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  1. Looks like I got enough sand cloth to last till the cows come home! Still may experiment with something to see if they can run. Will let you know if that REALLY happens!
  2. Seem to get a bit of good will from the ol boy that "borrowed" my name, but the greenbacks have NOT shown up, yet!
  3. Lived In Woodforest area from 1982-89. Worked office equipment, all over town, everything from mom & pop stores to high-rises to refineries. Not missing H town, yet.
  4. Just got on here, see my intro in other thread. Got a few days before the new job, but shop isn't up and running yet, won't have electric for a couple weeks it appears. But then it will be sweet! If you have ideas for custome metal work, my son can help you out with welding. He isn't mobile, yet, but will have a pretty versatile shop set up, if you can get to Seguin.
  5. Also, got a Powermatic Model 043 bandsaw, and will have it on line with some new parts in couple weeks.
  6. My first post! Just signed up see my intro. In the stash of stuff I recently acquired is 3-4 dozen sanding belts for the belt sander. They had been in storage (not climate controlled) for over 20 years. The fabric base of the belts appears fine, but the cheesy little strip of tape for the seam has given it up. Cannot bring my self to toss them. Tried reattaching with some 5 minute JB Weld, no go there. Anyone got a suggestion to save and use these otherwise pristine belts?
  7. I go by timtoolman1953, live Seguin, TX. Been hobby woodworker since late 70's (aww dude youre OLD!!) Primary vocation currently is HVACR, starting a new job in about a week. Had good fortune to have bequeathed to me for permanent custody a nearly complete "suite" of bench tools. Including a delta table saw, craftsman drill press, belt sander, hose and fittings for a dust collector, planer, three router tables, lots of hardware, bits . . . Also have a DeWalt compound miter, and a craftsman radial arm saw. We are almost done with a new shop building on our property where my son is also going h