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  1. Brendon_t

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    It's never too late to fix that.
  2. Brendon_t

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    Rockler DustRite 30 micron bag on a 3 foot flex hose does just fine in a pinch with the 744. Not so much without a blower.
  3. Brendon_t

    Two questions (Just for Fun)

    Learn something new every day. I'm not sure that I've ever seen it commercially.
  4. Brendon_t

    Two questions (Just for Fun)

    Is Holly available in real Boards? I've only seen smaller pieces.
  5. Brendon_t

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    Yeah for sure. Cutting wood with a moderate slow feed rate = abuse.
  6. Brendon_t

    Two questions (Just for Fun)

    Dang @Chet thanks for xposting. That's a dern good question that makes me think. ( -1 on that part) Two joints... Blue dream and GurilllaSk...oh.. Gonna have to go with the good ol M/T and... Crap. Probably Dovetail since I can use sliding dovetails instead of rabbits and grooves. And they Sexy. Two woods. Easy. Walnut and Genuine Mahogany. I could go forever without missing the look of blonde woods. Contrast, ha. Pore fill both with black TimberMate, sand back. Finish as usual. BAMM Who needs contrast when your wood is Coordinated to the sexiest degree
  7. Brendon_t

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    And I'll throw kerosene there by saying that the G0555 I Own is not a decent machine. It was $713 delivered to my door, has had multiple (3) independent catastrophic failures. So imo not a decent machine. And not in that budget at that price with tax and delivered.
  8. Brendon_t

    Need jointer, planer, and bandsaw have $900

    Although the OP obviously didn't come for real information, some people do use the search function on forums to find answers before asking so... I hope other posters do still reply, because this is an educational spot. The Truth is, that budged is not able to get you much. Plain and simple. Instead of curating responses, maybe YOU should ask what IS possible when the collective wisdom says $900 isn't enough for a decent new version of those three tools. It just doesn't. If you can get them new for that price, they aren't decent, they are crap.
  9. Brendon_t

    Stanley 7c jointer plane type 7. How rare?

    Guess I should give my reasoning. 1) it weighs less. I'm an in shape young (by the standards here) with 3 shoulder surgeries including 1 reconstruction. I can't throw that heavy of a weight around. (Hence I bought a wooden one.) 2) I keep a chunk of wax near me when planing. When I hit the soul, I leave a few diagonal swipes and it leaves some wax in that as the plane moves, I feel keeps it feeling waxed longer. Speaking of @Tom King that plane was one one about 13 tools that survived my bench fire.. and it's wooden)
  10. Brendon_t

    Stanley 7c jointer plane type 7. How rare?

    Or fortunately. My preference is the corrugated sole.
  11. Brendon_t

    Stanley 7c jointer plane type 7. How rare?

    I cannot help you as to the rarity, but look like some workers to me. Get you a gallon of evaporust and get em soaking.
  12. Brendon_t

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    Although I agree having a cabinet shop connection is great, of the two Kev said, if you don't have a router sled, the time you would take calling around, you could spend in the shop making an appliance that will be used for plenty of things
  13. Brendon_t

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    I do the same. Another pro tip since I'll assume you don't have a drum sander, Be Very Careful to keep the glue ups flat. Especially after you flip to end grain. A meticulous glue up paying attention to lining up and flat can and will save Hours of flattening with a sander.
  14. Brendon_t

    My final gift to my wife

    It is more beautiful now than I remember. May your love and Linda's beauty be your guiding light until you see her again.
  15. Brendon_t

    Woodworking Shows/Meetup

    I don't go to WW'ing shows, but any member around SoCal wants to challenge me to cornhole on my Coffin boards, I'll supply the beer and Kleenex.