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  1. collinb

    Drill Press vintage question

    Thanks, guys. There's one at a local auction tomorrow afternoon/evening that I'm going to check out.
  2. collinb

    Drill Press vintage question

    I'm trying to find the vintage/model series of this drill press. Anyone have a research starting point? Google isn't always enough.
  3. collinb

    Oneida Dust Deputy Repair

    Home Depot carries it. About $4, iirc.
  4. collinb

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I just watched her coffee table with storage video. She seems really imprecise in her work.
  5. collinb

    Oneida Dust Deputy Repair

    I tipped my bucket over and knocked off the top cap. Broke the seal. When I emailed about repair they informed me of which adhesive to use to repair it. They didn't move me to buy a new one. Nice company. I like that.
  6. collinb

    Dust 1.1

    Fair enough. I'll be in the area next Fall. 45 (Wow) year reunion.
  7. collinb

    Dust 1.1

    Eastern Iown, huh. I'm from SW Wisconsin. Bloomington.
  8. collinb

    Dust 1.1

    To this point in my development the Dust Deputy is adequate. Adequate, at least, with respect to matching my equipment and the ability to extract material. What it lacks is collection volume. I'm thinking of taking off the top of a bucket, raising it up, and hanging a bag. Like a big units, but better matched for my smaller equipment. The reason for this is planing. The DW735 puts out so much fluff that it fills a 5-gallon rather quickly. Too quick for my tastes. I'd like to get to 10 or more gallons capacity. Anyone here seen this done? (Also, my compost bin is running out of space. I'm going to have to actually dispose my sawdust for the next year. Alas.)
  9. collinb

    Bandsaw blade choices

    I got the Resaw King and I am sorry that I wasted any time/money on anything less. Even for the hobbyist (including the Timber Wolf) the steel blades will wear out fast enough that doesn't take a long time to cover the carbide cost. The only reason to not get one is if funds don't allow. (That happens to many of us, periodically.) But when funds do allow it's definitely worth the price.
  10. collinb

    Minwax Wipe-on Poly on cherry

    I was shopping around for more of it today. It's $20+ online. Menard's was cheaper. And even then every store may not have the same price. It was about $12 at my closest store. A significant savings. Already ordered & picking up after work. So when you're looking for supplies, check Menard's
  11. collinb

    Thrust bearing

    Not really. I anticipate repair on used equipment and also anticipate a commensurate price.
  12. collinb

    Thrust bearing

    Last year, used. Not well-cared-for. Tires will be replaced shortly.
  13. collinb

    Thrust bearing

    Have to replace the lower thrust bearing on my bandsaw. It jammed. Probably dust inside. The original was a GBK 6200Z. 10mm ID, 30mm OD, 9mm W. After some shopping crossover searching I've found the better Fafnir 200KDD for a reasonable price. (The 200KD has a dust shield on only one side.) There are some really, really cheap thrust bearings on eBay. One sells for $1.14, ships from Hong Kong, and shipping is free. (Want to know where your tax $$ are going?) Anyway, my day job is in automotive stuff. Though I'm no expert in the hardware it is clear that better parts are almost always worth the price difference. Never had a problem with Timkin, Fafnir, or other big players in bearings.
  14. collinb

    Bandsaw blade choices

    Wore out an Olson (3 tpi) on the first store rolling shelf. Don't want to have to buy a blade per project. Hard to justify resharpening a cheap blade. Can this be used for wood? Specs look like it can handle the speed. Anyone here using Lenox blades?