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  1. I have to be. The garage shop necessitates it on account of space.
  2. Five years ago I picked up a bunch of trays at a woodworker's estate sale. It was a cheap and useful way to organize things. But stacking them became inconvenient. Now they are becoming drawers. About half done now. But so much better.
  3. At least you find your errors humorous. That's good. I make trees weep.
  4. Estate sales, man, estate sales.
  5. Though I'm not on self-quarantine Things have slowed down enough that I"m going to take the time to do some badly-needed shop upgrades. And cleaning. Lots of cleaning.
  6. Those are in another box. I don't have many and I got them "just in case" since I've never done any carving.
  7. I think I have enough.
  8. collinb

    who made this?

    Tx. I am retiring it. Picked up a Stanley two-tone for reasonable. Not a great plane but better than this.
  9. Can't find anything but Made in USA
  10. That's cool. Like a window.
  11. collinb

    new remote

    Electronics are cheap any more. The original cheap one I got has dropped from $18 to $12. This is definitely a step up from that one.
  12. collinb

    new remote

    I usually leave mine on my table saw fence. One place, easy to find and return. Since this came with two I'm thinking one might go on the planer and the one on the fence may get a magnet glued to the back just to prevent accidents.
  13. collinb

    new remote

    The title says it all -- 30A is plenty for small & medium dust collectors. And it has a wide voltage range for US or Euro voltages.
  14. collinb

    new remote

    There is a transparent plastic yellow cover over them. I used forked spade lugs on the wire ends for a reliable connection. I am considering a plastic box for the unit as I really don't like dust on electronics. I didn't begin with a box because I wasn't certain about its size. A transparent thermostat cover might be just the thing.
  15. collinb

    new remote

    Picked up one of these. Seems well-constructed and should outlast the cheaper unit I used before. Cut a 14awg cord and inserted this in-line. A simple install. Strain relief is necessary for both reliability and safety.
  16. No, but a soft wood presses in and fills easily. Plus, a little curve isn't a bad thing. Just round the spline edges with a swipe against the sandpaper and all is well.
  17. Entry way bench and matching cubby for above it. Some walnut from an estate sale. Took a shortcut with the bench and just did pocket hole assembly. I did some hand work smoothing the top and edges with the 62 & 060 1/2.
  18. I get what you're saying. Perhaps I've turned into the woodworking equivalent of what photographers call a "pixel peeper," one who looks at and may be critical of what are otherwise insignificant matters
  19. Here's the dresser. I haven't looked for any date stamp.
  20. Yes, I bought it instead of buying it. Went to an estate sale and got a cherry bedroom suit by Kincaid. (Made her happy.) And ... of course I looked at the construction. When it comes to the bones, I'm there. (That felt good.) Maybe even a little better. And I suspect most here are, too. Their dovetails were messy. Not cleaned up, sanded and smooth. Just glued together with chips hanging off. Where I would lack would be in finishing/appearance. That's going to have to be my next learning experience.
  21. This model never had a gear mechanism. From what I can gather, many did not have one. What is standard today was apparently an option or high-end feature in earlier years. Probably best abandoned in favor of upgrading later, if necessary.
  22. My floor-standing drill press has a few years on it. Works fine. Just lacking one thing: A gear to raise/lower the table. This one just clamps in place. (Maybe that's why it sold for just $50 at an estate sale.) Has anyone ever updated a drill press in this manner?