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  1. CWG in Enfield and Parkerville in Manchester. Both are about 40-60 minutes from me.
  2. Lol. The walnut I can get around me goes for $9-14/ bf and cherry goes for $6-10/bf . So I guess it's all relative. Half the time bell forest is cheaper even with shipping it back to CT.
  3. Daniel: That would work but I'm still using the old one and was just trying to move the template to my new macbook pro. So limited HD space and not wanting to fill it up but thanks for the responds. Bob: Thanks for the advise. Emailing a new drawing worked perfectly. Maybe if I had a couple more cups of coffee before I posted, I might have thought of that. lol
  4. Hey Eric, I have a Tormek T-7. My wife give it to me for christmas. The T-4 runs around $400 or so. It works well and I haven't had a problem with it. I used it for a while for my chisels and planes about went back to my water stones for them. I still use it for other items around the house though. I like it to sharpen my kitchen knives. What used to be take me an hour to sharpen now takes about 20-30 minutes to do. When I was at a woodworking show earlier this year, they were doing a demo with it. I heard a lot of turners saying they love it for their tool but as I'm not a turner I
  5. So I don't know if you're able to do this but was hoping someone here might know how to export a template. I have a template all set up the way I like on one computer and just bought a new one. I will be using both to work on sketchup but would like the same template. I'm using Macs not that that just make a difference but just in case.
  6. That's what happens when they give every diy/HGTV show a full set. They pass the cost on to us.
  7. I'm a leftie and the only "left handed" tool I own is my plow plane. If you need or want videos to show him, Shannon Rogers over at The Hand Tool School and Renaissance woodworker is left handed too. Oh yeah, thanks Eric I forgot my rasps are left handed too.
  8. Benchcrafted is ran by two brothers in their back yard. They're a very small company with a huge reputation. So any time big guys in woodworking say their name I think they get slammed with orders and get behind.
  9. If I had to do it again, I would not have the split at all. Now for me I am a hand tool user. The split top traps the shavings with the gap stop and covers the shelf. So at the end of each I have spend time picking shavings out of the gap stop. I have yet to use it for clamping but I'm guessing that more to do with the fact I have another table I use for glue ups and dry fittings.
  10. When I ordered the wood for my bench from them, they told me to let it sit for at least 3 weeks or more. It sat for more like 6 weeks. They were great to work with and I had more then enough wood to build themail bench.
  11. My one regret is not knowing what style of woodworking would work for me. I bought a bunch of power tool and turns out the noise just got on my nerves after while, I switched to hand tool and love the quiet. But that's me.
  12. I have a Samsung smart TV and watch the guild content though their Web browser. Works just fine but not sure if I really want to see that much of Marc. Lol
  13. Yes I did. I had to loosen the screws a little on the back collar and if fixed it for me.
  14. It's like Vinny said "it's all relative". A lot of people spend that on vacation and only of some pictures to show for it. If spending a week in a shop busting your balls is relaxing then it's worth every penny. With that said and living in CT, there is nothing else to do around that school for sure. But that doesn't matter because by the time he is done for the day all he is going to want is his bed. lol
  15. http://blog.lostartpress.com/2015/01/09/where-im-teaching-in-2015/ That's where he will be teaching this year. He has a lot in the south.