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  1. The leading contender for my garage DC setup is PVC pipe ... However, I am not 100% on what blast gates I should be looking into? I heat the metal ones could have leaking issues possibly. I dont really want to build them if I can avoid it. What is everyone else using and happy with?
  2. doubt it, from what I have read .. people have had trouble finding bases outside PM's due to the rounded front on the joiner
  3. why is that? Just because of the possible movement when pushing wood through?
  4. well, maybe it is worth a shot to start with them first and see how it goes ... amazon has a great return policy I found a used - very good condition one on amazon that says it only has cosmetic defects for $85...I snagged it right now to give it a good and if it works I saved ~$130 or so, so cant beat that.
  5. They were saying it was flexing when they had heavy boards on it and that the whole thing was cheaply made and moved as well when jointing and the wheels wouldnt lock solid and keep the thing from moving. Thanks for the ideas guys I will check them out as well ...
  6. Looking to get a mobile base for this, but reviews of the actual PM mobile base dont seem to be all that amazing. Has anyone else had experience with a good base for an 8" jointer?
  7. That’s a great little review there! Thanks for posting. The sizes online don’t seem that much of difference but the 18 makes the 14 look tiny haha
  8. So it sounds like laguna is still leading the category by far. I’m thinking the 18bx is looking really good. I never even knew it was there since I always looked at the 14 series. For only a couple hundred it seems like a great unit.
  9. You feel the BX18 can properly tension the 1” and 1 1/4” blades?
  10. So about to dive into a new bandsaw here around Christmas or so depending on which brand and when their sales are. If you could order any brand bandsaw under $2k with the resaw for 12-14”, what would you get? This is one area I just don’t think PM has much of a noticeable difference in results.
  11. wow... looks like a great little machine there. I wonder if this will replace the supermax love or at least be a strong contender ??
  12. Is this the type of alignment with the drawers that people were wanting ... or align of the inside leg and the drawers would not be aligned but the starting points would be?
  13. See this is why I asked ... some good ideas I had problems thinking about ... Latest Model, I took out the 1 side of cubbies and made the drawers big enough to hold 8.5 wide paper. The red is the width of the monitor, which is about 26" to be safe.monitor is really around 25 1/2" heavy Not really constrained in size per say, but I dont want a 10' wide desk to fit tons of options haha. RIght now I am at 4'8 which is what the design is on the website, I would say 5'6" or so might be the biggest I would want to go, not sure though. The office it is going in is 9' x 12'8 .. so not the biggest room. The one thing that may help though is I want it to run the width of the room so I will have plenty of room on each side. I did adjust in my 2nd revision to make there more room to fit the monitor in between the organizers instead of in the front. The drawers not all the same size does look funny after you mention it. I am thinking of making the apron drawers 9" to match the organizer. As far as not attaching the organizers ... could I do the "cork" like sticky bottom and then maybe a 1/4 - 1/2" overhang on the back panel of the organizer to always keep it aligned on the back? when you say shallow notch ... you mean like route out the side of the organizers about 1/8 deep or so and they could just slide in? I do like the idea of magnets though ... I think that might be a decently easy idea to pull off. LOL!!! as much fun as that movie scene could be ... the Lady would have to be mighty drunk and then I am sure we would brake the computer with the desktop clearing method they always do, unless I have some damn impressively strong magnets haha