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  1. Yes and no I saw another cab around that I used to design mine
  2. Heres a couple sites if you do need websites for for the parts let me know i can tell what items i have bought and searching through both those forums will also tell what items people are using my Pinball build thread on Pinball site my arcade build thread on arcade site
  3. Thanks And yes to feedback Right now it has 8 contactor for flippers and hitting stuff also a gear motor for things that move a knocker and motor for vibration also has sensor for bumping table/tilt I'll up a picture of inside of cabinet later tonight to show
  4. Here's a video of pinball machine Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. My name is Chris and this is 1st post to forum and 1st real woodworking build using hardwood I'm very new to working with hardwoods but been reading up for awhile I've been wanting to get into just never got the chance till this year. So on to my arcade I built my original arcade about 5 years ago out of mdf and painted black But of course wife said it didn't match with new house and so the beginning of the build started. It will play about 15,000 games anything for Atari nes sega arcade etc Was built out of 4/4 black walnut about 3/4 after plane down on side I double up to give it thicker profile finished with tung oil After I had arcade I decide to start a pinball build I have about 200 tables on it from 70's to now Made out of black walnut also has 3 tv's all stainless and aluminum is polished out and sits flush with wood also put tung oil on it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk