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  1. Brendon_t

    True but still funny

    The dirty secret. Tool collection can easily become just as much of a hobby as building.
  2. Good idea. A truck with a lift gate, a few furniture dollies, and some straps. You should be able to load and unload rather easily with some help.
  3. For the record, I don't agree here. Instead of passing, I would attempt to make my friends bequest cost the estate as little as possible by doing the leg work on finding the cheapest and easiest way to ship them be it by rail or space pickups on trucks not fully loaded bound for a hub on the east coast. Most of those machines will last a lifetime when properly maintained. Your friend wanted you to have them and you said you would like use them, albiet in a few years. Come 20 years from now when you are using them and constantly have your friends memory to thank, I think that would be the ending he intended when leaving them to you. He went to the trouble of itemizing in his will and arranging for the estate to bear the burden. My $.02
  4. I can tell you there's a good bit of machine there. Yes, it'll be quite expensive to ship those as I'm sure they will have to be professionally crated, lifted with machinery all the way and probably be alone on a long haul truck. Is it worth it? That's up to you but that is a very kind gesture.
  5. Brendon_t

    Gap fix

    Miniature Dachshunds. This is the second litter on Deck right now. Another due Thursday from first tie and another due September.
  6. Brendon_t

    Gap fix

    I've been nursing a hangover and delivering puppies since 2am. This it on me @K Cooper . I would have probably recommended that you leave it ; )
  7. Brendon_t

    Gap fix

    Looks great. I'm glad you chose to fix it. It looks great
  8. Brendon_t

    Gap fix

    This was put under Advanced WW'ing right? You got this.
  9. Brendon_t

    Please Help with refinishing table gone wrong

    Lifting strains isn't in my wheel house as I don't normally use them, but you are right about it not being ready to sand. If it's clogging your paper, it's too moist or you are getting some finish still It sounds to me like you probably didn't get all the original finish off before staining or conditioning.
  10. Brendon_t

    Your input is appreciated

    The Laguna model does not look like it would hold a calibration after setup for very long of you actively use it.
  11. For some reason, when the pics opened, "Hey girl, Heyyyyyyyy" popped into my mind. If that don't fit the bill, nothing would. With that said, luthiers are all about their kit. There a bunch of etailers that cater to them. I'd start there in the gargle machine .
  12. Brendon_t

    Gap fix

    Oh man. I would have to go on blood pressure medication. I have hydro locked a few joints and seriously, you can probably cut the right size piece to fit in the gap in no more than 3 tries by eye. The size doesn't need to be perfect but filling the black hole would be my priority. That is a prime viewing spot by the looks of it. I hope you reconsider. I've seen what you build, I have faith in your ability to repair it well vs a 50/50 of being ok with it long term or not. That's a lopsided trade for not much effort.
  13. Brendon_t

    White wenge?

    I'll be derned if it don't look like it.
  14. Brendon_t

    Raised Garden Box

    I've got a feeling the wood will constantly be leeching moisture from your soil and plants. I don't know what the fix is, not using chemicals though. Good luck
  15. Brendon_t

    Carbels, Wahoo, Agrivation

    Awesome finished boards.. and I liked the Dory reference