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  1. Does a nice job. Two remotes is handy. I keep one hanging on a shelf and the other on my table saw fence.
  2. Small things. One to sell, one to gift. I think that’s mahogany. Might be a walnut. Not sure. One of my estate sale pickups. Tung oil makes it rich. (Apologies for the phone rotation.)
  3. Seems my 50+ year old Craftsman floor standing drill press has a depth lock. Couple that with a geared bed like the one attached and I have a mill for cutting out clean shallow places. The caveat is to bolt things down very snugly. (Mine isn’t yet good enough.) Just add end mill.
  4. At an estate sale. A box full of different ones. Sold an old Hurst aluminum grip right away. Have these,an older MG , and a few others left.
  5. I am making a gift with a couple of these. Already soaked them in Murphy’s and got a lot of grime out. But they are worn. Wondering if anyone has done this before. Recommendations?
  6. I've a Ryobi D41 laying around, not being used. 5A. VSR, with case. $10 + shipping. Corded, of course.
  7. Once in a while I see some woodworking that catches my eye. In a local Salvation Army there's a Telefunken console accompanied by two cabinet pieces. They're all quite continental in styling though the console is a bit browner than the cabinets (assuring me that they didn't come as a set). The cabinet veneer is matched nicely. All in all, some pretty stuff that I can't quite afford either in $$ or space. It's just nice to look at.
  8. Thanks. Doing well. It's the length of rotator cuff surgery that's the issue. I'm 3 months out but still can only lift about 2 lbs with the left arm. Ug.
  9. Never looked at a Triton before. Interesting that both it and Bosch have a built-in lift for table mounting.
  10. Now comparing .... 1. Bosch MRF23EVS (or MRP -- the plunge version) vs 2. Makita RD1101 vs 3. Milwaukee 5616-20 vs 4. Dewalt DW618B3. Currently rating them : 1,3,4,2. But it's going to be fun.
  11. As my left arm strength returns I'm looking for a router (2+HP, 1/2" collet) that has the power button on the grip. And, the older I get the practical it sounds. But it seems like few have that feature. DW625, for example. Plunge or fixed, that doesn't matter. Any recommendations?
  12. Ok, so I'm keeping my primary equipment. But still some good stuff to sell. More than is pictured. If you're near Westerville or would simply like to meet, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.
  13. Every so often I come across a piece of equipment that's to me new. It's not that it's unexpected since my hobby-grade items would certainly have a commercial big brother out there somewhere. (Yes, I am still enamored by the gizmos.) I just don't come across the commercial units very often. And of course there's probably more than one maker and style of each, like everything else. But I though this was pretty nifty. Still very mechanical and manual. This is listed locally on CL.
  14. Check out the bit in the fifth picture vs the description!