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  1. I know I'm loonie but couldn't wrap my brain around it
  2. In what way would end grain be even remotely easier? You could get that board from a single glue up. End grain you'll need at least 2 and the second being much more intensive.
  3. Blah blah blah, you're old and can't see good. Why every not? It polishes up beautifully.
  4. I can send you some Ebony. Edit: replied too early .... Mick's got you!
  5. That's a great saw neighbor. I'm in Simi Valley. I'm a huge fan of cast iron extension wings like that.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Where in Cali are you located? A good place to start tool shopping is with the end result. What you plan to build can help with the decision of the right tool. I like the euro slider idea, saw stops also have a great following. 5hp is a big motor and honestly, I don't think hobbyists need them. I have a Delta unisaw 3hp baldor motor and I cannot bog it down with a thick blade and fast feed. If you're pushing very hard wood through often, a sharp and clean blade will do you great
  7. Wood isn't finish ready off the saw, epoxy isn't furniture ready from the pour unless you're pouring in a clean room, with heated resin on a vibrating table.
  8. Take it with a grain of salt please. There are some literal morons producing how to's on YouTube.
  9. I agree with the handle placement. Also solid on the reduced cutters. I don't need a finish ready surface but I would consider dropping money like that on a spiral head if I worked with a lot of figured and nasty grain. There has to be a decrease in how it handles the tasks you want those carbide inserts for.
  10. The joints are all just bridle joints. Most woods in my opinion would be strong enough. I'm always partial to hardwoods and honestly, the base will make or break the whole piece. IMHO, if you're putting it on Douglas fir legs, it's broken. Not for the structural integrity, but the athletic. Either dark tones and straight grain or a contrasting wood like red jatoba or even carefully color matched Maple. The base you linked for inspiration is beautiful and should be relatively easy to execute given proper care is given to setup of the cuts in a few critical cuts.
  11. I think the red heughs of jatoba would be fantastic under there.
  12. Did your set not come with a few flat metal triangles with holes in them? I've owned 3 sets. All had them to triangulate the corner. But seriously, finish putting it together.. we don't dovetail a drawer then test for racking before the bottom has been fit. Of course it's not solid yet, the stiffening aspect hasn't been installed yet! Take the design to completion and make sure there's an issue before trying to fix an issue the designers very likely took care of, as it's a kids toy...