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  1. Ok... Just so people know after a lot of phone calls and web research I have found that Liberty Hardwoods (St Louis, MO) and Cherokee Wood Products (Upland, CA) both sell the double-sided UV Coated 1/2" 9ply Baltic Birch 5x5 BBxBB I need. Cherokee charges $32.50 per sheet plus $600+ in shipping, shipped immediately with 7 days transport time and Liberty charges $34.15, shipping included from their supplier in Oregon, shipped out as soon as they get it finished with a 7 days transport time (Minimum of 3 units). I also think West Wood (CA) and Timber Products (OR) might carry it but neither of them answered their phones in the time I needed so I ended up ordering the on hand stock from Cherokee and will do future orders from Liberty. This is a JFYI incase anyone else reads this and wonders.
  2. The same place we order from normally now require me to order a semi load ($30,000) which I can not afford at this moment. Also yeah usually its Chinese Birch which is crap and I like the look of Maple but I need the flexability of Birch with the strength of the Russian wood (Baltic). Our people have been selling us UV coated 9 ply baltic birch for over a year now and just hit us with this chestnut a week ago, we have been working with them to continue but it is looking like its not going to work, so we are trying to quickly find alternative routes,
  3. I live in central Missouri (Springfield area), but can drive multiple hours if required.
  4. Hey, so I am here asking for some help. Our wood distributor (Cedar Creek) just informed us they are no longer going to be carrying the wood we use in daily manufacturing, great news right? Yeah not. So, I am here hoping someone might know where I can find a dealer who has pallets or half pallets (33/66) of sheets of 1/2" 9ply 5x5' Baltic Birtch that is UV Coated. Reasonable price would be a plus but at the moment we have nowhere to get it period and we are out of business till we get some starting tomorrow. I am willing to drive if the company has no delivery. If you got any information, please hit me up, the sooner the better would be great! -Michael