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  1. I checked everything over on it. I can't find the Powermatic serial number plate but the motor on it has a manufacture date of 03/19/82. The blade is trashed but you can expected that. The blade is a very high tooth count almost like a hacksaw blade. What blade would you recommend for resawing only? The pin that goes in the table in the blade slot is missing a bolt is in it's place/ Wheels turn freely and have quite a bit of momentum. I tried to stop them spinning and won't do that again. The upper tire has a ½" triangle missing every 3" to 4". What would cause this kind of wear? The blade t
  2. Well, if I don't get my shop stuff out of the semi trailer and it off our driveway, I bet my widow would sell it to you for a song. Tonight she hinted that she wanted it gone before our Christmas party on the 20th of December. My new shop floor won't finish curing until around the 3rd of December then I will have about two and half weeks to unload and arrange everything. But to complicate things I will have a lifting restriction until 9th of December following my stomach surgery later today. I think that my part of December pension check will go to Josh(friend and fellow retired vet) and his n
  3. Yes It is Illinois. Near Peoria. I have a selection of Taidea whetstones 600g, 1000g, 2000g, 3000g, 4000g. 6000g. and 8000 grit. They are 8"x3". I have a grinder that will set a angle of 20º or 17½º. I then use the whetstones for finishing after I set the angle with the grinder. Could I use these with a jig or should you not use woodworking metal where you use food prep items? I am not a stranger to knife sharpening. That is what frustrates me about woodworking sharpening. It is very different from knife sharpening. I am quite good at sharpening kitchen items with this system. I have shar
  4. Our 10 year old corgi, Blue, gave us a scare at 6am this morning. I took him for his morning walk and his pee looking like Hawaiian Punch. So I got ahold of the vet and they saw him at 8am. After x ray and ultrasound they decide he had bladder stones and a enlarged prostate. The had to neuter him to fix the prostate and removed 327g of bladder stones. I could post a picture but who wants to see calcified urine and blood. So we got to take him home tonight. He is doing great but has to wear the cone of shame. He was my partner at DHS as a S&R dog for 6 years. DHS allowed me to keep him when
  5. It is really becoming the No Fun League. I help out with a JROTC rifle team and we have a couple of high school football players on the team. I heard them complaining about having to go to the weight room at 5am every school day. I asked them why they did it if they were so upset about doing it. They said that they would get a college scholarship and then get drafted so they could get their pay day. I don't think that high school kids should be pushed so they have a 1 and a million chance of getting a pay day later in life. But that is how the local coach motivates them. I have a daughter so I
  6. I will test this out when I go to the Steel Barn the next time. They have cutoffs by the pound policy.
  7. Thanks everyone. I think that I will keep the Fezzie tools on the CT's and maybe get some gates and "T" so I don't have to hook and unhook things. I doubt that I ever use more than one tool at a time.
  8. I use a walk thru freezer curtain on the door to my home as a dust barrier. I got mine used for $20.
  9. So you see my reason for being upset. But he is the only commercial sharpening service in the area. So we put up with his sh*t. He can do some stuff to help you out to offset the unexpected costs. Like, he repaired a 105 tooth saw blade that fell off a shelf at the store and they were going to pitch it. So I got it for free and it cuts great on my SCMS. I paid $19 for the blade repair and he said that the first resharpening is on him, too. It looks like hell but it works. So how much do I need to go to the finance mistress for to get a good sharpening setup. If I can, do other sharpeni
  10. OK I called about getting a single plane powder coated black with a gloss overcoat. Two different shops same prices $195 tptal. $70 for the paint and $125 for the setup. I can get my own powder coat gun and use a retired oven that likes to over heat and do it myself for less and I have more than a dozen planes to do. I guess it will be paint or I set up Chef's Powder Coat and Donuts...
  11. Mine come out of the box because they pre fill my insulin pump things and what is left over comes to me. So I have 4 partials rolling around the egg holders. So times they stay there for a couple months. He did ask for suggestions of boxes to make. I do like the hardwood block suggestion. I will post a picture when I get it done. I can also stick dates on the edge so i know which to use first. Reminds me of a test tube rack.
  12. At least your clamps are doing something other than hanging on the wall. Nice scoops. You can also get the scoop kit in brass for $11.
  13. I should let you know that my shop is empty right now due to a new floor and heating and cooling install. The floor is curing for 16 more days and has to be kept wet. So today when the temp dropped and the wind blew we had a thick fog int he shop when the contractot arrived to wet the floor. So what does my empty shop say about me? IDK.