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  1. collinb


    One thing that helped was using Rob Cossman's saw blade thickness offset method.
  2. collinb


    Poplar. Same problem. I spent 20 minutes sharpening the chisels beforehand.
  3. collinb


    A hack is generally someone who attempts a project with undeveloped skills. In computer work it used to be those who did things on their own. The "fancy myself a EE" who soldered things in the garage. (The new sense of the term with respect to invading another's computer seems contrary to all other uses.) When it comes to a first hand-cut dovetail ... at least I can say that they fit. Somewhat. Sort of. It could have been worse. My chisels are sharp. Picked up some Marples (used) last year. Definitely worth buying over cheap chisels. But I probably need a better saw. Got one of those Japanese pull type saws. It's ok but seems not a good fit for my arm motions. (Ergonomics is everything, of course. The tool serves us. We don't serve the tool.) But I have firewood. And that's always a good thing.
  4. collinb

    I love this book

    Haven't read a lot of woodworking books and have not read The Anarchist.
  5. collinb

    I love this book

    It challenges the woodworker to excellence and it does so 1.Without being condescending 2.Without guilt 3. With simple tool recommendations 4. With practical projects that are elegant rather than crafty-looking
  6. collinb

    Gas Engine Table Saw

  7. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

  8. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    "Hardwire the reactor core to overload."
  9. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    I was hoping that it was seen as bait. My mistake.
  10. collinb

    Lathe tool question

    Is it best to start with (a) an inexpensive full set of tools or (b) two or three nicer carbide tools and grow the set over time? ** If not (a), why? Convenience only? Or is there a qualitative usage difference? If (b) what are the basic tools one starts with?
  11. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    Funny ... nobody has guessed the movie.
  12. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    Planning on it. The plank will be its base so that I can flip it up vertically on a hinge. When lowered it will be clamped to benches. A custom solution under it and a workmate on the other end. Plus a couple clamps. Lock the wheels and go.
  13. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    I measured. It is. Seems that 7/8" was a common spec a few decades ago. Yes, it will be mounted on a plank.
  14. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    That's what I'm afraid of. It's exactly why I've avoided getting one. ** In a garage shop storage is critical. I'm going to have to come up with a way to flip it vertical for rolling storage.
  15. collinb

    Lieutenant Lathe

    There are several on eBay.