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  1. Dry-Climate Drying: Outdoors, Garage, Basement?

    Although I don't think that 3 years air drying is too long, a month is definitely too short. I have in the past cut and dried my own lumber. I've got a dwindeling pile of walnut and a bit of ash currently on stacks drying. I dry outside on cinder blocks on the North East side of my house that receives sunlight most of the day and a constant breeze. I have stickers ever 20 inches or so and always one within inches of the fresh sealed ends. I do my very best when stacking to do it right the first time. I have a piece of plywood I glued a cut of tarp to for the top of the stack that overhangs about 6 inches on each side. Once it's stacked, I normally downstack and rearrange ever 4 or 5 months(the true purpose of this is usually to clear out mice nests that have been tucked in and driving the dogs crazy.) I take this opportunity to get the bottom guys on top and top boards more down the stack. With this setup, I've both had success and failures. I built my bench from ass that dried in a little over a year, and I've still got some walnut at 6/4 that just isn't ready yet. It's definitely not a fast process and pushing it will only lead to headaches. Feel free to pm if you have any questions.
  2. Gaming Table

    Ive somehow missed this so far. Great progress Ken. This should end up being an amazing piece cherishes forever, And btw, I really like Steve's idea of bringing your grandson in on the build for something. At your age, we may need him to finish the journal for us at some point ; )
  3. Used lathe rant

    Instead of plugging into the 3 pH outlet, the motor is wired to the drive which converts from 1 to 3 phase. How it's wired really depends on the vfd but I can't imagine it being that hard.
  4. TSO grs-16 Guide Rail Square

    This looks like something decent product for an actual issue. Sure beats holding it next to a speed swear. learned my lesson on not securing the tracks on my last cut. The track did wonder an eighth over by the end of my cut, into the side I needed. Not super happy.
  5. Sanding mops

    These things are awesome. I would like to have some 3" and 2" also for different curves.
  6. Sculpted Rocker, The Long Game

    Great start, looks a lot like mine. Having the history with the wood of taking it from stump to rocker will be a very slow, but cool experience. Looks like a big split of heart and sap wood. Which are you planning on using?
  7. Wenge and Maple Chisel Plane

    Full disclosure, I have an old Stanley cast POS block plane that was just telling me it wants to be a chisel plane when it grows up...
  8. Wenge and Maple Chisel Plane

    I would guess that it would help a lot. When I hand cut to length, I'm just blasting through the board clamped in the leg vise with a not extremely sharp old diston.
  9. Wenge and Maple Chisel Plane

    I have cut it with a hand saw plenty of times and get nasty blow out. I figured the band saw would just obliterate the back side. Glad to know it wasn't.
  10. Wenge and Maple Chisel Plane

    Very cool. I've never cut wenge on the band saw but am visualizing a big ball of splintered mess on the underside. How was it?
  11. Used lathe rant

    Feel free to dig up any number of threads on the topic on pretty much every forum about wood working including mine from here. They have a long history of misconduct that is easy to find if you would really like to read them.
  12. Used lathe rant

    Been burned by hf a few too many times. I have a hard rule of nothing from there with any electronics. Aanndddd grizzly will not get another dime from me ever. Machines are on the eh side of useable but the company is predatory and dishonest.
  13. Used lathe rant

    Well damn. That was my end game.
  14. Adding a UniFence to SawStop

    But it's really, really ugly!
  15. Wood crack & epoxy

    I would recommend against putting it off. I'd fix it then use that as your setup piece for all future operations on the legs. Use it to set up your joinery and cuts instead of setting up on the actual piece