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  1. First off - I am a newbie. I am building a toy box based off if Steve Ramsey's plans - slight adjustments to the dimensions, but design is similar. I used stop blocks on my table saw sled, so my cuts were consistent and accurate. However, after assembling the frame (a little glue and pocket holes), it seems like a couple of the legs are a little off. Nothing major, but a little rock in one direction. Any insight in common causes of this or specific things that I should do next time? I tried to use clamps and ensure that everthung was square when assembling. However, now that I think abou
  2. Could you point me to any posts, sites, or YouTube videos on the basics of making picture frames? I made a mitre sled today for my table saw, so I decided to use some scrap oak and try to make a picture frame. It was a fail. Any insight? - How are measuremtns for picture frames determined? For example, for a 5x7 photo, how do you determine the measurements? - Then, how do you make the pieces the same size? I understand that with the sled, a corner should be formed by using pieces that were cut on the opposite sides of the sled (to form the 90*). But, how to make them consent and accurat
  3. Update - I made a very DIY router table today (similar to the referenced video above). Pretty pleased with how it turned our and how simple. I can see how it does have its limitations. I picked up a couple of melamine shelves from HD, in sale, for $3. I then just mounted the adjustable base of the router to the bottom. My Craftsman router actually works pretty well in this setup because the router slips out of the fixed base really easily. For about $4 of material and screws, I'm content with the setup to learn on. Thanks for all of the comments.
  4. I'm not sure which specific model I have - I'll have to look when I'm home. Almost positive it is thus unit: Still sitting in the box....
  5. Thank you - this confirmation is what I needed. Just need to get some longer screws and start drilling.
  6. I need some guidance - I am a router newbie. Currently, I have a small palm router that has been great to play around. Also, I have a larger Craftsman (fixed and plunge base) that I picked up with intentions of putting it in a router table. My question - is there a way that I can just mount the router to a piece of plywood to use as a simple, temporary router table? I see everyone using a plate, and I'm just not clear on what that does. I do not want to invest much time or money at this point in time - I just want to gain some practice with a router mounted on a table top. If I
  7. Does cutting pressure treated lumber ruin a saw blade? I am referring to modern day pressure treated. I was thinking that I have heard of it being hard on a saw blade.
  8. Honestly, I'm not sure. Ace had pints of samples of Valspar paint for $.99 so I picked some up. The can does not give much info, just that it's for interior and trim. Does that help? Also - should I do a quick sand now? If so, how high of grit? I ask because there are some bumpy areas. I was using a cheap brush, and I think it was working against me. Then, a final coat?
  9. I'm a newbie and need some finishing guidance. As a beginner project, I built a bench to put in our garage to store shoes and other junk. Nothing fancy, but some good practice. It's built out if pine. I've painted one coat and plan to put a second on tomorrow. My question - after paint, should I spary anything on it to be more durable and give a shine? Not really sure what I'm trying to accomplosh, but feel like there should be another step after just paint....
  10. Another thought to the group - when making a jointing jig for my table saw is it best to use a runner in one if the slots or is it ok to just run the jig up against the fence? I am thinking of something like the jig in Steve Ramsey's video below:
  11. I appreciate all of the comments. You are confirming my thoughts. - I am going to double check my sled again with the five cut method - I am going to look into building or buying a jointing jig for my table saw - I need to bite the bullet and make my first trip to a hardwood dealer to see what I am missing out on - hopefully find some S3S or S4S Besides S33 or S4S, is there any other options I should be considering? Remember - I don't jointer, planer, or have th desire to use hand planes.
  12. I've decided to pass on thus unit. I'm sure it's a fair deal, but I am afraid it's hassel of aligning would outweigh the cost. Thinking I need to get a planer first anyways. Thanks for all of the input.
  13. Care to expand on the setup and dialing in? If the gentleman has it setup now, and I move it home, how much work do you think I would have getting it setup?
  14. Can you describe the process for changing blades? Someone mentioned that some Craftsman units just dropped the blades in - not sure if this unit is the same or not.... I don't want to pull my hair out to trying to change blades and getting it setup. Concerned about how much mechanical skills are needed to adjust it....
  15. Hello, As I try to move from complete beginner to just a woodworking beginner, I've been trying to find a used planer and/or jointer. I came across the unit in the link below. What are your thoughts? I'm a little confused on the "jointer/planer" concept. I always understood them to be seperate tools? Could you help me understand? My main interest is to be anbke to joint.