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  1. Like this. And only like this.
  2. Junk like pine, odd-shaped, unusable scrap, these are campfire wood. The rest goes in a rack for later use. Like anything else good, I might need it in 10 years.
  3. He probably would prefer to. I would like an 8x10 wood field. But I have enough cherry at home to build one. Maybe for lenses … hmmm …
  4. Customer is happy with the product but also sad about pricing (affect of inflation) though he understands. Gives him 50% more storage per cabinet and 3” additional height.
  5. I used these 3/4" that are screw-mount ready.
  6. A couple years ago I made this open entry closet. But that tall door is moving. (I know, it’s the even-layer count issue.) Today’s compensation is to use a rare earth magnet to hold the door closed. It stands just a little proud of the door surface as it contacts a screw in the frame. I may put a piece of edge banding over the screw head … but maybe not.
  7. 20 years ago the fans were larger and could tolerate larger chips and more dust. Today's smaller fans would, I suspect, get blocked up more easily. Also 20 years ago systems were more concerned about hard drive heat. If you've not upgraded to a SSD, do so. It will cut the heat generated inside the laptop and make for less stress on the laptop or desktop computer cooling system. Plus, a good one is more reliable than a mechanical drive.
  8. It runs for a few seconds then slows down. Oscillation works just fine. The motor is not available. Even if it were that would be the price of a good used unit. I've decided to pick up a good used one tomorrow afternoon.
  9. My Delta BOSS spindle sander was acquired used. Last time I powered it up it ran slow. Oscillation was good but the speed, not so much. Is it much trouble to tear into a motor like that (I've fixed a lot of things but have not opened a motor before) or is one better off ditching it? Press-fit bearings would be pain to deal with.
  10. Cherry is by nature quite brittle. I considered cutting the offended part flat and adding a bevel into the main part of the leg and filling with a block accordingly. Epoxying it in rather than gluing. But I really didn't want to try to match the finish. It's like a walnut stain on cherry. I'd probably use a sander to match the contours instead of a router. Aligning the dowels wouldn't be too difficult.
  11. We called it Time of death: 04/14/2022 at 6:00. Now to shop around for a matching chair. They're out there but a slow find.
  12. More pics the split and the surviving large piece
  13. We picked up some Pennsylvania House cherry chairs. Wife likes them. But one broke with a mistaken move. I can’t find the same chair nearby so I am tasked with fixing it if possible. My thought is to notch the leg and glue in a block. Reinforced with small dowels or something. 1. How might you do it? 2. Is it worth the effort?
  14. I used a file to flatten the weld spot as much as I could but there are still sparks. Definitely a good reason for dust collection.