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    All kinds of wood work interests me, even though I am a beginner. I have a lot of interest in learning and expanding my abilities and discovering my talents.
  1. Thank you and I will test one with this.
  2. Thank you. I will try this with one as a test. I like them to be absorbent also, but the problem with the ones I tested is the water will soak all the way through in a matter of a couple or three hours to the bottom side, which could damage a table surface.
  3. End grain rounds. The grain has created a nice circular pattern from the center working out.
  4. Thank you. I will try this on one as a test.
  5. I had a branch on a Pine tree in my back yard I had to cut off after a storm earlier this year, and I cut the branch into manageable pieces & stored in my shop to dry out figuring I could make something with it later. it's later, and I have cut a section of the branch into 3" x 1/2" beverage coasters to give as gifts this Christmas. Once I sand them down to a smooth surface, I am not sure what kind of a finish would be best not only to protect them, but also taking into consideration how some glasses will sweat on them. I want to give gifts that folks will actually use for years, not once or twice & then discard because of a watery mess or problem. Any suggestions?