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  1. You're absolutely correct Walmart today is not what it's founder envisioned. And i have seen those same faces. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. According to the very truthful internet, the Netherlands will be gas, diesel and internal combustion engine free by 2020. All the major cities already have plug in stations at parking meters. I like that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If you are set to use MDF, don't think that painting will stop moisture penetration. I have seen commercially lacquered doors made of wood swell from moisture. If there is any chance these doors will get wet use MR MDF. Seal the edges with joint compound and Zinsser's Cover Stain primer. It will give a glass smooth finish when sanded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I've successfully used MDF with 3/4" solid wood edging, covered with maple veneer. The panels are stable and stay flat as long as you treat both sides the same way. That includes finishing, also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk As far as doors under sinks swelling from moisture, I've had that happen with solid wood doors also. If your concerned about moisture use moisture resistant MDF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I need to down size from a rented shop of 1,000sf to a one car garage. I have a Powermatic66, Bosch 4100, a vintage Shopsmith and a track saw. My gut says loose the Powermatic66. What say you?
  6. Great table, sugar pine is simply beautiful to work with and see
  7. Okay all you wood-shavers out there. The electrician has connected my compressor, it has been broken in and except for two connections I improperly connected, a bad drain valve on my filter, I now have compressed air all over the shop. All for under $400.00. I think it's great.
  8. I'll let you know how it works, when the electrician installs the compressor wiring. I do all kinds of wood, but no volts,amp or watts.
  9. You can also try using a iron without steam to add a little heat to flatten out small bubbles (just don't tell the Ms. where you got the iron). I have used this procedure with good results. The bubbles can be slit with a razor knife, to allow excess air and glue to escape as you apply the heat. The surface should get hot but not burn you. I use a medium setting, but you can experiment with how much heat.
  10. I currently use 4" HD type metal duct on two independent 1 1/2"hp Jet and Delta dust collectors. I recently started using both of the dual 4" inlets on the Jet unit and have seen an increase in dust/chip collect capacity. Using only one 4" inlet was starving the collector. I plan on increasing the main run from 4" to 6", with 5" drops to my equipment. I also plan on upgrading the top bag on these collectors with a pleated drum from Wynn Environmental. They also have great links for duct design. You can also look at the Oneida for tips on duct design and sizing. http://www.wynnenv.com/cartri
  11. I use Freud and Amana blades on a cabinet saw. I recently had my two Amana blades (both the same model) sharpened one by Forrest and one by my local vendor. The Forrest sharpened blades came back sharper and the teeth looked almost polished. Although the price was higher the cost for straightening and replacing a damaged tooth was less expensive. I'll have to see which stays sharp longer, my guess is the Forrest sharpened one.
  12. Here are some pictures of the install Rapid-Air compressor lines I just installed in my shop. Most of the tubing was supported by suspended ceiling wire I had lying around in the shop. I attached the tubing with zip ties every 18". The system comes complete with moisture drains. The entire system of 100' of tubing,manifold and 4 vertical drops took about 5 hours to install. Installation of additional drops will take about 10 minutes. Now all I need is my electrician to wire up the compressor. Guess which will take longer.
  13. Hi Joe, If you are interested I wrote an article for my local guild about the visit. They gave me one hell of a tour. I can dig out the article and email it to you, if you would like. Al
  14. I actually had the luxury while on vacation last December to visit the Festool plant in Wendlingen, Germany. I was extremely impressed with their quality control and production. I just purchased my CT33 with the 1010 router and LR32 shelf pin drilling system. I actually received the guide rail today. I hope to try it out this weekend. When I learned of the new CT36 I called Festool. Ferstool informed me that I could return the unit under the 30 day satisfaction guaranty. At which point I will purchase a CT36. Any Ct Extractor will outperform the shop-vacs I currently own, even with non Festoo
  15. One word of caution. Not all tools will work as well as the Festool version of the same tool. Festool designs their tools starting with dust extraction in mind. I have tried using a Porter Cable belt sander with my new CT33 and there was quite a bit of dust getting out (including on my glasses). Were this a Festool sander, this would not have happened. Unfortunately I'll have to win the Lottery to replace all my current tools (ah wouldn't it be fun, to do).