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  1. I have a Bak Flip on my F-150 and really like it...no water leaks...nice and solid while closed...rolls (via a few folds) up when I need the bed open. That's about all I can ask. Fully olded it has cips/rings to secure it flat with bungies so you can still see out the back...or if you need those last few inches in the bed, it has these little arms that can hold it up against the back glass too so you can use the bed almost to the max without removing it. To be honest I've never removed it and don't even know how to as I've never had the need.
  2. That provides even more clarity to our thread on the other site...
  3. True NY has some good water too. I think Chicago and Milwaukee both have the obvious advantage of the giant lake nearby. It's easy to say "dude that lake is nasty" but they take it from 2+ miles out in the lake...and when you compare it to the options in other areas, the lake sounds pretty good. I mean where in the heck is St. Louis getting water....both of those rivers make our lake look like an oasis...
  4. I can't believe no one from Milwaukee area is here bragging about their water... Sure they're adding fluoride and stuff like most populated areas, but a huge portion of their filtration is done with ozone gas and their water is amazing. We actually have really good water in the city in Chicago as well (IMHO), but their water up there is amazing...like their tap water comes close to reminding me of the freshwater springs on the rivers in the Ozarks where I grew up.
  5. You have to be super careful about what species you use in that scenario...any amount of walnut use will render that entire bin completely unacceptable for use with horses.
  6. Vyrolan


    This is the most impressive part...you actually found an employee? One that actually knew what planet they were on, actually wanted to help you, and actually had the authority to do so? I hope you bought a Powerball on the way home...
  7. I think it's excessively unlikely he'd ask for 10% or anything like that... I imagine his responses would only be along the lines of "please don't do that" (knowing that he can't really stop you without a not-worth-it amount of effort) or "that's fine but please give me credit for the design". To be honest, he probably sells the plans exactly because he doesn't sell many of the item itself. If he was able to batch those puppies out and sell them like hotcakes, the plan would NOT be for sale guaranteed.
  8. Vyrolan


    I believe it easily...and it's the same 20 in the same spots every day LOL.
  9. Cut out the rough shape in some ply...screw a board on for a handle...go through the motions at your big green egg to see how it feels. Screw handle on through a wedge or stack of shims to simulate angle....go through motions. Find what feels right and run with it.
  10. Vyrolan


    Oh to be so lucky... My walk from the downtown train station to my office (and back at the end of the day) is literally 3.5 blocks (0.3 miles according to Google Maps). Every single day both directions I will pass 2+ standing/sitting begging for money with signs or constant whining/crying sounds...and at least one other will try to start talking to you or even step in front of you to force you to acknowledge them. Every. Single. Day. Both. Directions.
  11. QFT. Also if you plan on making 3 of them, you might try pre-selling one for a bit cheaper...someone can pick one up for say 1200 if they don't mind waiting (esp if they pay at least partially up front to help you get materials) and then you can sell the other 2 for 1800 complete. (Adjust numbers to whatever you think appropriate...I chose 1200 and 1800 somewhat arbitrarily based on a rough average of comments in the thread.)
  12. Vyrolan


    HUZZAH! I finished going through all 50 pages I missed from "General Woodworking Talk"... As an aside, we discuss a bunch of nonsense...and the same things over and over...
  13. Vyrolan


    So what else do you like?
  14. Yes, they are... This kind of thing infuriates me with companies like Dewalt... They make a lot of good tools, so I don't know why they risk their rep with putting out a lot of these cheaper versions for sale in the BORG stores. Their standard 20V tools all have good versions, better versions (assuming you accept brushless is better), and then a cheapo version that comes in the multi-tool kits at the BORGs. They all have super similar item numbers and often fairly close costs, but the cheapos have lower quality parts or other just oddities. For these, the 782 is the lesser version that they sell in the BORGs and often the "special buy" like you got. The actual successor to the great 718 is the 780... The 780 and 782 seem almost identical, but I've read lots of problems with 782 and mostly good reviews of the 780 (although not to the level of the 718 which was a classic winner kind of like the Dewalt planers and scroll saw). The 782 is clearly a cost-cutting cheaper version based on the price and where/how it's sold...and it shows.
  15. Great response Charley! Thanks for sharing your experience/perspective with us.