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  1. Who is going? I should be there on Saturday the 20th.
  2. Been awhile since I posted about this one. This project got put on hold but is back now. Countertop is finished. I am working on the wall pieces now. Excuse the mess in the picture background!
  3. What is this on my chisels? Is that wear or oil from the wood? Do I have to clean it off before I oil and put away? Thanks!
  4. I don't use hand tools all that much and am having the feeling that the next time I go to use them I picture them being rusty.
  5. I bought a set of chisels to do 3 Butterfly/Dutchman pins on a natural edge counter. Before putting them back into their leather holder/pouch do I need to clean and/or oil them? Thanks...
  6. I added a cyclone to my HF collector. Don't even need a filter now. I shoot my air outside the house.
  7. What color is the dress? Had to do it...
  8. I wonder who won the saw they were giving away Sunday afternoon. Obviously it wasn't a NASCAR fan...
  9. I am looking to buy a bushing set to use straight bits to follow templates with my new Dewalt DWP 611. After searching on the internet I am confused with the choices. If you own this router, what are you using? Thanks...
  10. What are you using for the finish?