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  1. Here we go again... Look at the quote in my signature.
  2. I looked at a bunch of stools and ended up with this one. I like it but sometimes wish I could lock the wheels. It's comfortable for long sessions at my CNC.
  3. AstroDave


    I tried flocking a couple Christmas's ago. Same as others have said the Donjer flocking is a mess but it works extremely well. They offer two methods for application, a hand pump or a compressor driven spray unit. I opted for the hand pump and after about 8 boxes I got pretty good and not making to big a mess.
  4. I think I might make the 1500 mile drive Seems like a great deal if you need those toolls.
  5. Hmmm both are too big for the shop... Sorry for the hijack...
  6. Those Tuatara remind me of those 50's scifi movies with dinosaurs... very cool.
  7. I have to wonder if it's in good condition given that price. I had to sell my PCS 3HP 52" with all those same accessories plus the dado kit and I got near what I paid for it.
  8. I have the Milwaukee 12V Fuel drills and I love them. I have some older 18v Porter Cables that I never use. You may find the 12v sufficient and they are much lighter and smaller.
  9. Are you talking about the new 18BX or the 14BX? The 18 looks very nice Just under 2k
  10. Seems to be missing a blade guard (pork chop).
  11. Although not a panacea...make sure you purchase domain privacy as that will cut down on the annoying emails and phones a little.
  12. AstroDave

    Table stand

    Not sure I can offer any sage advice on finish and wood but...Please use a coaster! Also, I I would alter the design to have the remote on the side so I don't have to reach around the table.