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  1. Larry Moore


    I hate painting, and refuse payed jobs that require it.. But I did paint the kitchen cabinets and table I built for my wife. AND I still hated painting.
  2. Larry Moore

    Sapele Wood

    4/4 quarter sawn $7.10 flat sawn $6.84
  3. @gee-dub ya it could have been a very bad deal. The clients were very good about the whole thing. If this had not worked I was going to seek help from here for a refinisher in the area.
  4. Here's the fix I used I wrapped the sample boards in bubble wrap and then a heating pad. It duplicated the problem, I tried Maguire's car polish but it did nothing to remove the marks, I then tried Turtle wax scratch repair and renew which took all the marks out. I sent a bottle to the client and thankfully they were able to fix the tables.
  5. I have my sample finish boards wrapped up already going to wait the three days it took to ship and see what I can do
  6. @coop I have a box of it, it does not have an oily feel. What I picked up on the guitar site I read some bubble wraps have silicone in it and that is what does it. I have shipped other things in a product from Home Depot With no problem this was a box from U-Haul
  7. Taking it back to bare wood is not on the program right now, I'm in MI and the tables are in AZ. I have done some research after posting the first post and this is a common problem with bubble wrap. I have shipped several tables and jewelry boxes in it before but this is the first time using this make of wrap Two of the sights one a guitar sight and one a piano sight they used Maguire's car polish and it took them out without ruining the finish. I think I might have them try that
  8. Drew it was polycrylic. Three sprayed on coats I have no idea if the client has the ability or knowledge to do anything. I may have to try and find someone in AZ to fix them
  9. I need some help on how to remove these marks from bubble wrap. The biggest problem I have is the tables are in AZ and I'm in MI and can't even touch them. The finish is a wb poly that had set for two days before I wrapped them in bubble wrap and shipped them to my client. The fix has to be something an armature can do. Or I'm going to have to see if I can find someone in their area I can have do the fix.
  10. Try here
  11. My 71 year old brain doesn't work like it used to, but maybe it will give someone else a start. There is a difference in sandpaper substrates one of them is not recommended for finishing because it contains silicone and that is what this looks like.
  12. It sounds like you have a key that is not in place. Under no load there could be enough friction to turn the rollers but they slip with a load on them
  13. I've used uship also. Both were small time drivers that either wanted a return load or making up a load.