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  1. Got a call from the camera store that I built the lens case for (two years ago). He wants 3 more.
  2. Guts looks like a kit. A USB upgrade is definitely in order.
  3. I pick this up today for $90. Would like to find the brand and other information but there are no markings on it. Is anyone here familiar with it? worst-case, I could swap the electronics and put a more modern circuit board inside. Still, seems like a pretty good deal as it is very well-constructed. Also got some other very useful items. Facebook shopping seems to be better than Craigslist these days.
  4. I also have the 10393006 set that I'd acquired from an estate sale, but one drill broke this Fall. Fortunately Fuller sells individual drills. Their website is ugly but their product is nice.
  5. Actually about a month ago. But who's counting. There's only one bad thing about the set: You have to remove the collar off the bit before closing. All that and a simple failure to create the appropriate divots.
  6. The just tapped in snug. The 1/2 were looser but tight enough, probably due to drill tolerances. (I have found noticable differences between forstner bits.)
  7. Probably the only thing left to do is to get a label maker and put marks on the board to identify some of the bits by for example angle and width as in dovetail, and a few others by their features as a number do not have this info stamped on the shaft.
  8. I spaced them so that they could be separated if large, on both sides.
  9. 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 for the half inch 1 3/8 x 1 for the quarter inch
  10. They're cheap, too.
  11. When I built my router table this was one of my goals. I'm going to add handles to the tray of bits to make it removable. I found the little plastic inserts At
  12. collinb

    DW735 refurb

    When I crank it up or down, about every two turns of the crank it binds up and then continues. I suspect there's some sort of contamination inside. Could be something else. But whatever it is, it needs to be disassembled. Are there any refurb or diassembly guides out there?
  13. It's the popular Rockwell/Porter-Cable jig. I retreated to resetting
  14. So ... this week I'm installing French doors for the wife. I've mortised my doors and 1 of the two jambs. But doing the second jamb I'm having a problem with the jig. I can't mirror-image the hinge position. I can't find a way for it to sit flat for the orientation I need. is the easiest solution to reset the jig for the new positions , or is there a simple way to reorient it that *I'm just too dense to see*. (In the pic is my error jamb. :-( )