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  1. bushwacked

    Arched bookcases and Fireplace surround w mantle.

    Wow Steve!! Impressive work sir!!!
  2. bushwacked

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    Is this the type of alignment with the drawers that people were wanting ... or align of the inside leg and the drawers would not be aligned but the starting points would be?
  3. bushwacked

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    See this is why I asked ... some good ideas I had problems thinking about ... Latest Model, I took out the 1 side of cubbies and made the drawers big enough to hold 8.5 wide paper. The red is the width of the monitor, which is about 26" to be safe.monitor is really around 25 1/2" heavy Not really constrained in size per say, but I dont want a 10' wide desk to fit tons of options haha. RIght now I am at 4'8 which is what the design is on the website, I would say 5'6" or so might be the biggest I would want to go, not sure though. The office it is going in is 9' x 12'8 .. so not the biggest room. The one thing that may help though is I want it to run the width of the room so I will have plenty of room on each side. I did adjust in my 2nd revision to make there more room to fit the monitor in between the organizers instead of in the front. The drawers not all the same size does look funny after you mention it. I am thinking of making the apron drawers 9" to match the organizer. As far as not attaching the organizers ... could I do the "cork" like sticky bottom and then maybe a 1/4 - 1/2" overhang on the back panel of the organizer to always keep it aligned on the back? when you say shallow notch ... you mean like route out the side of the organizers about 1/8 deep or so and they could just slide in? I do like the idea of magnets though ... I think that might be a decently easy idea to pull off. LOL!!! as much fun as that movie scene could be ... the Lady would have to be mighty drunk and then I am sure we would brake the computer with the desktop clearing method they always do, unless I have some damn impressively strong magnets haha
  4. bushwacked

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    I was thinking about a bigger apron but I’m not sure 6” would be easy to pull off without making everything beefier. It looks like dowels yes. I’m thinking adding them in as well. Just not sure where all to go with them. Ya still working on exact height but it will be a computer desk more than a writing desk though. I have a 27” iMac that will be sitting between the 2 organizers. Ok I’ll take a look at alignment of things. Ya I think I will be increasing the organizers size since I was thinking about the paper issue too haha. So for the pull out writing surface would it have a drawer front to match the other side or no? Agreed Well I got a ways to go before I sit on the desk and break it then haha. I don’t ever plan on having anything heavier then my arms and iMac on there anyways. Yes debting on how I can solve the paper issue Hmmm non skid bottoms ... I’d be worried about them not necessarily getting knocked off but getting moved enough to not be aligned and driving me crazy haha.
  5. bushwacked

    desk dimension/design and other questions

    LOL! cant be any worse than how I see things
  6. So in the last couple projects I have planned for this year ... I want to make a desk for myself. I found this desk: From: http://www.vermontfurnituremakers.com/vt-custom-furniture/desk-organizers-walnut-curly-maple I dont have $6500 to buy it lol, so I am going to build it. So here are my questions ... 1) Do my dimensions look ok ... nothing off with the size and spacing? 2) How would you go about attaching the organizers to the top of the desk? Screws from under the desk top? 3) On the organizer, the top has an overhang so I would assume I need stopped dado's or something like that for the dividers? Any other options you would use? 4) If I went thicker for the desktop .. possibly 1 1/2" thick slab, would that take away from the shaker style and become a mix of 2 distinct looks and be bad? Thanks for the thoughts ahead of time!!
  7. bushwacked

    Closet Built In

    Great stuff Kev!!! So if you were going to store clothes in it would you have finished the insides? It sounded like that is what you said at least ... those pulls look great on there! What are they? Did you cut into the baseboards or just sit it all butted up against it?
  8. bushwacked

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    Yes it is ... but I’m more curious if there are other options to connect the top that may work
  9. bushwacked

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    got a screenshot of the underside hardware keeping the 2 top pieces together
  10. bushwacked

    David P's Chevron table ... Connecting Top ?

    The top is 2 pieces connected in the middle with some type of hinge or something he mentions. Correct dominos and no glue then some hinges or something he mentions. Definitely a busy top but his solution for the top seems a little iffy.
  11. HIs new video on this table ... How would you go about connecting the top 2 top pieces ... or building it to where it made it easier to connect them? he talks more about it with his base build ...
  12. bushwacked

    The hipster coffee table

    LOL!we could be on to something ...
  13. bushwacked

    The hipster coffee table

    Ya I think I may try that next time ... if there is one haha $225 ... $90 in materials. About maybe 3 hours of total work. 2 hours was probably sanding haha
  14. bushwacked

    The hipster coffee table

    That is 3/4 birch Here it is finished up with legs on and ready to leave my shop .. there it is with all its legs installed and finished. Not as bad as I thought it would look haha. Glad it was a quick build and easily made in a day and then just glue drying taking up the most time. It soaked up a toooon of finish. Like 3 quarts? or so almost.
  15. bushwacked

    Closet Built In

    Daaaang!! What a cliff hanger to end on haha. I really like the pull out drawer shoe shoe storage though!! I was struggling on how to store shoes in the built ins I’ve been drawing up. Next week should be fun to see what you ended up going with! Keep up the good work Kev!