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  1. It sounds like you have a key that is not in place. Under no load there could be enough friction to turn the rollers but they slip with a load on them
  2. I've used uship also. Both were small time drivers that either wanted a return load or making up a load.
  3. I've had the Grizzly 1023 for three years now. I upgraded from a Delta contractor saw and have overall been happy. Some things to consider are, how wide is the throat I have trouble getting my hand in to take off the blade lock nut and my hands are not that big. Do you want and need chip collection? The Grizzly has a shroud around the bottom of the blade. I want to add that I am more than a weekend woodworker .
  4. I had the same problem as treeslayer. The front brush was hanging up.
  5. Check this link is this the product?
  6. My statement was kind of tongue in cheek. I buy 8' stock when it looks good but a lot of the rough lumber where I buy it is 9 to 10'.
  7. Looks good but with only 8'6" ceilings it doesn't work with 9' to 10' stock
  8. How is the frame held together? Plywood will not hold fasteners as well as solid wood
  9. Sitting in a hotel room waiting for the people of Albuquerque to wake up, two hour difference in time zones to someone who gets up at 4 am eastern time sucks.
  10. I use what ever I still on it
  11. I'm sure Blum has 24" but it depends on how you mount them as to size you can use. Mounted directly to the side you can use a longer slide than ones using that bracket in the back.
  12. I retired at 53 and turned 70 last week. I have not been bored to often in that time. The things that you did in 8 hourS seem to grow to 2 days. I will admit we full timed in a 5th wheel trailer for 10 of those years, but bottom line you can fill your days relatively easy.
  13. The yard I buy from would and has taken lumber back when I opened it up and it had imperfections
  14. Larry Moore

    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas to a great group.
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    If the piece is wide enough to set the router on or use the router table with a slot cutter that has a ball bearing guide
  16. How many rows of cutters on the head? What is the spacing between the ripples?
  17. I see nothing wrong with using ply for the back. The drawers I would use maple or maybe poplar.
  18. Looks like another interesting build. I also like your new logo
  19. Are you sure the top is not plywood? There is a strip on the left that looks like edge banding, what does the edge look like in the center seam? A solid teak top that size would be pretty pricey
  20. That makes for a real profitable day.
  21. I can see two issues here that have nothing to do with Festools durability. One is buyers remorse after purchase and those that buy use and return.
  22. @Brendon_t no journal. That's the only picture I took before I shipped it.