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  1. Jason, I appreciate your responding openly in the thread (albeit it's an old one) and I will give you a call tomorrow (I'm located in Waterdown, not too far up the peninsula from you on the Niagara Escarpment). I had the very unusual experience of having two similar but different units installed in the same location which would be a rarity, and my space is echoey with multiple insulated windows, finished walls and ceiling and still somewhat barren floor space. The EZ DUZZIT unit can keep the space heated, there is no doubt of that. It may also be that I and the others who have experien
  2. OK, I'm back to report that I am really disappointed with the EZ-DUZZIT radiant tube heater unit (Canadian Made). Now I would imagine that most people who install it don't have 11 foot ceilings in their garage, but even though it has the same 40,000 BTU rating as the 40k BTU Space-Ray I started with it is far under powered by comparison. All the heat is at the burner unit, doesn't heat up as fast, and the exhaust end is hardly radiating, where as the Space Ray unit, although hotter at the burner unit, of course, was significantly hotter along its length and promoted an even heat along the flo
  3. Wow, now does THAT bring back memories. It used to be like music to my ears.
  4. Still, I would recommend that, if possible, potential future owners of Radiant Tube Gas Heaters do a lot of research, look for a unit other than an EZDUZZIT (who hides the fact that they have an exterior mounted fan on their unit) that has its enclosed fan motor mounted INSIDE the burner unit, and try to get a satisfaction guarantee from the installer. Maybe my experience was somewhat isolated and it's RARE that someone would get to experience two such heaters mounted and working in the same garage workshop space over a short A/B type test time period, but I could easily tell the difference i
  5. I hadn't realized until I went back to look at Dave's reply that I wrote a novel. (I was a bit pissed off when I penned it.) I've had the gas installer back to fix the issues with the newer EZDUZZIT tube gas heater unit and made him follow the manufacturer's recommendations (and replace the faulty thermostat) and the EZDUZZIT is a lot quieter now (still perhaps not quite as quiet as the Space Ray, but now tolerable). Good thing too as I was about to toss the whole thing out onto the street. LOL I am still miffed that I spent an extra $1000 to have an inferior unit put in just because Spa
  6. I've built a 16 x 38' x 11.5ft ceiling garage extension to ours house (with bedrooms above) and the project has gone along pretty smoothly except I made two mistakes (so this thread is partly advice, partly seeking advice, and partly looking to bitch among those who've been there). 1st Mistake was in soundproofing the garage. I had the foresight to do resilient channel on the adjoining wall and ceiling, I originally wanted double 5/8 Fire Rated drywall with green glue but I compromised due to the price and general contractor advice. The sound containment is pretty good for a big echoey
  7. Excellent and timely advice estesbubba. Being trigger happy (since I may take advantage of our reno electrician) I went a head and ordered the HO T8 fixtures, although for the way I am doing the ceiling space I was thinking of fitting only fit 5 ( 2 strips of 2 8 footers towards middle + 1 perpendicular at front) plus an additional hanging regular 4 bulb hanger over my electronics area. I think it works out to around 95fc, but I guess that depends on the bulbs and how they are driven. I ordered the HDepot Philips 5000k bulbs to go with... wondering now if I should re-think that?
  8. I'm a little further along in the garage workshop project (36 x 16) and just getting to the lighting part (we have been having some soundproofing issues). As part of this project I am fairly certain I'm installing a Radiant Gas Tube Heater which will run 20' right down the middle of the garage (which eliminates a middle run for lights). And the final ceiling didn't end up being completely flat, it has some protrusions for vac. So in the end the lighting layout is going to be a little creative (likely the equivalent of 6 x 96' 4lt T8, 5000k AltoII Philips, which will regenerate about 85 foo
  9. In the end I'm going to put the idea of a urinal on hold for now and wait for a more urgent need (which may translate into toilet) since space is at a premium. Although I am a fastidious cleaner, my worry still is that the smell of urine, or the cleaners will be overwhelming.
  10. Adding some Roxul and just putting 6mil poly to hold it up would afford some sound deadening on its own, but not much. You could fill the joists with the Roxul and then directly staple ceiling panels (the card fiberous kind) to the joists (which is somewhat easy to remove and re-install in sections as needed without losing as much height as a dropped ceiling might. Making sure to caulk ALL cracks, wire and pipe penetrations to the floor above with Acoustic caulk (and insul wrapping any heating conduit) will also go a long way, as any air penetrations can really carry the higher frequency
  11. There's a lot of wisdom in this. I started researching "waterless urinals" and then started thinking about where I was puttin my time and money at this stage. So I think I am going to cross my legs and put the money towards wood or a beer fridge. P.S. I got the go ahead from the spouse, a veto from my best friend neighbour's wife and a 'I don't know, could be good, could be bad" from my bfn. And an "oh crap, we just threw out our last two stadium units from Japan." from my other neighbour plumbing wholesaler friend. So I guess the idea isn't going to flush.
  12. I seem to remember reading that you need a certain kind of sawdust for it to work, but considering that any hamsters and guinea pigs our kids have ever had peed in sawdust (and it still reeks), I'm not betting on the neutralization factor of any wood but green pine or cedar. ;-)
  13. OK, now that I've sorted out my 16 x 36 x 11' shop build, I have another important decision to make. To pee, or not to pee? That is today's question. Here's a quick shot of my "garage that shall not hold vehicles" build in progress. My crafts are pinball and slot machine restoration and woodworking (which I trained for, but haven't done in a long time due to lack of space): I've already arranged for an outdoor rated hot/cold faucet and plumbed laundry sink and drain (connected to stack and drained in house through adjoining wall - it would be at far end, left wall a short len
  14. Thank you estesbubba! Funny I stumbled upon that tool once a while ago, but couldn't find it again. Punching my coordinates in gives me 9 (one less than the Jack Lindsey calculation) x TC 2 32 (which are 4 lamp 8 foot Lithonia strip lights) for 3 rows of 3 luminaries, and an anticipated luminance of about 105 fc at my bench height. PERFECT! [i likely have to add an additional light UNDER my garage door clearance anyway, as I will likely use the space above the garage door for storage (so it will block light to the floor underneath unless the garage door is open).] Now I just have