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  1. Awesome! Sounds like a plan. Thanks
  2. Awesome, I think I'll give that mixture a try. That would allow me to apply it in one fell swoop rather than a sequence too.
  3. Yeah, that's what I have heard. I am assuming that finishing this is going to take quite awhile as I will need a substantial amount of time to let each coat of linseed oil dry before moving onto the polyurethane. Any advice on when it's safe to assume that it's dry enough?
  4. So if I were to go with a few coats of linseed oil followed by the stuff linked above it should pop out the grain nicely and blend well with the spots that have been epoxied, correct?
  5. Thanks for the responses! I'm working out of a 7th floor apartment, which can make spraying difficult as it has stunk up my whole living space. I'm hoping that straight application will lessen that. And I'm actually not terribly concerned about preserving the red tints in the piece, moreso want to accentuate the grain as much as possible to highlight.
  6. I picked up a piece of live edge red cedar and am making a desk out of it. It had some spots where bark was visible in the top which I really liked and to preserve those I filled them with epoxy, my plan being to sand it to level before finishing. The epoxy filled those areas in nicely and is drying right now, and I'm trying to decide the best way to finish it as soon as that's ready to be sanded. I'm hoping to accentuate the grain as much as possible because it has all sorts of cool texture in it, but I'm inclined not to stain it because I think that wouldn't work well with a live edge piece. I'm also unsure of the best approach for this for a cedar piece as this is my first time working with cedar. Right now I'm leaning towards a few coats of linseed oil to accentuate the grain and the knots followed by a couple rounds of polyurethane to toughen it up a bit since it will be used as a writing surface. Any input would be welcome.