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  1. Since I still can’t get in the shop my mind is running with new things to add to the list for 2018 .... so my question is. If I build one should I build all mdf or plywood ... or the inner grid construction mdf and top/bot plywood? Thoughts? Im planning something around a 4x8 assembly type table maybe a 3x6 ... still debating on size.
  2. A set of end tables

    Yep it looks like it. Thanks!
  3. A set of end tables

    Haha. That’s what I’m going with this week
  4. A set of end tables

    Getting some more work done ... working on top layout and seeing what looks best think I got a good fit finally after messing with it for a bit. Then glueing it up... Dry fit the base. Went together pretty well I am happy with it. Rounding over edges after the dry fit. Going to be out of the shop for about 2 weeks though. Had a spot of basal cell carcinoma removed and no lifting over 10 pounds and have to keep it really clean. post op pic. The sun can suck it!! Took out about a nickel size and depth plus extra skin to make the stitching up flatter instead of wrinkling up. Gotta keep that pressure bandage on for 2 days the I clean and redress once a day for a week until next appointment to see how healing is going.
  5. A set of end tables

    Haha. Yes that cross stop is junk
  6. A set of end tables

    Haha. I’m not sure I know what I am doing spent a lot of time measuring out and figureing out where everything goes. that attachment was such a life saver. Trying to put dominos in 1” x 1/2” wood would really suck without it. marking out legs and curtains. marked out on 1 side and ready now just 3 more and time to move on to marking out the bottom board attachment and finish the other stretcher/curtain attachments.
  7. A set of end tables

    Not too much work that’s fun to look. Finished milling and working on cutting to size now. Getting set to cut down the legs to final size and then finish the rest of stuff too. Hipefully get to start art all the fun stuff tonight after kids are asleep
  8. Milling rough lumber question ....

    Hmmmm face side and face edge seem like the same thing to me haha
  9. Milling rough lumber question ....

    I think so. He shows off his dog and land he’s on every now and then. He’s got a beautiful place there in Japan. I take away a lot from every video of his. His work is impressive and his machines are pretty wild compared to ours and don’t see them every day so always fun to watch. ... as far as milling ... thanks for the input guys. Glad I wasn’t doing it wrong even though it seems either way works. I may look into face jointing and jointing an edge all at once to save time switching machines.
  10. So when milling boards I have always done: joint face > plane other face > joint edge > rip other edge on table saw > joint table saw rip if needed. Then I saw ishitani and my world has been flipped upside down ... I think. It is the first 30 seconds or so.... Is there a proper way to do this? And am I doing it right or wrong?
  11. A set of end tables

    Thanks guys. I’ll clean it all tomorrow and see how it goes.
  12. A set of end tables

    Finished milling up everything ... So I noticed this happening quite a bit when I was on my 3/4 finishing round. Are my feeders broken or are braking?
  13. A set of end tables

    So finished breaking down things tonight. I decided to go with verticals maple and horizontals walnut. So the table top and base table walnut and rest maple. Not exactly racing stripes haha but it is more than just accents. marked out and then broken down and ready to mill
  14. great country there ... I was recently in Lovosice on business and got to play in Prague for the weekend too. Beautiful stuff!! Looking forward to seeing your work around the forums.
  15. Wife Gave Blessing for Sawstop at Christmas!!

    Still planned. Just delayed a couple weeks due to work being crazy at year end.