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  1. Sorry for the confusion, I do have 2 drills, and a hand crosscut saw but no one at the base has screws. we have 1 small box of nails which is why I'd like to see about getting a hammer. Really any size screw and nails will work. This way we have both options.
  2. Yes when you ship to my fpo address its like sending it to Baltimore. That's where the cost stops. the only way to send it is through the post office. A flat rate box works the best. And size Philips head screws will work. I am only dealing with pine and some poplar. Again I thank you guys for all your help.
  3. Guys thanks for the reply. I am excited to see some responses, I have a generator here so voltage won't be a problem. As for tools, Mabey some screw drivers, driver bits, hammers, ext. just the basics. Here is the address. Todd Lawrence PSC 831 box 8979 FPO 09363-0089 Also this will help me be able to teach the guys some crude building skills. You guys are definitely boosting the moral of the guys knowing we will get the some stuff to help us out.
  4. To my fellow woodworkers, I am currently deployed to Africa for the next 6 months. Part of the reason we are here is to set up a makeshift fire department with very little resources. I am a full time woodworker at home as well and have been asked to build some crude furniture as we don't have much. We have lumber but are in desperate need of screws and some hand tools. I would like to see if i put it out there would anybody be willing to donate some of their stock? If so I will put my address up. Thanks for the consideration.