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  1. Hello from a fellow Arkansas woodworker. As for books, there are a ton of good woodworking books but it would depend on what you are looking for. Are you looking for general info, project specific books, info on tools or other? Most (99%) of my woodworking knowledge has come from woodworking forums and videos, mostly YouTube.
  2. I just went to the site to look around. I use Google Chrome and have ad block enabled. I didn't get any popups or annoying ads. Try that before abandoning Fine Woodworking's site.
  3. I will try to get a few pics tomorrow. I have probably 600+ board feet total. Cherry, Walnut, red oak, maple, and a few small amounts of other stuff. And then there is the turning stock with pen blanks.
  4. What type of outfeed do you have for your table saw? If I need to chop up some lumber to rough length, I usually lay it across my outfeed/assembly table and my table saw. There is a small gap between them that I can run my hand saw, or circular saw in. http://i2.wp.com/dlgwoodworkblg.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/DSCN0177.jpg That link is a picture of my setup. The table saw is almost out the shot on the right. But you can break down rough lumber lots of ways.
  5. Really nice. I have been looking to do some inlay work and your blog will be just the place to get me started. Thanks.
  6. I use BeyondPod. It works well. The free version is all you need.
  7. Insulation, which I just put in this weekend. Without it I couldn't work much out there in winter. I have a heater, but it would be too expensive to run much without the new insulation.
  8. dlgWoodWork

    Shop Tour

    Great shop, thanks for the look around. Very well organized. For me that is a key to being productive, knowing where things are and being able to get to them.
  9. This... Also, I agree with what Eric said, the best way to not dent your work piece, don't drop it on the bench.
  10. I have surface mount conduit in my garage. It was all added on after the house was built. I run it around the ceiling and just dropped down where I wanted my outlets. Honestly, with all the other stuff, machines, lumber rack, etc, covering the walls, the conduit is not even noticeable.
  11. As the others have said, give it a little time to dry out. Hopefully their is not any water spots/damage to the wood. I never put wood on the floor in my shop for this reason. Even if I am low on room and need to lean a stack of wood against a wall, I put something underneath it, scrap plywood, anti-fatigue mats, something. You can get a new seal for the bottom of the garage door at a hardware or big box store. Cheap investment to keep water out of the shop.
  12. I got the insulation all put in the shop. I still need to get the foam insulation panels for the garage door, but that will be done later this week. Pics are on my blog. Here is the blog post: http://dlgwoodworkblg.com/insulating-shopgarage/
  13. Buy only what you need. Just because another woodworker has a tool that you don't does not mean you have to buy it too. Also, buy the best tool you can afford. Better to cry once, then to buy the same tool twice.
  14. Woodbutcher, I agree about buying my own tools. My wife knows I love woodworking, but she doesn't know what tools I like/need/want usually. So after I put the insulation in the shop Friday, I may try to negotiate a new plane or something.
  15. Insulation for the garage shop. I'm gonna get it, only bad thing is I have to put it all in myself. But it will be worth it when I'm working out there in this cold winter we got coming.