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  1. How to Finishing Wenge?

    The little wenge I have used was polarizing. One side of the board had beautiful grey and brown grain that showed perfectly through 3 coats or ars. The other side got nasty and blew out any semblance of what is should have looked like. I'd definitely go with Steve's tried and true of use sample boards. Test your finish.
  2. Morris Chair Pair

    Honestly, I don't think I've ever run a belt until it was not working any more. Every time I've thrown out a strip is because of a tear on the crappy tensioning side, or walnut sapwood left a black steak that would burn everything it touches. The abrasive does wear, but I get good life out of it by keeping it clean.
  3. Seal Coat between different stain layers?

    Roy, could you post pics of the material hit with a little mineral spirits so that we can see how far apart they are? Personally I've never had any luck with stains that don't obliterate the look of the wood. Dyes seem to give much better results to my eyes.
  4. Yes and it shall be the third of many.. I don't remember top of head how many bag changes I made, it's probably in my journal, but I think it was around 15.
  5. Tapered sliding dovetails

    Starting with square sure won't hurt. If you're not square, especially on your end cut your reference and cut lines will be difficult to get right. Hollowing out the bottom would help it seat better and adding a very thin shim glued to each face will snug it back up.
  6. T slot cauls

    That was my first thought. Go to patent office then wto : )
  7. European Beech was my plan until I stumbled upon some Ash logs fresh cut and ready to mill into my bench. The look will be fantastic and be an heirloom piece
  8. Does the common require a PSA?
  9. Nah man, I still follow them all..
  10. Slit-top Roubo Work Benchs, Pro/Con

    I built from the plans/video. It's absolutely worth every penny, and you never lose the info. Consider the $120 investment as a tool that will help make the job much easier and faster. On a project that big, that'll cost at least $2000 if you're going with Benchcrafted hardware, it's worth it
  11. Hand stitched rasps vs machined rasps

    For someone just starting out picking up initial tooling not sure if that style is going to be their thing or not, I wouldn't advise someone to go buy all hand stitched rasps. I use them in sequence. Rough, medium/fine, then always a scraper or sandpaper to finish. I have both hand stitched and machine stitched. My #9 (medium) coursenes doesn't care if the #4( course) is machine cut or not. It's going to remove that whole surface and leave it's own surface on. I have a set of Narex machine cut rasps and besides the smoothness of the cut in your hand, I do not think they are 1/4 the value of the Auriou rasps hanging next to them. They provide a lot of work for the price.
  12. Almost There

    Congrats. Good luck in the endeavor
  13. Laguna Resaw King - Tha-pocket-a, tha-pocket-a Fix

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Soft-start: take it or leave it?

    I think to answer the question, that bucking upon start up you are getting is going to be pretty normal for most mitre saws. I kapex starts slowly but that may just be the wimpy motor in it : ) I have personally never seen a soft start plug and play addition for tools to add the feature.
  15. Door gap creep, soliciting opinions

    Technically, Corrections were made and thanks was given..; )