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  1. Brendon_t

    Stanley 750 Sweetheart chisels declining in quality

    There have been a few threads a year over the past few years about the SW Chisels quality dropping. I'm starting to see a trend.
  2. Brendon_t

    Mahogany recipe box

    Beautiful piece. I get you on mahogany. Some people don't like the lack of heavy grain. Personally, I think mahogany looks it's best when pore filled with black. Give it a try on some scrap and I'll bet it catches your eye under finish.
  3. Brendon_t

    Multi-JETSTREAM 2 sanding pads ?

    Steve this is what I keep on my sanding mouse specifically for hitting finished surfaces. I use the interface then mesh 400.
  4. Brendon_t


    Don't be. My Ash bench material air dried a while then into a heat dome in so cal keeping temps North of 150 for 24hrs. After a year, I found a new borer hole in the base. Maybe not emerald, but a boring beetle. You want to kiln dry it..
  5. Brendon_t

    Roubo planing and jointing

    After my tops were to thickness, I had to take a few hand planes to bring the sides in square. Lost a little width which I'm happy for with the extra room for getting clamp heads in there
  6. Brendon_t

    Finish for Walnut veneer

    It's worth a test to see if you like it.
  7. Brendon_t

    Finish for Walnut veneer

    It is subtle, but yes it shows, especially in Walnut with a lot of natural gett in it. I only found it though trial and error
  8. Brendon_t

    Finish for Walnut veneer

    Personally I like adding a drop of trans tint purple for walnut with a lot of grey in it. It will darken the dark but is a nice look to me.
  9. Brendon_t

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    Under load, I think that thing still warm up fast!
  10. Brendon_t

    Reconditioned Festool

    Super not a feztard.i call risk opportunity bs.
  11. Brendon_t

    Reconditioned Festool

    YET in the years since that video came out, tens of thousands of units (I have no imperial data to support this hyperbole) have been sold to very happy customers.. That dude's a full on troll!
  12. Brendon_t

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    I learned it when I worked in the rnd lab at BMW. I've had 20/30 cardboards all stacked up and marked on full engine tear outs.
  13. Brendon_t

    Planer motor - any idea on what this sound is?

    That's a great tip. Also during teardowns it's very helpful to have a piece of cardboard next to you and a Sharpie marker. As you take Hardware out I usually draw a very simple diagram on the cardboard and stick the screws or bolts through the cardboard at the location of the diagram where they go back. Makes reassembly very easy. Especially when you've got bolts of slightly different lengths by necessity, if you screw those up you could screw up a lot. The noise to me sounds like belt slap in the cover. I would start just poking around and shaking things by hand. Also look for black lines around the belt travel on anything within an inch or two. When those belts hit metal they usually leave a little line where it's either clean or dark colored.
  14. Brendon_t

    Craig's List Lumber

    Seems that these usually don't last long at all. Hell, lumber in log form around here halfway break the bank so when you find good lumber on CL at a really good price, either commit and buy it or chances are, it'll be gone.
  15. Brendon_t

    Shop Fans

    Mine doesn't either. What is this water thing you speak of?