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  1. Brendon_t

    A Roubo from beams?

    Seriously? Because it is the working surface, you should have a surface, not a bunch of holes and knots. You ever try to draw on a park bench? Your on a critical line and oops, your paper is stabbed instead of drawn on. You don't want voids that will gather chips, sawdust, hardware and generally have no purpose on the work surface, on you worth surface. And epoxy filled normal voids add difficulty how? That sounds crazy. I've done it a bunch of times to by machine or hand. How are you doing it?
  2. Brendon_t

    A Roubo from beams?

    Not sure if it's been said yet, but I really wish my bench was wide enough to clamp something 24" . 24 is a common width for casework and mid sized projects. Being able to clamp 24 " would be nice.
  3. Brendon_t

    Help needed!

    It's great that you know what you want and what the materials cost. If love to see a picture of what you have been making.
  4. Brendon_t

    Help needed!

    Good luck to ya. 20 a month would be quite the task for a hobbyist. Hope you find someone within delivery distance.
  5. Honestly it looks like you would able to reverse engineering that pretty easily. I'm with you on not loving the idea of doing multiple chairs, but it's in my future also.
  6. Brendon_t

    Another Roubo... (now finished!)

    Happy to explain C. In my work flow, I very rarely work with anything over 3' long. I cut rough material to length plus some with a jig saw before milling, which is machine done. I hardly ever have the need to clamp a board end to end. Actually struggling to find when I have.. I use the dogs with hold fast and a batton for working on faces. I wedge against the Gap stop and a dog for planing. I prefer the leg vise for general clamping although clamping in the tail does keep it 90 when closed. That is nice. I hate the dogs coming down under the front slab. I sit at my bench to work a lot, and the dogs are in the way by finding your knee every time. I even rounded the bottoms to stop cutting up my knees but still hitting them sucks. Leaving the dogs out means I would have all the holes left over which I don't like. This is the main reason I believe I would like the system more, if it was on the back slab. I find the location a hindrance. In all honesty, I may have used my tail vise a total of 5 times. I do see that some things I currently do can be done with the tail vise. I guess I've never found a need to incorporate it into my flow .
  7. Brendon_t

    Another Roubo... (now finished!)

    Totally understood. I'm probably in the minority here but I either would not build for the tail vise in another roubo, or, I would have it on the other side of the bench. Likley not at all though. As far as the sliding Deadman, I use that thing all the time for supporting longer pieces in the vice. Very convenient and quick to make when you're ready for it
  8. Brendon_t

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Which is about half the California Plates tax.
  9. Brendon_t

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Well it's beautiful. If I lived closer, I'd be trying to give you my money!
  10. I'd say no. I have a 3x3 melamine board I put on my table saw for finishing and glue ups. Pretty much everything peels off easily.
  11. Brendon_t

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    What kind of tree is that Spanky?
  12. Brendon_t

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Very cool cut. I wouldn't mind having 12 1" think cookies from that tree. Would make beautiful table chargers.
  13. Brendon_t

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    After looking through ALL those DAMN tenon's, and knowing I would like to build this bench at some point, I'm thinking router with edge guideS, and stop blocks on the router table are in my future. I'm not specifically sure the time or steps it would save, but seriously, all those tennons give me anxiety in the going to a family reunion kind of way.
  14. Brendon_t

    chess board top cracking

    I guess I'm lucky. I made my daughter a drawing desk. All beautiful strips of about every wood in the shop. Planed to 1/4" and glued to 3/4" ply. Now I DID also glue the other face with 1/4" Maple I had so maybe that's the difference.
  15. Brendon_t

    Avoiding "puddles" of dyed epoxy

    So you ask a question, are given the answer and return that he's wrong and you know better.. why even ask? If you can't tape close to the crack, you need practice taping, not a different answer. I find green frog tape lays very well and does seal the edge a bit which isn't needed when you tape very close to the crack.