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  1. Overall quite interesting and there are some nice design features. His slagging off of the removable power cord is unwarranted. I think he misses the point to be honest. He does have a point about people trying to justify such a large purchase price. It can lead to fault blindness. However it is interesting that a LOT of tradies do stick with Festool because they consider it good value for money. I have been into electronics both as a hobby and professionally for nearly 50 years and I have seen a lot of dodgy and a lot of good and despite his negative comments the saw is in my opinion on the g
  2. At that price you could have hired a small truck with a lift and hand forks and still been waaaay ahead. And I thought my $200 jet 10" with CI extensions was a bargain. John
  3. I have the 10" Bosch sliding mitre for about 10 years and used it a LOT for a hobbyist. Although I have been really happy with it once I started to try to cut accurate mitres I found that the fence was bent and I had to do some minor engineering on it to get it square. It could have gone horribly wrong (I used a lathe bed and clamps to "adjust it") it came up to within a fraction of a mm with some not so gentle persuasion. My only advice would be to take a straight edge and square with you and check for flatness and square before you buy. John
  4. I bought a Veritas miniature router plane to make a 0.5mm recess for a label for a model car plinth I made and it was a dream to use. Loving it.
  5. I recall reading about the old single phase driver using a starter cap for the third winding (presumably you will be running the motor in delta) a looong time ago but have never done it myself. In theory in run mode the single phase (in reality it is actually operating in pseudo 2 phase mode since your active and neutral really operate as 2 phases but they are not separate phases since they are actually in phase) will really only generate a maximum of 2/3 of the total motor's power since one set of windings will be open circuit. So without taking into consideration the real phase of your activ
  6. Still looking. There are a couple of local companies here, Woodfast and General Tools. I will also be in the market for a Jointer, 8" spiral head. General has an 8" with what looks like an option for a spiral head with the angled inserts (as opposed to straight) which are supposed to be better. They are way across the other side of town (cut lunch distance) but it will make a nice drive to look the machines over.
  7. I bought the Lie Nielsen 102 low angle and it is ideal for small clean up work including end grain. I did a video here
  8. That is a great price. A month after I bought mine the Australian supplier dropped the local price by $14, doh! Luckily they did a special edition for my Triton so I lucked out.
  9. Ha ha ha ha... Yes but what they save on the web site they give back to the customer in cheaper prices. If you a looking for the winner for worst web site try this one for an Australian computer parts supplier. Cheapest parts in Australia but ... http://www.msy.com.au/home.phpand that is after they "improved" it.
  10. I picked up a second hand table and Triiton 3 1/4 HP for a bargain. I retrofitted one of these. http://www.routertechnologies.com/routerraizer.htm It works a treat.
  11. Going to look really nice. Some excellent ideas there. It may be worth considering independently mounting the screen to the wall using a TV mounting bracket (if you have not decided yet). Monoprice.com is a pretty good source of that type of thing as well as your standards such as Amazon et al. There are a number of advantages of doing this. It is easier to run the cables into the back of the screen, the weight that you unit has to bear is greatly reduced and you have more flexibility with the relative positioning of the console and the screen. Also,l I think it looks nicer, more mini
  12. Interesting fact. The terms rabbet and rebate have the same derivation. Rabbet is the older term but both come from the French rabattre meaning to beat back or beat down. John
  13. There is another local company here, http://www.woodfast.com.au/index.php?p=1_4and they look quite good but not sure of their quality. The 14" looks the trick with the 1.5 HP motor and a 9" capacity. The PM model that Carbatech list is a low end 14". John
  14. The problem is I am quite restricted in what is available. From my local suppliers it is pretty much what I listed above. Only one Jet model, {also One PM (14" with 150mm resaw)) and a couple of badged Asian imports. I really want the 200mm resaw so the PM is out and I can get other brands shipped but that starts to add hefty shipping onto the price which I want to avoid. The Laguna sounds nice but there are no distributors here. John
  15. I can imagine. Most of the stuff is not that big. Gum and mallee mainly.