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  1. Thanks Drew I have been using sand paper 320 grit I'll try the 3M. I do hand sand and try to do a minimum number of swipes. I pretty much have gone to water borne finish so steel wool is out.
  2. Let me be clear right from the start I hate staining. I have avoided staining projects because I have problems sanding through the top coat on the edges. But lately I have been getting more requests to stain. What steps do you guys do to sand the top coat without sanding through it?
  3. Yup for us older people. But it's a once and done deal
  4. Without pictures we're guessing. Did you sand the doors prior to staining? If you did it's possible you sanded thru the veneer.
  5. I did make it so it is close to flush but not all the heads are the same height. I figured if I had to I'd shim under where its over the mft. I do not know if they have dim. I just winged it
  6. I use mine on about all projects. I mounted mine on the end of my mft table like they show in the festool videos and it gets the hoses out of the way
  7. Is the mobile base higher than the pallet? I just walked my table saw and band saw off the pallet onto the base.
  8. At this point if you can spray them I would paint them the color she wants
  9. Wife and I had the first Moderna shot on Thursday. Her arm is sore but she has that problem with a flu shot I have had no problems.
  10. Got my first covid shot, and rehung kitchen cabinet doors and light fixtures for my grand daughter. Time sure flies when you're having fun
  11. I have several festool items but I think two things are game changers and worth the big bucks. One is the domino and the other is the sys-vac. I just bought the sys vac and the accessory kit and I wish I had bought it when it first came out. If you are sanding and or routing multiple pieces that need to be held in place this thing excels. I do a lot of shaker side tables and clamping the parts to sand and put in dominoes is a breeze with this.
  12. My wife and I will get it when it becomes available . We already have covid, and are in quarantine now. We had mild headaches last Sat. and my chronic cough seemed worse, but we didn't think to much about it till my wife lost her sence of smell and taste on Mon. We tested Tue. morning and it came back positive. All told we are fortunate to have not been hit hard by it.
  13. I would not use mdf either it does not hold fasteners well and in most cases has a tendency to Sag when used as shelves without some sort of stiffener plus it is heavier than plywood. I would use a uv prefinished plywood you can paint the outside and the inside would be all done. The face frame I would make from maple.