

    Question for wdwerker

    I'm posting this question here incase anyone else can make use of the answer. Steve you have made mention on how you finish painted projects, I would like to know what filler you use after the first coat of paint. I've got a request for a special cabinet that is painted.
  5. Larry Moore

    Getting into spraying

    I have two systems I use . 1 is the 3m pps conversion system that I pair with the smaller cups and an undersized air compressor for smaller jewelry boxes. 2 is an Apollo 3 stage hvlp system that I use for bigger table tops. The 3m conversion gun is great for clean up because the cups have a throw away liner and the paint is in the nozzle only. The 3m system is probably cheaper to get into than an hvlp turbine.,default,pd.html?ref=bingpla&zmam=31282435&zmas=47&zmac=748&zmap=thmn16580&msclkid=a8fb3975343a1c7d109a62f784357206&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CPO Outlets - PLA - RLSA&utm_term=4581596235134554&utm_content=All Visitors - 30 Days
  6. Larry Moore

    Hanging Kitchen cabinet doors

    The hinges more than likely came with them. Like Tom asked look for the maker and search for a supplier.
  7. Larry Moore

    How many hinges?

    Depending on what ones you want Blum face frame hinges can be less than $5 at Cabinet parts plus
  8. Larry Moore

    small compressor stopped working

    I hesitate to ask but did you check the circuit breaker and outlet to make sure there is power to the plug and it is plugged in?
  9. Larry Moore

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    Ok I do overkill My shop is 22 x 24 I installed 150amp panel with 15 20amp circuits and a 15amp light circuit. Four are 220v the rest are 110. My logic is I can turn any of the 20amps into 220v just with a breaker and plug change.
  10. Larry Moore

    Fay and Egan jointer

    The first picture in your original post shows what looks like an oil cup on the bearing end cap. That would lead me to think Babbitt bearings because they need a lot of oil.
  11. Larry Moore

    Fay and Egan jointer

    Aside from loading unloading, watch out for what Tom said about the cutter having babbit bearings, unless you know or have someone who does know how to fit new ones you could be buying a big boat anchor.
  12. Larry Moore

    Domino DF 500 Connectors

    I've looked at them but have not done anything to justify the cost of the using them.
  13. Larry Moore

    Dovetail jig help!

    I was referring to the corner being square. Check the inside corner if the front and side are not square it will open the joint.
  14. Larry Moore

    Dovetail jig help!

    That's a blind dovetail only one bit for a Leigh jig
  15. Larry Moore

    Dovetail jig help!

    Have you got the box completely assembled? It looks like the corner might not be square.