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  1. These will be floor-standing, to the ceiling, with a crown connecting the set. The crown will be removable should we at some time move. Also important is a check I'll do to not how co-planar the floor and ceiling are. They won't be off by much, but there's always a little to adjust for. Shims ought to do, but just in case ...
  2. My winter project will be to build new bookcases. Five of them. I'm torn between a quality plywood solution vs a hardwood/panel style. I really like the wood concept. I will take longer but would be a potential heirloom piece. Any design/structural considerations I should be aware of if doing it with hardwood?
  3. My cut-offs are sometimes firewood and sometimes saved as sacrifical pieces. I was able to sell (cheaply) a bunch of cherry strips to a local lady who made smaller craft items. It was just what she needed. Sawdust --- if it's not plywood dust (with its glues and such) then I will put it in the compost. Otherwise, bag it for the trash man.
  4. I wonder if it comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  5. The other day a neighbor disposed of some wood strips tacked together to cloth strips. Brand new still wrapped in plastic. I thought ... Good for firewood and a step into the popup. So I grabbed it and had my way with it. Later I looked it up and probably could have sold them for good money. Just when you think you got one bargain you end up missing something else.
  6. If you're in west-central Ohio or in driving distance this looks like a good deal. Not mine. Just FYI.
  7. I picked up a new-to-me router table and am wanting to attach my FT2000E to it. Wondering if anyone has a retired RZ100 that I might purchase?
  8. collinb

    Bolt info

    We have Roush Hardware, a local chain that has excellent service and selection. If they don't have it then it's off to Fastenal.
  9. collinb

    Bolt info

    I should be so .... practical. :-) We've a good local hardware store that does these things well. Tx.
  10. collinb

    Bolt info

    Earlier this Spring I also picked up (to keep) an old Stanley 60 1/2. Makes a nice slightly narrower companion to the Record 060 1/2. But it is missing the top screw. What thread are these? Some of Stanley's stuff is odd and looking it up takes you through a collector's maze rather than a user's reference.
  11. collinb

    Honing chisels

    Had I looked closer, research shows it to be a JNIJ. A Dutch-made tool. I may not get anytime with them again for a couple weeks. But I'll follow up late July.
  12. At the estate sale where I got the 39 I also got an older Buck chisel. This afternoon I sharpened up all my planes to shaving sharpness. But when I applied the same technique to the chisel but they would not get so sharp. They are sharp bit not what Rob Cossman shows in his videos. My Marples sharpen up nicely. The Buck is good. But I have this old JNU that is really difficult to how to a sharp edge. I used the same technique for both which is probably my mistake. How do you hone your chisels?
  13. Inhave a Record 060 1/2 so don't need these taking up space. $35 gets them all with free US shipping. Please use PM instead of post replies. Tx.
  14. Picked up a Stanley 39 7/8" at an estate sale today. But I can't find a home for it! I guess that means this Summer I finally build a hand plane chest.