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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I think I fixed it. I just glued a shim onto the bottom of the top step. That kept the back leg from over rotating. It's not a pretty fix, but I've already shown it off, so now it can get the wear and tear. The original concept was to have no hardware. I kind of wanted to stay true to that as much as possible. With the 4 dowels and 4 screws it holds me up and I'm 235 pounds.
  2. I saw a step stool online and decided to build it. I couldn't find any plans, only rough measurments that didn't seem to fit. But it seemed simple enough. Once done, I thought it turned out well The problem came when I tried to stand on it. The concept is that it has no hardware, only dowels. 4 dowels in the top step down through the front legs, and the back legs rotate to a flat spot, holding it in place. What has happened on my ladder is this... The dowels were glued well, but as I stood on it, the pressure on the back legs makes the leg want to keep rotating. As the leg rotates farther it